Strategies to Engage Students in Online Learning

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Online learning or e-learning is gaining pace in India. More and more students as well as institutions are going online to get into this stream. There are many benefits for both (Students and Institutions) in online learning process.

The motive of an e-learning platform is to reach out to more and more students and to retain them for a good duration of time. To achieve this, they give them the best available material and other video explanations and all for their benefit. For students, the best e-learning platforms bring quality content at their doorstep and they can now learn as per their interest and needs.

Though it’s in the interest of both that the system flourish but to maintain the interest of students for good period of time is not a simple task.

E-learning platforms need to bring more and more features and ways to keep the process of learning, interesting and innovative.

Here is the list of few strategies to keep engaging students in Online Learning –

  • Innovative content – the content available on internet and on the various institution’s website are generic and that doesn’t fulfil the needs of the students and they keep on exploring websites and other sources for content that is different and innovative so that they can learn in the way they couldn’t till now. There are many tools available today for making the content interesting and easy for the holistic learning and development of a student. Few of the tools are – Tables, Charts, Mind maps, Images and all. The more of these tools you use in your content the more expressive your content will be and finally it will attract more and more students/users.

  • Explanatory Video lessons – Video is an essential ingredient of audio-visual (a-v) learning, the user’s engagement in the video learning is very high. More and more students find video tutorial easy and interesting and they keep on searching for better engagement and understanding of the concept. As said in the previous section, the users like authentic and innovative content the same goes to video also, the more original your video is (content vise) and more interesting it is, more chances it has to engage more students.

  • Practice lessons/exercises – for proper understanding of a topic apart from the content e-learning platforms must have enough material for practice and doubt clearance method for students. Students attract more towards the platform which are user friendly and have options for them to build strong their concepts.

  • Quizzes and games – everyone like to play games. This is the best entertainment method one has. But many also think of it as a time waste. Technology has now enabled us to build learning games so that one can learn and play at the same time. You can easily incorporate them in your learning platforms do that user engagement with your website increases. Now a days, all the well-known online learning platforms for students offer quizzes and interactive games.

  • Peer to Peer learning – The objective of learning is to clear all the doubts a student has. Although many students opt e-learning so that they will be able to clear their doubts many and still find it hard to break ice with their teacher. But they are comfortable with other students. If an online education sites can give users a feature of peer to peer learning the student engagement will increase.

So, these are some of the things online learning platforms can incorporate to build high user engagement. These definitely are no hard and fast rule, as there always a scope for improvement through research and development.

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