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September 16, 2011
Griffin_Girl by *UdonNodu is full of wonderful colors, great details, and a serene scene full of a mysterious emotion.
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:O it's a griffin! i had a lot of fun with the clouds lol
not so much with the girls' dress. I kinda just left it simple-shaded. uhhhmmm I've never coloured a griffin before (i think? can't remember) but this was pretty interesting to try :) I had to look at pictures of eagles and how they fly to get this griffin done. I really like their beaks.. lol kinda random
I've never been good at doing city views, mostly cuz of all the buildings. but then I thought.. why not get a farther view where it's all lights? I used these pics as reference, I think a city looks so beautiful from above! [link]
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she reminds me of kirana from eggnoid

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well dunno how i find it but wow im glad amazing work !!
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This is so beautiful sure it must have takes you lots of time to finished it but the result worth it 
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This is awesome! :D
I saw it on a song, and I was just like "woah"
question though, may I use your artwork as references? I'll of course give credit, I'm a learning artist and try to get help where I can :)
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love it  , great work  Heart Clap 
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This is stunning! I love the sunset sky, and the rune tattoo/pattern(?) on the grifin's neck.
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Good job on using reference and able to regurgitate into a working background. The tones and textures from top, middle, and bottom have a really weird flow but in a good way! I mean the clouds are like their own thing and I can tell even without the comment you had fun with the texture like ice cream D: and moving to the middle composition of the griffin and girl, there is an interesting smooth/soft flat feel in way that makes it work. the bottom of the picture gives this string like feel and is gives me the idea of a busy environment "people heading home after work" and overall the colours used in this piece just gotta say love the orange and blue coverage! :D good job on this piece!!! --practising my critiques for class--
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I love this! Truly magical :heart:
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Your artwork is amazing!
OMG... The clouds... The city... :iconcraiplz:
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it's really beautiful
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Interesting. Very detailed and colorful. :D Keep it up!
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magical and wonderful!!
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wow wow wow
this is soooo amazing totally worth the DD! ^^
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omg wait a second....THIS WAS THE PICTURE I USED AS AN WALLPAPER RECENTLY!!! O_O i didn't realize that you made this picture...AMAZING!
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