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Kids of a New World, My Conclusion
After the Genesis Wave had passed, Eggman found himself alone and imprisoned.
To be blunt, he found his new circumstances quite horrifying. A side effect of the wave was that his senses were impaired to the point of near total deprivation. He was effectively blind, deaf, and had only the barest sensory feedback to tell him that he was even alive. In fact, it took several hours of intense focus on that sliver of sensation to reassure himself that he was, in fact, still alive and he was able to calm down, reflect, and analyze his condition. The good news, he ultimately concluded was that he was quite sure his condition was only temporary. The bad news was that recovery would take time, and that there was nothing he could do to speed up the process. Additionally, there was the strange feeling that he had not been alone during his hours of panic, but who might have visited him he had no idea. Still, in the larger picture it didn't matter. He had his thoughts for company and that was enough
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Alternate final panel to June 15, 2013 Precocious by Unolup Alternate final panel to June 15, 2013 Precocious :iconunolup:Unolup 0 1 Wolf Fang Fist! by Unolup Wolf Fang Fist! :iconunolup:Unolup 3 0 Uno Snow Icon By Tavi Munk by Unolup Uno Snow Icon By Tavi Munk :iconunolup:Unolup 6 1
Previously on SFC 9: Ep 5 Intro
Previously on... SFC!
Under the leadership of Frank, Carbo was a divided tribe from the very beginning.
(Frank) We will split off into two groups. Group A will be the men ... Then Group B which can be the girls...
Most had little problem with the gender division, but not Jewel.
(Jewel) I could kick any guys ass here I wanted to.
(Frank) Just watch over the other girls and make sure they don't start sunbathing.
Despite Frank's intransigence, Jewel dedicated herself to winning herself into Frank's favor.
(Jewel) I want to be in that group. I hate the others.
Jewel) I am getting so frustrated in this tribe.

And even starting taking her frustrations on the Amatri tribe.
(Jeff) Jewel has Sanza in a headlock...
(Jeff) She's going to have to fight off the Amatri girls.
(Ow!) (Hey! My hair!) (Ouch!)
(Summer) She's doing a pretty good job...

Things came to a head at a reward challenge on Day 10, as Jewel singlehandedly mauled all Amatri comers.
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Previously on SFC 9: Ep 4 Intro
Previously on... SFC!
Out of a wildly diverse cast of twenty contestants, one among them was an immediate standout: Mercy.
(Mercy) *moan*
(Jeff) She's a witch, and right now she is heavily drugged with tranquilizers. But later be warned, she could kill you.

As potentially hazardous as it was to have her around...
(Tofuchao) I don't want to be Zombie Chow.
...and as useless as she was in challenges..
(Mercy) *moa-grbble*
...her Amatri tribe elected to instead boot would-be puppetmaster Zachary at their first tribal council.
(Zachary) Enjoy your witch.
But by Day 6, Mercy's presence was becoming a drag on the tribe.
(Sanza) Mercy still here?
(Tofuchao) Yep.
(Tofuchao-confessional) We try and get up, but then she growls and threatens to kill us...

Mercy's closest ally had had enough as well.
(Donovan) I tried to bring up the point of her needing to socialize more, and she tried to rip my suit.
And even the Carbo tribe was not unaffected.
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Previously on SFC 9: Ep 3 Intro
Previously on... SFC!
After losing the first immunity challenge, Amatri tribe rolled the dice, and kept Mercy...
(Mercy) *moans*
...a challenge liability at best, to get rid of a strategic threat in Zachary.
(Jocasta) We've seen earlier seasons. We knew the signs.

And in the aftermath, the tribe bonded over the decision.
(Sanza) I can't believe we were right about Zach. He was a jerk.
(Kathy) Yeah, we lucked out there.

Meanwhile, at Carbo, the men's Alliance gained power, thanks to a timely discovery about its mechanical member.
(Frank) I noticed that Cherman had a little switch on his back, in a place where he couldn't push it...
(Cherman) You have activated my "Hidden Immunity Idol Finder".
(Frank) Alright!
(Frank, idol in hand) ...right where Cherman said it was.

While the women splintered.
(Jewel) I don't want to be in an all-girl alliance.
(Summer) I don't like how the tribe is shaping up.

At Immunity, Amatri overcame the
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Previously on SFC 9: Ep 2 Intro
Previously on... SFC!
Twenty new contestants arrived off the coast of Chile, for the adventure of a lifetime. But before the game even began, it was clear that one of the group stood out from the crowd.
(Robert) I guess that girl on the floor over there is a little worrying.
(Jeff) So you must mean Mercy ... right now she is heavily drugged with tranquilizers. But later be warned, she could kill you.

With that, the tribes were divided and sent on their way. At Carbo Tribe, Frank quickly took command...
(Gretchen) So like, you're the leader?
(Frank) Yes, little miss, I am.

...and immediately fractured the tribe along gender lines.
(Jewel) Do you really want me collecting leaves and sh--? Because I've built shelters before.
(Frank) My group has it under control. Just watch over the other girls and make sure they don't start sunbathing.

