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Hi, I work at a primary school in a small town in England, and after kids do their work, they're allowed to play as long as they don't disturb any kids that are working. Their personal favourites are playing on the computers, usually to play those basic Mario flash games that litter the internet. But one day I caught them playing something odd, it was like Super Mario World but with everything red and blood pouring out of Mario's eyes. I thought it was just some fangame of a shitty creepypasta so I made them turn it off. The day went normal after that, I taught some basic maths, English, history and the like.

I went home the same day and sat down at my desk, might aswell relieve some stress before marking 26 children worth of books. I remembered the flash game the kids were playing earlier that day so I downloaded a ROM of Super Mario World, seeing as it used to be a favourite game of mine. Everything appeared to go smoothly until the first castle where, after beating the first boss, a text box appeared saying, "LEAVE NOW!" Intrested, I kept playing, everything was difficult after that, platforms moved from where they should have been and the amount of enemies multiplied. I found it odd but kept playing nonetheless, after beating the second boss my PC simply blue screened. I thought it was just an unstable ROM.

I booted my computer back up to find files were missing and my desktop was replaced with a poorly cropped jpg of Mario. "Shit," I thought, the ROM must have been a virus, but there was a single .txt file on my desktop titled "Mario." I opened it to find that it read "01001001 01110100 00100111 01110011 00100000 01100001 00100000 01101101 01100101 00100001, have a good night!" I wasn't bothered enough to Google a binary translator, so I closed the file and tried to delete the ROM, to my suprise it worked, so I restarted my computer to find everything back to normal, except for another .txt file that read, "Cheaters never prosper" which immediately blue screened my PC.

I tried to boot it back up but it wouldn't, the .txt somehow bricked my computer. Frustrated, I simply went to mark the books, which was fine. Well, fine until I came across one kid's book, Jonathan Foord whom, in all of his books just wrote "IT'S A ME!" in black permanent marker. For a second I was furious, then I remembered the flash game's name and somewhat recalled the maker "No..." I did a quick Google search on my phone to find the game, and the maker none other than Jonathan Foord. I then went back on the site where I found the Super Mario World ROM, yet again the maker being Jonathan Foord.

I laid awake at night thinking "No, it couldn't be the same Jonathan he's only 6." But a voice in the back of my mind begged to differ. I went to work the next day to find that Jonathan wasn't there. "Probably sick," I thought. But Jonathan Foord was never seen again...
Cupsona init
Anyway so I saw cupsonas being a thing so I decided, hey, I have a mouse and that so I'm gonna draw one, it's trash, but hey I stick by my word. 


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i am trash


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