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Helping Christina in Christina’s World | Art Remix

helping christina in christina's world

Christina’s World — you may know this painting. If not, this is one of the most famous paintings that I didn’t create. It was created by Andrew Wyeth in 1948. “Christina’s world” is a very sad painting which shows a helpless woman lying on a field. This painting made me depressed as I am also a lonely guy waiting for a miracle to happen. I wished I could help Christina in her world. I wished I could see her face and spend some time with her and know her more. She could be the one who can understand my thoughts and feelings. But it is just a painting and I couldn’t do anything.

christina's world
Christina’s world painting (source – Wikipedia)

Suddenly a thought came to my mind — “It is time to remix this painting!” Like music remix, art remix is adding/altering a few details in a painting. It is easy and fun to do.

I decided to help Christina and began digital painting. First I did a rough stickman sketch(pose) with my 9 years old Microsoft mouse which was very difficult to use for digital art.

christina's world sketch 1

Okay, so my stickman model is ready 😀 I added some colours — blue, brown, grey(for shadows) — and checked whether the idea is still okay.

christina's world sketch 2

It looked fine for me and encouraged me to add more details: shadows(grey colour), reflection(white colour), skin tone(mix of orange, red, yellow and white). Thanks to my big specs that I don’t have to draw my eyes. I was so engaged in this art remix that hours went like a 15minute Dora cartoon. After 5-6 hours, I was happy with the output and zealous to share on facebook.

helping christina in christina's world

I looked at the art remix and told myself, “1000 likes for sure.”

I posted this new art remix and waited for likes. At the end of the day, the picture hardly got 20 likes. Hmm… But on the bright side:

  1. I gave a helping hand to Christina in her own world
  2. My old facebook crush, the Romanian girl, liked the picture.

The End

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Thelivemeaingfu by unnibabu

“What is the purpose of my life?” this is a question most of us ask ourselves, especially under the shower or before sleep. I have seen such questions in online forums. Recently, I saw this question on Quora, from a 42 years old IT professional woman in the USA. So even a well-educated, successful person has the doubt whether own life is meaningful or meaningless. Many people reach a point in life where they start to think whether their life is meaningful despite all the academic and financial prosperity.

Nature — an adept teacher

You can learn life-altering knowledge from nature than youtube tutorials with subtitles. Instead of typing “How to live a meaningful life?” on google or youtube, just open your window and look outside. You can see ants marching, bees collecting nectar from flowers etc. Nature is such an adept teacher and all you need is keen observation and deep thinking. Why are the ants and bees collecting? Because they are not just surviving, they are building a future. Their collective effort is what makes them immune to extinction. Creating and preparing for a bright future is a sign of intelligence. The hexagonal shape of honeycomb(Geometric marvel), the traffic system of ants which is far better than ours etc are some examples that prove the intelligence. We as a more dominant, more intelligent species has been trying to do the same — building a better future. But the problem arises when we deviate from a collective effort to individual goals.

Narrow mind — a path to self-destruction

“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”

This is a famous Sanskrit phrase found in Hindu texts(Upanishad) which means “the world is one family”.  Bible also shares such a great view, “‘Love your neighbor as yourself.” Unfortunately, this wisdom from a divine source is losing its practicability as people are getting more selfish and narrow-minded.  “My world is my spouse and my kids,” is the motto of the modern world. The idea is not to give away everything to the whole world, the idea is to make your life meaningful by expanding your concept of family.


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Thevalday by unnibabu

Oh yeah! It is Valentine’s Day! B…bu…but why am I so excited as I am single? Maybe it’s because I got a topic to write. Today is the day of love. The day to propose someone and the day for successful lovers to celebrate, spend magical moments with the lover. Today is the day when beautiful ladies and handsome guys must swim across the ocean of love letters, online messages and costly gifts. I am annoyed when I get frequent notifications on my phone; I wonder how machomen and pretty girls tolerate tons of notification that they get on their phone today. May every nice person who have rehearsed last night to propose to their crush, with magical words, become successful. Ok, I am tired sugarcoating Valentine’s day with my words, now let me express my views about Valentine’s day.

A successful relationship creates two worlds

When a guy proposes to a lady, and she accepts his proposal, all we can see is two worlds merging into one beautiful world. A beautiful world of mutual trust, care, and other feelings. People who fall in love is in a dream world with their lover, ignoring everyone else. Unfortunately, it is not just about convergence, it is also about divergence. When a man and a woman start a romantic relationship, they converge into a beautiful world. But, others who deeply love that man or woman diverge into a new world of darkness.

