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Spinophorosaurus nigeriensis
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Slight spelling mistake: it's nigerensis, not nigeriensis
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Pues sí, genial... Como dice BrokenMachine, ya se echaban de menos.
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Jejeje, gracias. Espero ir subiendo también alguno de los que hice en Las Hoyas.
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Awesome sauropod is awesome.
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Good colours!!!
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Lovely texturing! :nod:
Que increíble! Sauró;podos con espinas caudales, muy buena ilustración amigo!
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Gracias! Y eso parece. Algunos lo comparan con el "tagomizador" de los estegosaurios.
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Wow, i haven't seen this before. Nasty looking claws, both feet and tail. Ouch. I like the head (Dunno why). Although there is something about the colouring/texturing around the middle, where instead of looking like detailed skin, it looks as if it's just smudged or blurred, if ya know what i mean...Great job still :D
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It has been recently published. I see what you mean, but I think it's partially caused by the resizing of the pic to submit. I can assure you the whole body is covered by tiny (maybe too tiny, considering they aren't visible now...) scales.
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Oooh right, yeah, that sounds likely :D
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Espectacular! Extrañaba tus trabajos, sos uno de los mejores en la reconstrucción digital que he visto en DA, que bueno ver algo nuevo tuyo, ojalá puedas deleitarnos más seguido con tus obras ;)
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You're alive! I became a huge fan of yours, but that was after you stopped updating until now! Your art is truly fantastic, and you are REALLY good with proportions, texture, shading, colors, and, well, you get the point!
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Yes, lately inactive, but still alive ^.^
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this guy looks good, good job bro
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I's watch out for that tail; it looks wicked! ^^ Nice job as usual!
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Thanks. I would't like to come close of that spikes...
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