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I was lazy so I redone it. I am going about realism mix a bit with anime.
The result?... she looks more scary :l

Full size(right one): fav.me/d93azff
Redone from(crazy6): fav.me/d5rgze3
The actual original: fav.me/d4t1ykt
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well i make overdrawing art how i need the real one that in my mind want i bad t dawing eyes another thing so i made this i overdrawing style that it look at the animation

Pinkamena overdrawing

want i have sickness in my eys that is hard to see however make sure that there nothing work for the real one so i overdrawing and i know that you are busy so i want show you like gift also i hope love i make there is the link to this pages to it still from you i hope like it not good in drawing how can see like my self but i have only skill on my eyes to drawing pics and learn it over only that can understand about it also my eyes sickness is on this name ocular-motor-apraxia-Cogan and it works in a lot of others if want talk to me i leave my discord here and that you can call me if you won't get it me TYprincejack223#1913

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i love her eyes!
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Love that look on her.
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Those eyes are amazing!
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Very beautiful! Nice eyelashes!!
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Very nice hardwork ! love this eye
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I love this piece! Noice!
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That's a nice Pinkamena :)
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Wow...that eye...Oops! Clap 
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She's so pretty *-*
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This is very handy to know if my art work will be in EQD, nice!
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