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DaiXCaraji [COMMMISSION] by Unmei-no-kaioshin DaiXCaraji [COMMMISSION] :iconunmei-no-kaioshin:Unmei-no-kaioshin 12 7 Relaxing after yet another planet is destroyed. by Unmei-no-kaioshin Relaxing after yet another planet is destroyed. :iconunmei-no-kaioshin:Unmei-no-kaioshin 17 8 Omni Queen [COLLAB] by Unmei-no-kaioshin Omni Queen [COLLAB] :iconunmei-no-kaioshin:Unmei-no-kaioshin 24 9 Goku flying by Unmei-no-kaioshin Goku flying :iconunmei-no-kaioshin:Unmei-no-kaioshin 17 7 'I don't care.' by Unmei-no-kaioshin 'I don't care.' :iconunmei-no-kaioshin:Unmei-no-kaioshin 11 23 Adult Goku with Power Pole by Unmei-no-kaioshin Adult Goku with Power Pole :iconunmei-no-kaioshin:Unmei-no-kaioshin 20 5 Daishinkan's greeting (color) by Unmei-no-kaioshin Daishinkan's greeting (color) :iconunmei-no-kaioshin:Unmei-no-kaioshin 15 9 Vados (comic panel) by Unmei-no-kaioshin Vados (comic panel) :iconunmei-no-kaioshin:Unmei-no-kaioshin 20 27 A Day at the Beach by Unmei-no-kaioshin A Day at the Beach :iconunmei-no-kaioshin:Unmei-no-kaioshin 24 19 Enjoying the candy by Unmei-no-kaioshin Enjoying the candy :iconunmei-no-kaioshin:Unmei-no-kaioshin 13 9 Taking  children for a walk by Unmei-no-kaioshin Taking children for a walk :iconunmei-no-kaioshin:Unmei-no-kaioshin 25 11 Brianne de Chateau (crayons) by Unmei-no-kaioshin Brianne de Chateau (crayons) :iconunmei-no-kaioshin:Unmei-no-kaioshin 32 28 Foretelling the fate of Universes by Unmei-no-kaioshin Foretelling the fate of Universes :iconunmei-no-kaioshin:Unmei-no-kaioshin 26 14 Grand Minister by Unmei-no-kaioshin Grand Minister :iconunmei-no-kaioshin:Unmei-no-kaioshin 30 17 Absinthe - (c) by Unmei-no-kaioshin Absinthe - (c) :iconunmei-no-kaioshin:Unmei-no-kaioshin 18 12 Grand Destruction by Unmei-no-kaioshin Grand Destruction :iconunmei-no-kaioshin:Unmei-no-kaioshin 26 8
~Please, don't use my art without a permission.

~No usar mis dibujos sin mi permiso.

~Don't trace over my pictures, I will notice this.

~Also, do not remove my DA signature.

+I'm fine with my art being reposted but ONLY with the said signature or being mentioned as an author.

@ Thinking of a request? Commission? AT? Read first, please --------------> unmei-no-kaioshin.deviantart.c…

((Disclaimer for Dragon Ball related artwork:

Dragon Ball © Akira Toriyama, Toyotaro, Shueisha, Toei Animations.

I own only my original characters.))


