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A prince of China escapes from the palace to celebrate chinese new year with his pet tiger, and hopes that he'll meet someone special.

xD so girly lol

freaking building took me forever, I hate backgrounds e_O
and for some reason I can't save JPEG lol, it keeps saying there's somethign wrong.. -__- thus PNG. I hate PNG!!!
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Very well done! I like the perspective and the athmosphere!
Yagamiseven's avatar
This is really nice
Eldr-Fire's avatar
Wow, that angle of the building and the slice of the sky in the upper left corner is really eye-catching. It makes me feel a strange sense of vertigo! I love the little tiger too. Great picture!
GrifinHale's avatar
The neko is so cute
Mauvaiseloup's avatar
Oh shi...!
Sorry, I HONESTLY meant SUCH! SUCH skills! I'm SO sorry! :blush:
Mauvaiseloup's avatar
W-O-W :faint:
Dang, this is BRILLIANT! Suck skills!
Tribal-Girl's avatar
So beautiful....
ExileFallen's avatar
Nice! Love the Little Tiger!
Katara1111's avatar
*_* so purdy! I automatically thought that he was Zuko from Avatar: the Last Airbender at first
Davidpoet30's avatar
may i write about this
LilRuiRui's avatar
my year yay :D xxx
Alecksander92's avatar
This picture is another that I find amazing. Maybe it's just that you're that awesome... Yep. That must be it.
Terrajaide's avatar
This creates such an irresistible mood that I just wanna stare at it. :icondeathstareplz:
Alfazil's avatar
inuyashakagomefan's avatar
LOVEEE IT!! awesome!! especially the little tiger! The prince kinda looks like zuko from avatar.
SelSilver's avatar
That's exactly who I thought of when I found this! :D Avatar: The Last Airbender FTW!<3
Ayanokoji-sempai's avatar
When you're saving the pic put .jpg at the end pf the title of the picture ^^
pandaarya's avatar
love the tiger cub, and the back ground is splendid, of course, so is everything you do :)
YosemiteDen's avatar
yes, backgrounds ARE hard. Especially ones in China. But it looks like it was worth it!
Reeses--Pieces's avatar
This is beautiful!
I love the colours, the concept, and the little tigerr <33
your art is just amazing (:
ZephyrLightningheart's avatar
so pretty! i love the colors.
Maemi-Sedai's avatar
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