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OMG.... after my miyazaki piece, i've been on such a bad art block.. -_- and this piece took me over a month...

but! I'm glad I've finished it, cuz it feels awesome!!!!!
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Wow... So many colors! And it's done soooo well! I loooove ittttt!!
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the colors are amazing
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omg you draw so spectacular! you should teach me :) pleease
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so pretty and lively
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OMG this is REALLY pretty. I mean it. I especially like the kites. Makes me think of the swallow one I broke ^^"
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Oh lucky cats :))
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Teach meeeee!!! :eager:
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:eager: I wanna be there so bad!!!! :iconimhappyplz: You make everything so appealing!
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This is very cute
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lovely!! <3333
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What program do you use?
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So pretty, So colorful *¬*
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Hi just thought you'd like to know that I saw this while stumbling :) It's the last picture on the bottom and it looked like your style. There's no link back to the artists, just a direct download.

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The clouds look like cotton candy. -noms a piece-
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so friggin awesome! great great job :clap:
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This is really gorgeous, the coloring and the details are so awesome. And their expressions are really nice C:
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I just love ur pictures!!! the details are amazing!!! <3
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This is so pretty and colourful! I like. :)
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This is seriously the best thing I've seen on deviant art.
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Something about the colors that made the artwork looked 3d without me using a 3d glasses. This is purely amazing.
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amazing job.i really love the colors and those trees are real nice even though they're in the background.
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this is awesome:D:D:D. how did you manage to do your lines??
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