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I've always been attracted to the ocean, even though I actually dislike water, strangely! But I love watching and hearing the waves hit the beach, and it's fun to run into them! :) So I drew this while thinking of the beach, can't wait to go soon!

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this is beautiful
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Amazing artwork! Great job!!! <3
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Hey, I just thought I'd let you know that I saw this picture in a youtube video. I can't remember the title, but I'll look for it. I wasn't sure that you were aware of this being used. I do love the piece though!
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I like the waves! ^_^
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your works are so amazing
it's fantastic
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Lovely image.
Is it bad though after my first thought which was "Wow, this is amazing"
was "Her and her beautiful umbrella are about to get crushed...."
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The water looks lovely, and so do the flowers. I like the fine detailing of the clothing and her hair color.
FlyingMarshmallow's avatar
Love the pose, and the colors :)
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As I stared at this I began to lean to the side as if I could feel the force of the wave moving me over. Amazing piece!!!!!
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wow! it looks so gentle and it's beautiful. i also liked how you added lotuses; they're wonderful flowers. great job
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Wow... Just.. Wow
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This is an amazing work. You should draw it 1 second late. Just an idea XD
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Don't say it's cold. Have pity with Santa.
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Wow, this is quite impressive!
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This is truely a beautiful piece of artwork you have create. I just love the detail and the nice balance of colors that just blends perfectly within the picture. And the mood in this makes it feel like a harmonic setting within the waters. Overall this is an amazing drawing!
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Lol you say gentle.
Yet she looks like she's gonna have it pretty much soon XD
Anyway great work
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Love the atmosphere of this picture -
Also love the fact that the character you have created seems so perfectly calm and in control.
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Love the way you draw water, babe! c: So much talent~
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absolutley beautiful piece. the ocean colours are very inviting and the character is so pretty
jynZne's avatar
all i can think about is how painful it will be to get hit by a wave like that..... the cute umbrella ruined, water in your ears, tumbling tumbling under water till you hit the shore.... and then sand everywhere

but its still so pretty.
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Cool Work ^^

Faved and shared this on by my twitter [link]

Rockaloid Japan introduce Rock and Cool artist like you to Japan♪

Keep Rock and Cool
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