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King Sombra - In the Dark of the Night

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had to get a bit more inventive on this one because if i just went off of what the show gave us, this whole comic would just be IN THE DAWARAGHRAGHRAGRAGHARAHGHARGEAGAHGHAGHAHAA CRYSTAL SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVES and lots of stairs and i don't want to draw lots of stairs so we'll just pretend that ol' King Sombra was at least this verbose in the actual episode and call it a day

"In the Dark of the Night" (c) Fox Animation Studios
My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro, Lauren Faust, et al

as always, feel free to make recordings and stuff

EDIT 12/22: just a couple of tweaks to things that were bugging me

EDIT 12/22 WITH 20% MORE JUSTICE: that was fast! have a suitably psychotic recording from :iconskyboltsmusic:

EDIT 1/11/2013: and have a cover of this comic by :iconmastercode747:

EDIT 4/10: eeeeee! have another recording by :iconmrkyuubi:

EDIT 5/28: and a recording from :iconnukarulesthehouse1:
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....I'm actually surprised that it is the funniest thing I have seen Sombra with XD. that song was for him I'm sure XD
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Ashruka-KrusnikHobbyist Digital Artist
This is one of my favorite villain songs
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pretty good prequal 
turkey18eye's avatar
wait is he singing
Tentomon4's avatar
Best part of that movie.
Procar's avatar
powerful and damn very great!!!! x3
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AustinGreywolfHobbyist Artist
I love those MLP villian comics, can you do Grogar and Bray singing it feels so good to be bad from all dogs go to heaven 2?
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malefor007Hobbyist General Artist
King Sombra should have another song, and I am thinking "Be Prepared."
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AutumnSkullHobbyist Artist
I Love This!!
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psychoticgamer5000Hobbyist Artist
And now I'm singing this song... Oh well, not like I cared in the first place. :iconsingplz:
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Oo Sombra-spoutine ? XD lol ^^
Good work
Aisheyru-Fox's avatar
Aisheyru-FoxHobbyist Digital Artist
YOu...awesome...artist -huggles you-
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Sonicgirl1001Hobbyist Digital Artist
I still gotta do this....
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MaliceInTheAbyssHobbyist General Artist
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Does anyone else think that Jim Cummings would fit perfectly as King Sombra's new VA if the situation arose for it?
POLE7645's avatar
I think he'd fit quite well. Especially after hearing him as the dragon in Gabriel Knight (….

Although, my first choice was Paul St. Peter (Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts).
ZDForrest's avatar
ZDForrestHobbyist General Artist
Yes. A thousand times. 
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SEGASisterHobbyist Writer
Amazing! =D (Sombra's my second favorite villain in the show, BTW)
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SnapCentinoStudent Writer
This is awesome. I could just hear a roaring, evil voice singing throughout the whole thing. I especially love your epic replacement for "Tie my sash in a dash of cologne for that smell".
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:iconclapplz: BRAVO!!!
I am the only one who read and sing in at same time? :iconduhplz:

Someone need to do this in animatic version!!! XD
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Defect23Hobbyist General Artist
I love that movie .3.
Jester-Hellequin's avatar
Jester-HellequinHobbyist General Artist
guys I'm pretty sure he'll be back after all both his horn and chrysalis bolth went flying so who knows maybe chrysalis will bring him back and they'll team up to me that would make sense because KING sombra QUEEN chrysalis and who knows maybe they'll be too much to handle so discord will have to step in to help
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