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my favourite director and animation studio!
ty for inspiring so many young animations students at my school

xD so long.. to draw.. brain hurts now.
list from left to right:
-castle in the sky
-kiki's delivery service
-howl's moving castle
-nausicca of the wind
-spirited away
-my neighbor totoro
-the cat returns
-whispers of teh heart
-princess monoke
-the burrowers
-pom pom
-grave of the fireflies

*LMFAO at the princess monoke kodama things.. i gave them such GREAT expressions. cough cough
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How gorgeous and special! Aww!
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Why does this make so happy to see? happy cry XD 
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i love the totoro in the backround :D
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This Art is Gold! <3
Love it! <3
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aiiiiiiiii I love spirited away! (all the ones in this art piece I know > spirited away, Kiki's delivery service, howl's moving castle, my neighbour totoro and ponyo!) I will defo check out the others in time! also the art is amazing! keep it up :3
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This is a work of art.
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Woulda liked more Nausicaa stuff like the (artificially intelligent?) Mheve glider.
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All my favorite anime movies in one picture. Truly a work of art! Love it!!
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Can someone name all the movies for me??? I want to watch them all.
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Omgggg this is beutifuuulll almost all my childhood memories😍😍
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Awesome! You nailed it!
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Omg... I wanna ask smthin' what's the movie called that is about raccon dogs?
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breath taking work! 
We have a ghibli contest running at the moment! feel free to check it out :D (Big Grin)
Your art has been featured in the group:
We're the most active Studio Ghibli group on D.A! 
We currently have an awesome 'Modern Day Ghibli" contest happening - Check us out! La la la la
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Awesome tribute! :heart: I love Studio Ghibli too.
I love this piece (as well as your other work). :D
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What anime is the boy playing the violin from?
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Wow ! So many loving characters all together !
This is very impressive. In fact, I am impressed right now. Congratulations on achieving this masterpiece :)
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Love it =D ☆☆☆☆☆
CarlosdEmi's avatar AMAZINGGGGG!!!!!!!!²

HomunculusNamedLust's avatar AMAZINGGGGG!!!!!!!!
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