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Torosaurus latus. Old request by Leviarex.
I have been trying new ways of colouring, but still using the same technic, so the result can look a bit ...strange, but it doesn't look all bad for me.
Btw, the colour pattern is similar to my other ceratopsians, but it's the result of thinking "herds", "colour vision", "sexual selection" and "antelopes". I always fall in similar patterns that way >.<
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I love your work buddy! I are are helpful for making sculptures as well! I printed this pic out as a reference for sculpting the head. this pic is in the background of a pic I shared on Instagram,and I was wondering if you were on there so I can credit you so others can find your work.  
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Very handsome and excellent art of this big guy, love it :)
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Some poeple think Torosaurus is a mature Triceratops.
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There was a revolution about that this year, it's hard to say who won out. Because Torosaurus turned out to be the adult form of Triceratops, however Triceratops was named first and therefor had priority over Torosaurus, which is now discredited and considered a junior synonym of Triceratops.
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There are a few holes to this "revolution":

SIZE:  Triceratops was 30 feet long.  Toro was only 25 tops.

LOCATION:  Though fossils of Trike and Toro do intermingle, there were no Toro fossils north of Montana, nor were there any Trike fossils south of Wyoming.

HEAD:  The frill of Trike was a solid, low, broad shield.  The frill of Toro was a tall, narrow oar full of holes.  There was the skull of a baby Trike who had holes on the frill, so they must've hardened as they matured.  Such plasticity could never happen on a vertebrate, albeit a very big vertebrate.
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Actually Jack Horner has done a series of studies in the growth stages of various Hell Creek Formation dinosaurs, and it appears Triceratops and Torosaurus were of different growth stages, same as Tyrannosaurus and Nanotyrannus and Stygimoloch, Dracorex, and Pachycephalosaurus

Here's a small summary of the concept:…
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Wow, I was begining to think you had completely forgotten about my requests, but the wait was well worth it, it's that good, thanks alot.When do you plan on getting to the Polacanthus and Struthiomimus?
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Sorry for the delay, I've been busy with other works and with exams, but I don't forget your request ;-).
I hope to do Struthiomimus and Polacanthus soon too, but I can't say how soon yet... :-S
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