Goku Ssj God Red by YobuGV Goku Ssj God Red :iconyobugv:YobuGV 157 3 Albert Wesker - Uroboros by MadBedlam Albert Wesker - Uroboros :iconmadbedlam:MadBedlam 18 1 I'AM AMAZING! by MadBedlam I'AM AMAZING! :iconmadbedlam:MadBedlam 34 22 Wesker by MadBedlam Wesker :iconmadbedlam:MadBedlam 17 2 Goku vs Nappa by FenixArt90110 Goku vs Nappa :iconfenixart90110:FenixArt90110 3 0 NSFW tentacles time~ by MadBedlam
Mature content
NSFW tentacles time~ :iconmadbedlam:MadBedlam 19 16
I like ugly characters
I like characters who are fat and chubby. I like female in the pant size double digits. I like male characters with beer bellies.
I like characters over their 20's, 30's, 40's and beyond. I like seeing wrinkles.
I like female characters with flat chests and butts. I like male characters who aren't buff or super skinny.
I like female characters with strong jaws and broad shoulders.
I like male characters who are short and nerdy
I like male characters who aren't bishies. I like being a fangirl of guys like Kuwabara for their humor, honor, and chivalry not looks.
I like characters who break the mold. I like characters who look like average people.
Not every female character needs to be a size zero in her teens/20's. Not every male characters needs to be muscular or bishie.
I like authors who have their characters break the mold. Authors who aren't afraid to say no to how a character should look, and I love the fans that love these characters.
Character comes from the heart.
Not the world.
:iconrosemaiden92:rosemaiden92 3 6
Grand Priest X F!Reader: 32
Thanks Andrea for betaing.
Note: This fic was written before the birth order of the Angels were revealed, so Cus is not the oldest here.
The Grand Priest listened, hiding all anxiety, when the Princess told him about her encounter with Annake. He wasn’t sure what exactly to make of it, but he knew one thing. Annake had somehow sensed a need to interfere with his plans, but not enough to make moves to stop it.
At least not, yet. Annake would only do so much. In theory, she could stop him at that moment, but in her eyes that counted as a want.
Annake would let the course and free will of both mortals and gods to play out. She would only do  what was needed.
That was her way. He found a bit of comfort in that in that. But there was another disturbing implication. What did Annake want with the Princess? Did he somehow see her as a weak link in his plans? Especially considering what he planned for both of them?
He couldn’t know the desires of Annake-who did? In the end, the
:iconrosemaiden92:rosemaiden92 5 7
Goku in upcoming movie - dragon ball super by JyuNanohara Goku in upcoming movie - dragon ball super :iconjyunanohara:JyuNanohara 310 11 Princess Zhenshu by Zincau Princess Zhenshu :iconzincau:Zincau 202 41 Advising the Zenos (gift) by DaMasterofdisaster92 Advising the Zenos (gift) :icondamasterofdisaster92:DaMasterofdisaster92 4 5 Dec 2016 vs Dec 2017 progression by DrAssenov Dec 2016 vs Dec 2017 progression :icondrassenov:DrAssenov 39 13
Grand Priest X F!Reader 31
As always, thanks to Andrea for betaing.
NOTE: This AU was made before it was revealed Cus was the oldest and the birth order explained.
Over the years, you had simply come to accept your children’s role as the guides for the Destroyers. However, you always prayed they would refuse when they came of age, but so far none did. They always took the path of the siblings before them. It seems there was almost perfect timing as well. When one of the eighteen universes finally needed a Destroyer, one of your children was considered responsible enough to become the Angel of that universe. Actual age didn’t matter much amongst the gods, more of the personality and dedication of duty.
But in the end, you couldn’t deny it was for the best. Over time, you had seen the Destroyers put far more destructive worlds and mortals in their place before they did anymore harm.
So far the system seemed to be working pretty well. All the chosen Destroyers seemed to be responsible and of sou
:iconrosemaiden92:rosemaiden92 5 4
mirrow by Saki-Akihiko mirrow :iconsaki-akihiko:Saki-Akihiko 14 3 DBAF ORIGINS. WHIS, THE PRETENDER. by tablosaf DBAF ORIGINS. WHIS, THE PRETENDER. :icontablosaf:tablosaf 3 0 Fu by MadBedlam Fu :iconmadbedlam:MadBedlam 46 12


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Don't use my images without a permission/credits.
No usar mis dibujos sin mi permiso.

I'm fine with my art being reposted but only with the signature/ being mentioned as an author.

I don't give "watch4watch." Watch me only if you like my stuff.

Requests: CLOSED

Art Trades: ASK

Commissions: ASK

Please, don't give me badges. I have no idea what to do with them :) You can donate me some points instead.

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Repost only with proper crediting. Don't edit nor remove my signatures.

A commission requested by an Instagram user. I'm not sure if I should tag them or not here. 

After posting a first WIP of this, I've been told that in my "shipping" works  I always make Daishinkan's expression being like "WUUUUUT" ( I reviewed my gallery and well, they were right about that) and I should draw him being happy or at least, content here. I tried.

 I still struggle with pairing draws. And I still can't help but feel a bit weird when commissioned about drawing my OC. 
((do I really sound this venomous/offensive when I comment on something? Or it's more like people overreacting?))
20 deviations
Goku flying
Repost only with tagging me.

Submitting a traditional work made with crayons because I really should make more of these.

It's been quite long time when I doodled something on paper and left it with no digital editing at all.

Usually, my photos are awful maybe due to using cheap drawing materials  (mostly for training purposes -- I would be a broke woman if I had bought decent paper for /all/ my drawings. The majority starts off as just sketches for myself, not intended for any upload anywhere. And I always sketch on cheap copy paper when a thing is to be digitalized. Nice paper only for commissions :D)>.>  

Ref: an artbook image (Daizenshuu part 1).
'I don't care.'
Repost only with crediting me. Don't edit.

Originally posted on Insta, but I have been asked to upload this work in full resolution.
Yet another rendered comic panel (that's why it's so small and only a headshot, as I'm recently trying to avoid this and draw fullbody images preferably).
Originally wanted to post an ealier made halfbody image, but chose this one instead - I like the shadowing better. Finally got sharp lines. But hair still needs an improvement Cry run 
I'm giving it the title of what actually Carajillo sama says in there. 

:icondamasterofdisaster92: Before you ask. Yes, this Grand Priest's shirt. The comic's not  "canon" to my story but I guess you'd be happy to see this pairing :)
Adult Goku with Power Pole
Repost only with crediting me. Don't edit.

 It's been a long time since I've drawn anything not being an angel or blue skinned being in general, I've made a quick digit of  Goku from the upcoming DBS movie.

 Actually, it's some of my older works (before hiatus time, so it's really old) edited to simply add PP on his back. I also used Goku's designs for this movie (released in newest V- Jump issue).
 I have found a few of my 2016 stuff, and I plan to be submitting  them along with my newest works.


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