In order to build something, you have to first destroy something else

While a cute couple is enjoying life together hugging, kissing each other, there is someone who listens to heartbreak songs and looks at mirror and cries. When a couple is having a romantic candlelight dinner in a five-star hotel dreaming to build a new world, someone else is heartbroken and drunk, struggling to walk.

In the drama of life, a prince and princess in love steal the spotlight leaving other characters into the darkness.

Choose your side wisely

From plucking a red rose to cutting the head of someone, a man/woman who is in love will do anything to win the heart. It makes us so blind that all we can see, think and dream is love.

Love is blind and if you are in love with someone, let me ask,”Which side are you on?” The bright side where all you can see is your lover and a beautiful future, or the dark side where you are willing to sacrifice your love because of various reasons — for parents, for friends or maybe to save your lover. Ask your conscience — Are your eyes filled with greed and lust? If the answer is “YES” from the inner mind, then I recommend you choose the dark side. It is far better to live in darkness by sacrificing than destroying the lives of many in the name of love. If you can’t love someone forever irrespective of physical appearance and money, then it is never “love”. Valentine’s day is not just about proposal and success, it is mainly about “sacrifice”. By Sacrificing the lustful attraction that you call “love”, you save your crush and yourself from getting hurt in future. Only choose the bright side and propose someone, if you are absolutely sure that your love and care are forever.


Thefreewilldivine by unnibabu

Free will is what makes us different from puppets on strings. If you prefer a better definition, let me refer to Wikipedia: “It is the ability to choose between different possible courses of action unimpeded.” A highly successful man loves the concept of free will. He can feel immense pride as his success is completely based on his actions and decisions. He doesn’t need to look at the sky and gust,”Thank you God for helping me.” A lazy man like me loves the opposite of free will because I am waiting for some miracle to happen which includes winning a lottery. Have you seen the film “Avengers – Age of Ultron”? In this film, the supervillain is an Artificially Intelligent Robot named Ultron. Ultron was designed to serve and protect mankind but it became self-aware. After it became self-aware, it proclaimed – “I am free because there are no strings on me.” If God is real, are we the Ultrons who proclaims the same dialogue? Well, we don’t see any strings on us and we weren’t born with an “Instruction manual.” B..b..bu..but can we completely reject the idea of divine will?

The last words of Ravana in Ramayana

Ramayana, an ancient Indian epic, portrays the struggle of Lord Rama to rescue his wife Sita from demon king Ravana. At the end of the war, Lord instructed his brother Lakshmana to seek the esoteric knowledge from dying Ravana. Lakshmana stood near Ravana’s head and Ravana remained silent. Lord Rama advised his brother to stand near Ravana’s feet as standing near the head is a sign of disrespect. Lakshmana obeyed Rama and stood near dying Ravana’s feet. Ravana shared his knowledge with Lakshmana which includes Philosophy, Statesmanship etc. One of the main lessons Ravana shared with Lakshmana was

“Never think you can outsmart the stars, they will bring you what you are destined to”

Ravana, who was so confident about his free will, who could manipulate planetary alignments couldn’t outsmart the divine will. Only during his death, he could realize the existence of a power beyond his free will and plans.

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Thewomencover by unnibabu

“I wish I were a man,” some woman I know grumbled this at least once in their life. Why does a woman wish to become a man? Imagine life as a game (maybe it is a game in cosmic level), then there are different difficulty levels. A baby’s life should be difficulty mode set to easy. A woman’s life must be the difficulty mode set to hard. Before feminists burn down my blog, let me explain why I think a woman’s life is set to hard mode.

Beauty— when gift becomes burden

Beauty plays a pivotal role in a woman’s life. From School/College beauty competitions to Miss Universe, beauty is the focal point. I have witnessed the power of beauty when a girl gets help from men easily. A box full of love letters, getting costly gifts(even iPhone) etc are a few examples to display the might of beauty. A voluptuous woman with a working brain can snatch any material success.

Ok, enough of glorifying beauty. It is time to reveal how gift becomes a burden, a blessing becomes a curse.

Real life – When a beautiful woman walks on the street, a lot of men stares at her. This staring resembles the scanning of antivirus. Some men scan just the face, some men perform the deep scan.There is no mistake staring at the face of a beautiful woman as it is quite natural(Thank god, I am not guilty :-P ). Staring crosses the limit of decency when men perform a deep scan and pass comments.

