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Raptor attack by unlobogris Raptor attack :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 17 2 Somosaguas fauna sketches III by unlobogris Somosaguas fauna sketches III :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 1 0
Gompho herd by unlobogris Gompho herd :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 14 3 Somosaguas fauna sketches II by unlobogris Somosaguas fauna sketches II :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 13 2 Somosaguas fauna sketches I by unlobogris Somosaguas fauna sketches I :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 39 3 Death Gompho by unlobogris Death Gompho :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 8 1 Heads by unlobogris Heads :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 0 1 Ciconia nigra by unlobogris Ciconia nigra :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 0 0 Banner by unlobogris Banner :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 0 2 Queen of the crown by unlobogris Queen of the crown :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 2 0 A fish with powerful arms by unlobogris A fish with powerful arms :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 0 0 Alien fish by unlobogris Alien fish :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 3 0 First steps by unlobogris First steps :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 0 0 Aythya novaeseelandiae by unlobogris Aythya novaeseelandiae :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 0 2 Nyctosaur by unlobogris Nyctosaur :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 8 0 Conohyus WIP by unlobogris Conohyus WIP :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 4 0 Cianoliquen logo by unlobogris Cianoliquen logo :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 1 1 Water rhino by unlobogris Water rhino :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 9 4 gompho by unlobogris gompho :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 3 1 amphicyon major by unlobogris amphicyon major :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 9 1 Therizinosaur of Skull Island by unlobogris Therizinosaur of Skull Island :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 17 5 Harpymimus by unlobogris Harpymimus :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 7 4 tutorial by unlobogris tutorial :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 14 18 Lesothosaurus sketch by unlobogris Lesothosaurus sketch :iconunlobogris:unlobogris 3 0


tupilak Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017  Student
Terrific detail and clarity in your work. Well done!
Lucas-Attwell Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Realmente me gusta tu etapa actual donde ya no aplicás "shrink wrapping",tus dinosaurios son mucho más naturales!
Nevert013 Featured By Owner May 13, 2016
Do you mind if I base some dinosaurs off yours? Credit will be given.
zap123build Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Hello, my name is Destin Bogart, I am a student at Pueblo West High School, Colorado. I would like to ask your permission to use some of your images (crediting you fully of course) on my non-profit tumblr page for my school club entitled; The Expeditioner's Discovery Guild: Nova Files. In which we take a look at a specific animal or concept and write a report about with which we then upload it to our blog, upload some pictures, then make a video of virtually the same thing, using only public domain images to our Youtube channel, Here is a link to our tumblr for you.

And we have yet to start anything on our youtube channel but will be doing so shortly. Thank you for thinking about this, and any answer is fine with us. Thank you.
Taena-Doman Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
The details of your images are amazing. With the accurat and soft texture they look very lifelike!
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