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Mother visit

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Mother design by :iconspyrothefox: [link]

She is Queen Galaxia.
She come to see them.
or They come to see her? d =_=b

One month later, I finally finish it. I was very busy about school work and watched youtube d -.-b
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I feel like "Empress Galaxia" rolls off the tongue better, but that's just me.
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I don't understand... How she is alicorn?
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What's not to get?
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Mother?! Umm what? xd
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So not all kings and/or queens in the world of MLP are automatically evil?
Suck it, Disney Hasbro. Princess Luna Like a boss Emoticon

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One makes a kind of sense of warmth and joy Hug ,

but it is beautiful. :D (Big Grin) 
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i miss mom and sis and dad
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Mother of Celestia!
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totally awesome
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HUUUUH!I finally see there mom in it!
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<font><font>сute =)</font></font>
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As usual the mother is paying more attention to Celestia.
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They're all so very beautiful.
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Queen Galaxia looks pretty much like Molestia, with this mane colour.
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That's who I thought it was at first hehehe Molestia icon
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That gif icon. :-PPP
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Enjoying the view, Spikey? ^^ I do too.
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One Word :3

Awesome :3

|o/ You Rule!

I Realy Like the Details :3
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Mother? I don't see Faust.
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No like, mother mother, like child and mother
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