Once I was at a bus stop with my classmate. We waited for the bus for more than 30mins. It took me some time to know that my classmate looked nervous. I asked her for the reason. She replied, “Look over there, above that building.” I looked and I saw a man staring at her. She resumed her reply, “Now look at the petrol pump and you will see another”. I looked at the petrol pump and I saw another man staring at her. First I said,”Oh, you have a lot of fans..haha.” But after that, I started to think about this situation from her side and I felt very bad. I felt exactly like the game I play on my laptop where snipers spy us from different sides. I felt worse when I started to think about the women who have to walk alone at night to their homes. If a woman has to experience such a bad situation at day, what would be her situation at night?! For an introvert and shy guy like me, thinking from a woman’s side is enough to give me nightmares.

Virtual life – Real life is full of staring, physical abuse etc. The virtual world is safe, or is it? Women in the virtual world get tons of likes and followers. I won’t debase the achievements of women in the virtual world. A profile picture of a woman gets plenty of likes and comments than a man who posts something critical. From a distance, this world seems like a paradise. Unfortunately, the virtual world is also a devil’s paradise. Misusing images, morphing and flooding the message inbox with vulgar messages are just a few examples of issues faced by women in the virtual world.

“Real world or virtual world, a woman, especially a beautiful woman, has the ultimate difficulty in identifying who is real and who is fake around her. Because everyone, almost every man is nice to her” – Unni

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Thecoverpessimist by unnibabu

“Hi, Unni”


“Unni,Are you a pessimist?”

“Yes, i am a pessimist”

“Eww…bye Unni”

This has been my life since school days. I am a pessimist. Pessimism is a feeling, a tendency to see the worst aspect of things or believe the worst will happen. Friends, family,  society everybody hate pessimists. Almost everyone sees the dark side of pessimism. As a pessimist, let me show you some beautiful facts of pessimism.

Unlock Infinite dimensions of creativity

Pessimism is a portal to access infinite dimensions of creativity. Music, painting, dance… whatever be the form, pessimism opens the doorway to a unique way of thinking. A normal human being, a positive person can’t explore this world.Most of the masterpieces in arts are born from pessimist minds. One great example is the painting “The Scream” by Edvard Munch.

603px-The Scream-236x300 by unnibabu

In his diary in an entry headed “Nice 22 January 1892”, Munch wrote: (source Wikipedia)

“I was walking along the road with two friends – the sun was setting – suddenly the sky turned blood red – I paused, feeling exhausted, and leaned on the fence – there was blood and tongues of fire above the blue-black fjord and the city – my friends walked on, and I stood there trembling with anxiety – and I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature.”

Even a normal scene—walking along the road— became a source for one of the best paintings world has ever seen. This is the power of pessimist mind.

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Tntal by unnibabu

Love is a divine feeling, there is no denying that. Here are noble truths to remember about love. Facts that you should know for a successful love life. Facts you should know to save yourself from a heartbreak.

Love is blind

You may have seen this quote on the internet. “love is blind.” This is something I see as a comment on the photos of unmatched couples on Facebook and Instagram — mainly on troll pages. People compare this quote with physical appearance, but the truth is this has a deeper meaning than physical. Love affects our decision-making ability. When we are single, our decisions are more unbiased and considers almost all outcomes of our actions. When in love, a person makes biased judgments that mostly favors his/her lover. Blind trust is fatal; it is like a weapon we make to destroy ourselves.  The hot selfies, videos that you share on chat with your lover may become the weapon to destroy you in future. A million things you do as a result of blind trust will be the reasons for your regret and sorrow in future. So use at least 1% of your brain while you are in love.

Character – the paramount factor

Almost all love story begins with a selfish motive. For some people it is love at first sight(beauty), for some, it is the money power… the reasons are numerous.

Every love story that stands on the foundation of material possessions (beauty, money etc) will crumble one day” – Unni

The character is something beyond your physical looks. Something beyond your cute dimples on the cheek or your deep blue shiny eyes. Your character is something that you have accumulated till now — your thoughts, emotions, memories about various struggles.. etc define your character. Outside looks are the shortcut to impress someone, but the character is the paramount factor that decides the validity of your relationship. “Marriage is an eye opener” is an apt quote to prove that character is the prime factor. So know your lover more — know your lover’s likes and dislikes, past life etc.

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