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By Unodu
my old old OC, Lan

headphones were his trade-mark, and since I just got new headphones, I felt like I should draw a pic of him
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I SAW THIS ON YOUTUBE! A trance video XDDDD It was amazing, I couldn't stop looking. I flipped out spectacularly when I saw that YOU drew you *dances*
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Awesome - love the details!
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Am I the only one who thinks it looks like he's fondling breasts? I love it though, don't get me wrong!! It's amazing and I love his hair! I just had to say that. I don't know why. Feel free to ignore me.
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I'm sorry! DX I know, I'm so weird but I can't help it. Sometimes I have no filter, even online! I really do love this piece though, the color scheme and amount of detail is amazing :D
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I have to say, those headphones are the coolest things ever to exist.

Also so is this drawing. o_o
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Why does this look so damn familiar? I feel like I've seen something like this in an anime. Frankly, I'm intrigued. Anyone have any ideas?

I vaguely remember something where there is the "King of Games" (Not yu-gi-oh.) and he plays videogames like a boss, skateboards like a boss, and gets chased by a girl up to a building in a junkyard where he is introduced to a new game in which he controls a giant robot... Now I want to watch that again. I just can't remember the name...

I think it was on Sky7...
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I'm not sure what show it is that you're talking about, but the funny thing is, this OC has the same name and looks vaguely similar to the main protagonist of the MegaMan.EXE series (Which had an anime [Not to mention the series revolves around computer programs and such.]).
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I don't think that's it... The robots were more... Gundam-ish.
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Huh. Who knows what it is then. Just try to google that with the information you remember.
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I did, and it got me hooked on Eureka Seven, which is not what it was.
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Ah. You can always try again, though.
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True, true... It would be nice if I remembered the characters' names...
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Yeah, that would help immensely.
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...Do the robots play basketball?
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No, they fought like in Infinite Stratos.

I'll immediately rule out Eureka Seven and Air Gear (Two answers provided by people from yahoo answers).
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Great stuff!
It kinda makes me think of the origins of the matrix. Like in the near future technological advances give some over-imaginative tech-head the idea of creating an insular reality deeper than any other video game before, where life experiences are recreated by infinitely complex algorithms and a trial of code for a new super-AI.
Whoops, big mistake!
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my god the contrast is so good, i wish i could draw -___-
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Beautiful work as always Udon, the technological parts are superb as is the character himself. Glad you decided to draw him, well done.
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He looks like Hyousuke from Persona 4 lulz xP
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