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of Moth and Butterfly

too.. much... to colour... 
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I'm in love with this
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This is too beautiful. It literally brought a tear to my eye. <3 Thank you so much. 
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the lighting underneath the top moth's wing is quite nice
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I see this picture, and so beautiful how i placed a another site… for a OC of mine (But of course i said to this image not mine, but yours), i hope dont get angry :(
Olooriel's avatar
<3 those wings!!!
AnklaX's avatar
magical, majestic, beautiful, ORIGINAL!

Love it.
frostzero93's avatar
just wow *-* so beautiful 
Kirizuro's avatar
I am in love with their suits... An the purple color you used. Stunning.
Toony-Tornado's avatar
Holy muffins, there are simply no words I can use that would properly describe how amazing and completely beautiful this picture is! :love:
StyxAndBones's avatar
Gorgez darling gorgez!
BahamutDeusModus's avatar
Wow, that's really beautiful :love: And the concept is awesome, I really like how different they are, yet similar. Those colors you used are nice! :la:
IdiotDrool's avatar
Of all the mundane things to notice, just gotta say, that's some nice grass tho 
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Wonderful drawing!
TehAngelsCry's avatar
Oh wow, incredibly beautiful work :D
 si lo conservare entre mis favoritos WIIII 
Sombraluz-Images's avatar
Amazing concept and execution!
ceciliay's avatar
Featured your amazing work of art here:
aeriios's avatar
Absolutely stunning!
Flammeye's avatar
Ah, that moth looks furry ;P
Be-the-real-me's avatar
One of the main differences between butterflies and moths is that moths have hairy antennaes.
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