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Where are the fangs?... here there are!

By unlobogris
I couldn't resist to draw my view on the appealing, yet controversial, hypothesis about Smilodon with covered fangs (…).

I don't agree with the droopy lips, so I just played with putting the mouth edge near the rear end of the fangs. It turned to have a weird, but still very feline-like expression.

*Edited*- Included the front view and some facial expressions. Top left: mouth closed, top right: slightly agape, bottom left: biting/yawning, bottom right: flehmen gesture.

All the bulk in the neck and so it's just supposed to be fluff, just for the aesthetics...
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Oh, I forgot, this used to be a thing. And now I'm one of the "I told you so" guys in the aftermath.
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dude! i love it! does that mean the same for synapsids?
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Can I use this picture in an article I'm writing? I'll give you full credit.
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Good Predator Kitty!  Now win me some hockey! ;)
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This looks beautiful, I've often wondered how lips could conceal Smilodon's fangs, and now I now.
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Bah. This is not how Smilodon's mouth looks like.
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I love these types of reconstructions. The first drawings I saw of lipped smilodons I didn't particularly like, but I didn't want to be like the people who adamantly claim that dinosaurs didn't have feathers, such as T-rex, because they hate the "look."
By all the evidence, it makes the most sense for smilodon to have had lips over their sabers, but the droopy lips that I'd seen I didn't like and I managed to put my finger on the fact that they seemed to canine and not very FELINE. I've seen a lot of concepts of lipped smilodons and the ones which have lips over their sabers and a very FELINE face always seem most plausible to me.
Then again, there's nothing stopping smilodons from having had bulldog-jowls, but based on what felines look like, a design like this feels a lot more real.
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I have solution.... big chin! >:^)
Sexy chin.
WindWing101's avatar
oooo yes haha >:D
VanishingSilence's avatar
For some reason i really like the way this guy looks.
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i like these drawings because they're kinda silly and are reminding me of my fat shit cat lying on an ice pack in the next room, but by the same token this theory is ridiculous. smilodons broke their teeth all the time, they were not protected by any perfect answer (at least in smilodon, more on that later*) so that "they need saliva or they break" thing is bunk; they do need a little, and many did break. also on that they can just lick their teeth? all cats/apes/dogs do this? and if they were constantly flapping those jowls around trying to bring down game the resultant damage to that tissue-- even if it were muscled, and not just loose flesh (sorry about flapping)-- would be a constant source of trauma and infection.

*some saber toothed cats did evolve bony structures on the bottom jaw to 'support' the teeth structurally, but the idea that any extra flesh (apart from padding on such a structure) that covered or "holstered" the teeth was thrown out when i was in grade school.

but please,please, PLEASE keep drawing these silly smilodons. i do like this style, and i do like how you visually engineered this theory.
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Looks interesting. Reminds me of a bloodhound, boxer, great dane, or a bulldog.
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This is my favorite interpretation of this theory. :)
This is by far the most plausible and natural-looking rendition of this theory (which this lifelong Smilodon fanboy found completely convincing) I have seen so far. Lippage that fully envelops the sabers, yet can also be physically retracted for effective biting.

All the faces are beautifully drawn, and it’s easy to see how the various “expressions” correspond to those of extant big cats, which makes this restoration all the more believable. I don’t know if Mauricio Antón is familiar with the “sheathed sabertooth" theory yet, but this is the illustration I would use if I had to make a case of its viability to him or other experts.

I understand why so many people are reluctant to accept the idea that this most iconic of extinct Cenozoic predators kept its signature weapons concealed most of the time. But sometimes we all need to take a step back and remind ourselves that nature does not conform to humanity’s notions of what looks good. If we valued traditional aesthetics over evidence as our grounds for accepting or rejecting new paleontological theories, we’d still be celebrating dinosaurs as bloated quadrupedal lizards à la Crystal Palace Park.
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Yeah, one of my cats (RIP) had a tooth that hung out of the mouth like that. Guess what? It fell out.
TrilobiteCannibal's avatar
no it's a very healthy condition will no ill effects (sarcasm) :p
SeptemberBones's avatar
sorry but thats actually a serious condition for cats and isnt healthy at all…
TrilobiteCannibal's avatar
:XD: I love how you turned that on him
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I found this from the blog post in question and wanted to say great work! I think you did a great job of taking the idea of covered smilodon fangs and making it look realistic and livable.
KirbyniferousRegret's avatar
This is probably my favorite long slipped smilodon reconstruction ive seen!
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Excelent and facinating work man.
The moment a bison sees a sabretooth unfurl its lips is probably one of the biggest "Oh CRAP!" moments.
bensen-daniel's avatar
He probably talked like Winston Churchill.
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