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Nyctosaurus gracilis

Nyctosaurus gracilis, a bizarre pterosaur with a huge crest in the head. I've added an hypothethical sail to the crest, but I keep another version without the sail (it's in my scraps, if you want check it out).
It is based a lot in John Conway's Nycto skeleton studies, which have been extremely useful to fit proportions and all.
Also, thanks to Paleofreak for help me to decide for the ankle junction of the wing membrane.
Btw, doing this I have noticed that it's possible to have a quite narrow wing (almost all marine birds today presents narrow wings) and still have the wing attatched to the ankle (as fossils seems to show) ;-)
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Magnifying Glass Cool. I like how you drew the "sail" membrane on the crest. I like to believe that it had the same thing too. :shrappy: Why else would it's crest have an odd shape?
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I personally think that a soft tissue connection on the crest would cause serious problems in flight, though with nothing alive to compare it to I may be wrong.
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It's the Imperial Shuttle of pterosaurs!
NestieBot's avatar
a good dinosaur
IslandMasters's avatar
The sail works fine - see it fly on: !!!
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don't you think that even the tiniest breeze of sidewind would break it's neck with such a sail? it looks very spectacular this way, but I think that goes too for a sailless antlerlike crest.
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Oh my sweet christ!!! It's awesome
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Cool! I like it with the crest, but as I said in your other picture, the aerodynamic forces may have been a little too much...
DSil's avatar
Wait... you've gotta be kidding me! How could it ever make turns with that thing?

Nice pic, I like the coloration.
ZeeMendoza's avatar
my god, its like it had 3 wings
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Very nice. Love the "sail" you added. Kind of like Parasaurolophus--some artists draw him with a sail and others don't. I guess no one will ever know for sure!
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If the right kind of fossils show up, it WILL be possible for us to know. That would be cool, eh?
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Thanks ^^
Of course we will never know it sure, that's the main "problem" of paleontology, but also is the part of mysteri and imagination that makes this science so amazing.
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No había visto nunca la foto de tu último enlace ¿es fiable? La rama horizontal de la cresta es gigantesca.
unlobogris's avatar
Pues la verdad es que no sé hasta que punto es fiable, esa imagen es resultado de una búsqueda rapidilla en google y es de las pocas que mostraban cráneo y cresta juntos. De todas formas, si fuera relevante y tuviera esa longitud se sabría, ¿no?
PaleoFreak's avatar
No si aún no se ha publicado :-)
A lo mejor ni siquiera estaba previsto que esa foto se viera en Google por ahora.
Lo estoy preguntando.
unlobogris's avatar
No se ha publicado todavía?? O.O (por cierto, cómo se puede estar al tanto de las publicaciones de los papers? aún no me manejo mucho y estoy algo obsoleto, me temo)
Lamento no poder resolver la duda, pero lo cierto es que ahora también la tengo yo! jejeje
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Sheesh! It's no wonder this thing went extinct! How does the stupid thing even WALK on
all fours with a crest that huge? O.o

Either way, great artwork. Very realistic.
unlobogris's avatar
Hehehehehehehehe, yep, it should be really impressive to see it walking.
bensen-daniel's avatar
I like the design on the crest very much.
unlobogris's avatar
Thanks! It was the most difficult thing to design! ;-)
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That is freaky! How could it fly with that? I'd really like to see the original fossil. That is so interesting... Is there anywhere that I could find more info on this? Like when it was found and where.
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Here you can see some skeletons
And information:
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