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Goku's angel attendant by Unmei-no-kaioshin Goku's angel attendant by Unmei-no-kaioshin
**This is a joke pic.**

Remember when 54 episode of Dragon ball Super was released, followed by that two-week gap before the next one's arrival?

People were making various theories about this new character (including him, being an image of little Vados from some flashback...) but probably, the most popular one would lead us to believe that Goku was to be appointed the next GoD, and this "little blue guy" was to be his attendant , or - an attendant- in- training   :D

I found my old picture regarding that, and edited it a bit. Since I never saw a reason as why would Goku replace Beerus (and If he had, Whis would have been assigned to him), I assumed that  Goku was to be a GoD of some newly-created universe.
:D :D :D
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Steveo920 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2017
Goku, not only a God of Destruction, but his attendant/teacher is the Grand Priest. Hmm, I can actually almost see that. Goku's eagerness to learn from the best, the Grand Priest finding Goku so fascinating. The only thing that makes is so obviously impossible to happen is that Goku flat-out said he hates destroying and already turned down Whis' offer to become the next Universe 7 Destroyer.

Still that would be very interesting. We already know that Sidra of Universe 9 rarely destroyed anything despite his status and if anything, was a benevolent god. Either way, its fun to think about.
rosemaiden92 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2017
The fact that people actually thought this is HILARIOUS to me. *Excuse my language here* But it seems that Goku fanboys/fangirls seem to get really off at the idea of Goku being a God of Destruction. Even if he did get to that level I doubt HIGHLY that Goku would even take that job. He would just prefer to run around and fight as many strong guys as possible. 

I don't think he would care much for destroying other planets. I realize Goku is a selfish character, but I doubt he could ever bring himself to really do such a thing.

But cute pic by the way as always. I can totally see them having this conversation, at least if things work out in the end at the tournament
Unmei-no-kaioshin Featured By Owner Edited Aug 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, I guess that people want Goku to be the best of all, the strongest of all the existing beings - partially because it was the way with the whole Dragon Ball storyline so far. Goku overcoming all the obstacles, saving everyone, always being on top.

Only the newest releases - last two movies, DBS, changed that plotline. For better, I do think.

What would Goku do, when there was no strong opponents to go on par with? I guess his life would be meaningless. Goku, being the strongests of all, without a goal to ascend to someone's level,  would be bored to death. Literally.

People were speculating that Goku would be offered that position, not necessarity accepting the offer.

As for Daishinkan, many ommited that kanji on his belt's emblem. Since it says "grand", it implied sort of higher position, so he wouldn't be just yet another angel attendant. Same kanji was sported by the Dai Kaio after all.

But since it wasn't known that a) Whis was an angel, b) so was Daishinkan back then, many fans were free to make the craziest speculations.
rosemaiden92 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2017
I utterly agree with you. Goku will never be satisfied in battle. In DOG after Beerus kicks his ass on King Kai's planet and Beerus leaves, Goku actually makes a comment on how he is glad there are so many strong guys out there.

Goku would never be happy being the strongest. He wants to get stronger, but I don't think it has occurred to Goku what it would really be like if he surpassed everyone.

Yeah, if he was offered he would refuse being the Destroyer. I really hate the *Excuse my language once again* That so many people have about Goku becoming a Destroyer. He has never implied he wanted it. I perhaps MIGHT be able to see Vegeta being a Destroyer particularity after Bulma dies he might find it a way to deal with his grief, and perhaps he might get perks to visit her in the afterlife if he is a God..

*Fights strong Plot bunny urges*
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