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I can't... do it!

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Scootaloo grew up and she is now in the Wonderbolts Academy to be like Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash is the leader (or captain of the Wonderbolts) and she's proud that Scootaloo has made it here. But, one day... Scootaloo came up to the office and.... yeah...
I think RD must have a really good word to keep Scoots going!

Well, I added a sexy black tab to make it like a movie. (Does it look good?)
There are soooooooo~~~ many ideas for Scootaloo's cutie mark.
Original one is "Butterfly" d -.-b The old toy from G3. For me, It doesn't suit her so I keep looking for other one. Until I found this.
Scootaloo's cutie mark by :iconasdflove:[link]

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Gotta say, I love art of RD being the wonderbolt captain. Love you, Spitfire, but get your ass into retirement
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In the side panel preview of more of your work I see a lot crying ponies...but you tell a story with them so well we won't have to riot.  This time. ;)

The whole picture is great but the one tiny detail that absolutely sold me was the tiny glint under RD's eye, which you zoom in and you can see she's beginning to cry too, making the whole picture that much more touching!
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"Can't do" wat? 
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What do you think?!
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Spell it out for me.
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Scootaloo can't Fly.
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Then, how did she get into the WBA in the first place?
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wait wait wait if rainbow dash is the captain of the Wonderbolts then where is spitfire??? Confused 
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maybe... spitfire is a second captain
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ahh a co-captain type of set up interesting
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Also, military personnel do retire after some amount of time.
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What if...... she didn't have a cutie mark by then?
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it got to be more story why she did not get a cutie mark by then
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Maybe because they keep being unable to find their right cutie marks, and from the looks of the picture she is still pretty young/
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Someday... Soon....
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Can I use this as the cover image for a fic I'm writing? :)
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sure, go ahead :)

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its ok scootalo. *hugs scootalo*
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You should of linked this too me. It's awesome (I only found it by happenstance while trying to find Dash Academy). 
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Wait a minute...rainbow is...? yeah! rainbow dash is criying! :omg:
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