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Therizinosaurus cheloniformis

By unlobogris
Reconstruction of the huge and strange dinosaur Therizinosaurus cheloniformis.The body is mainly based on the skeletal reconstruction of this dino made by Gregory Paul.
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Poor thing looks like it hasn't eaten in years

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I hope you know it was feathered
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Angelo Therizino sounds italian! One of my favourite herbivores. Especially the claws and the belly (he drinks too much) and the fact that he cannot run fast.
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Its strange how the first digit in therizinosaurs is so large that its a function part of the main set of digits.

Oh, and I like it :D
Sorry if I sound somewhat too critic, but, Therizinosaurids had feathers on par with those of Ovirraptosaurs: Asymmetrical ones.
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Yes, you're right about the feathers. If I had to restore again Therizinosaurus today, I think I'll put much more feathers on it, but in this picture, I just want to show it featherless, as if it has lost the feathers because it big size (like elephants).
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Absolutely beautiful! I love the coloration!
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Huh, with those long claws you'd think they eat meat. However, Ive heard that alls the claws are is for protection and they eat plants. Is that right?
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In fact, nobody is sure of the function of those big claws, but many people (me too) think like you: it probably was a kind of herbivore which feeds like pandas or anteaters (I like to imagine them as eventually bugeaters :-D). I don't think therizinosaurs were active predators.
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Therizinosaur!!!!!! these critters are weird yet awsome
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thanks! yep, this dinosaur was certainly strange, that was one of the reason I had to draw it :-D
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Wow, it's so weird with the huge belly and longs claws...o_0 But nice job with this one! Coloring is fantastic as always :D
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