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The Royalty

By Unnop64
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Thank you very much for over 400 watchers!!!
Brohoof /) and hug you all!!!! d >.<b

Well, I'd gone crazy with this art work. It was so hard and took so long~~~~~!
Total about 37 hours or less. However, it will get faster. right? (>-.-)> I hope.

Every things are new and improve: new style, new eyes, new signature, improve lightning and shadowing.
So much change from the past.
A lot of them most like Antiander's art work where I got inspiration from. ^.^
I am very happy with this piece of art work. It is the best one I ever made!!

This one can be a wallpaper if you want. It is perfect fit on the screen.

Thank you all for keeping me going and get me to this far. :)

Who are they at the left end and right end???
- They are the royal guard, The right is Luna's royal guard.
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I really like the way this looks---nice colors and shading, and the outlines aren't too harsh. However, I wish you put the names of the princesses there---I think it would make it look even better. However, considering all the other great details in the reflections and other places, I think it's pretty good now. No, it is FANTASTIC!
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thank you very much for the feedback
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You are welcome! I really do like this one.
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www.fimfiction.net/story/26004… used a cropped version of your pic without crediting, don't know if he has permission or not.
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thanks for let me know
also he has not got my permission.
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would it be alright if i slightly altered this image and used it as coverart for a story? I would still leave credit to you for the image and link my readers to your page. The only thing i intend to change is the eye of Celestia's guard
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alright you can
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omg the gaurds faces look so good .3.
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If you're throwing in  the Royal Guard, why not Shining Armor?
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This is before the movie came out. I think day and night guard are perfect here at both side too. :3
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nicely done.
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How do you alter the perspective on the reflection like that? I so want to learn!
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Save the whole picture. Open it up in photoshop > press m > select the area > press Ctrl+c to copy > make a new layer > press Ctrl+v to paste in the new layer > select "Edit" on menu bar > Transform > Flip Vertical
Use move tool to move around (press v)
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I didn't mean how to put the reflection there but how to alter the actual perspective... You know, broader in one end and all...
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oh, ok edit>transform>perspective
sorry for really reply
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Room for one more?
If I were a king, i'd throw doughnuts at homeless people more often :meow:
I'd throw parties more often.
And i'd be a popular and effective ruler too! Unlimited alcohol, funded schools and shelters, legalizing weed (managed of course. no weed for 20- people. More detailed managing later on if necessary.), improved enviornmental standards, legalizing prostitution (I'm not silly. that will be funded too. Disease tests and condom supplying, such and such) And conventionally, legalized abortion. Gay marriage too! Interacial marriage as well. (what do you mean that was legalized over 100 years ago?)
My taxes?  Medium. Gotta fund my parties! Everyone's invited you know! From the most impoverished genius to the wealthiest idiot! From twilight to celestia! from Discord to king sombra (assuming he's alive... heh heh...) Even the grimdark ponies! From Pinkamena to Lil' Miss Rarity!
I would protect the kingdom too! I know it's not all fun and games! 
"I'll be the first man on the field, and the last one off the field."
"I won't die for my cause, I'll make the enemy die for theirs."
(psst! ladies will get paid as much as men in their jobs too :iconsecretivelunaplz::iconsaysendplz:
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The guards always look epic lol nice work =)
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But what about Cadance's Crystal Pony Royal Guards as featured in the "Equestria Girls" movie? O_o

I bet Twilight's gonna get her own personal Royal Guards sometime in the future too...

Other than that, I have to say your artwork's pretty darn epic and thematic!
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