Meanwhile, at Amatri, the threat that Mercy posed led her to be immediately shunned by her tribemates.
(Mercy) *moaning*
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Internal Rivalry by Unolup Internal Rivalry :iconunolup:Unolup 6 2 Photo... older?? by Unolup Photo... older?? :iconunolup:Unolup 47 11
Previously on SFC: Ep 13 intro
This season on... SFC!
Sixteen new castaways came to the mysterious Midway Island, for the adventure of a lifetime.
On the way, we saw meltdowns...
(Shaniqua) You should be kissing my feet saying "thank you Shaniqua for existing!" but no, they're stupid as f--- for wanting me out.
...chaos (Shot of one of Malik's bars on fire)...
(Emilee) Say "the car is red"
(Malik) Th-carish rhed.
(Emilee) BZZZZZT! Wrong! Retard.
(Oehda) He can't even say that right!
(Malik) SHUDDAF---UP!

(Melanie) And then I acted "You are so weak you cannot even pick up that green rock." … And bye bye, no more Malik.
...displays of restraint...
(Heinz) Did you just throw a tree at them?
(Jackie) Don't judge me.

...embarrassing moments...
(Alice) You could just say Malik! Malik! ... or not.

really embarrassing moments...
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Previously on SFC: Ep 12 intro
Previously on... SFC!
Melanie the succubus had already demonstrated that she was much more than just a pretty face.
(Melanie) Hannah, if you get her our of my hair, I will personally make sure we are fine.
(Oehda) You sure?
(Melanie) What do you think?

But in the struggle for power at Yrsa'ka she was mostly content to be the power behind the power.
(Oehda to Kiara) You stay with us, or Melanie where will follow you back home and eat your soul.
(Melanie) I have never done a girl before, but do not test me.

All that changed, however, when she decided to use a showdown between Oehda and Heinz to silently backstab her longtime ally.
(Melanie) ...when I saw her blackmailing work on Heinz, I rethought my gameplan.
But instead of isolating herself, Melanie had positioned herself as the swing vote between the two rival alliances.
(Melanie) You should be trying harder to get my vote.
She further secured her position by preventing her nullification.
(Melanie) I sto
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Previously on SFC: Ep 11 intro
Previously on... SFC!
With all his allies and all his power gone, Matt looked like a sitting duck.
(Matt) Godd***it. Those clowns. THOSE IDIOTS. Got me...
Having nothing left to lose, Matt tried convincing his rival Heinz to go after bigger threats first.
(Matt) Oehda is playing both sides.
And amazingly, it seemed to work, as Heinz was induced to move against Oehda.
(Heinz) She is a strong player ... and if she wants to she can do major damage.
(Malik) Anifayeo-tis? Whattoayeget?
(Heinz) If I'm hearing you right... if you nullify Oehda it makes her much easier to vote out.
At the Survivor auction, Heinz and Oehda won a steak dinner and a night together...
(Jeff) Oehda and Heinz, we will have a chopper pick you up very soon and take you to dinner.
...where Heinz decided to test Oehda by revealing a potentially damaging secret.
(Heinz) This will be a good time to clear the air.
(Oehda) You're not from Tekken are you?
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Chapter ??: The Artist
"Hmm!" said Linda aloud as she was going through the latest stack of requests.
"Hmm?" Harry responded in kind.
"Just a request I didn't expect to see. An art gallery. Not exactly the kind of thing you'd think would be popular around here."
"Why say dat?"
"Well, you know, it just seems way too grown-up. All those weird sculptures that don't make any sense at all, those paintings of people nobody knows... oh wait," Linda suddenly shifted tracks. "There's a couple of samples included."
Linda stared at them for a while without comment, and soon Harry waddled over for a look himself.
The art was somewhat cartoonish in nature, but it  was pretty clear what the idea was. Front and center, a sketch of a child, presumably a Chitan. Standing just behind them, largely transparent, was an adult of the same species. Normally one would think the second figure father or mother, but no, the resemblance was just too close, and the clothing too similar. No, the second image was of the Chitan as an
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The Story Writer by Unolup The Story Writer :iconunolup:Unolup 5 0
Previously on SFC: Ep 10 intro
Previously on... SFC!
Matt has been a backstabbing machine all season long.
(Matt) Friendship is overrated. I never really cared about Heinz.
(Matt) (voting "Zero") Perhaps if you did your job I would feel bad about this.

Every player who has allied with him has felt his stab of betrayal.  Every one that is, except Johnny.
(Johnny) Can you believe that happened?! I was like Oh Em Gee...
Matt's belittled him...
(Matt) Your mind is incapable of grasping the complexities of the game.
(Matt) Check it out. The "Punch Me in the Face" Johnny Doll!

...insulted him...
(Matt) I can literally insult him directly and he won't get the point.
(Matt) HeyHeyHey... You're doing that annoying thing... You know the one where your mouth opens.

...even threatened him...
(Matt) I.. Hate... Him... So... Much...

...but never betrayed him. But with the odds rapid
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So yeah, um... I've kinda let this account sit inactive for awhile. If you want to catch up with me I'm easier to reach at… or there's always email. I'll probably be back here sooner or later, these things go in cycles I imagine, but if you're wondering what's been going on with me now you know.

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Maybe it's just a matter of perception but somehow having new and improved Internet (darned near T3 speeds) it feels like catching up on a year or so of art and stuff isn't quite so daunting a task.  So here I am at it.  First I will catch up here and then turn my sights back to the stacks on FA.  So a few artists are going to get faves on some very old works of theirs :)

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