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You Tube and other sites are practically  bubbling with this Makkora image I've made about a week ago. And people even say that it's Toyotaro's  work :D It's quite easy to track this image's source, and yet, hardly anyone bothers to check such things before spreading any news.

Devious Comments

rosemaiden92 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2017
That doesn't surprise me. You do have a GREAT gasp on his style
Sometimes people are too lazy or too excited with something new from DB universe, that they don't bother checking whether the thing is true, fabricated or of an uncertain status. This Angel may be just a project, replaced by some other character we can see in the serie (she's given a name, but why should it indicate the thing, being serious? Maybe "Makgeolla / Makkora"  just didn't suit the character that replaced her in the final draft).
Unmei-no-kaioshin Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, yes, you're right on this.

But besides, it made me thinking - is this really a difference between someone, tracing over an original image and someone, tracing over some fanart? In both cases, a someone else's work is used.  Why should we be quiet about using Toyotaro's or Toriyama's work without permission/ mentioning them as the authors of the original material, when we get loud about works of this and that DA user being reposted/ traced et cet (I hear about such cases all the time, people are making rants on YT, journals, posting statuses about their at stolen...)?

I'm still not used to this yet, maybe more experienced people just stopped giving a damn about their works, claimed by someone else, as this is an inevitable thing. 
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