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Hominidae panoply

Here it's a panoply of a bunch of hominids.
As I say when I submit Australopithecus, there will be more hominids, so here there are, all together.
The species depicted are (from left to right and from the first file to the last:
-Australopithecus afarensis
-A. africanus
-Paranthropus aethiopicus
-Homo habilis

Well, it has been a hard work to do all of them, hope you enjoy it! ^^
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found this reposted on a fb group so I just wanted to make sure you knew about it?…
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¡Unas ilustraciones impresionantes! Se aprecia una clara transición de las características entre las diferentes especies de homínidos, lo cuál pocas veces he podido ver ¡Buen trabajo! :)
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except you forgot to put H. floresiensis between H. neanderthalensis and H. sapien
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neanderthals kick ass!
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what is the first one on the third row?
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wow, nice work, can I use this in my paper on teh evolution of man? it would really help me illustrate the changes that we went through (please reply soon, The presentation is next thuesday)
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absolutly awsome :D i love it :D
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What type of ethnicity is the Homo sapiens supposed to be? If he's supposed to represent how our species initially looked, he should have darker skin since he would have been a sub-Saharan African.
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probably early caucasian, 10.000 years or something like that. 
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What happen to the hobbit?!?
This is perfect! I'm studying history and for one of my tasks I need to make a presentation about the evolution of the human species. Is is okay if I use your art for my presentation? =) I'll give you credit, ofcourse!
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Hmm... sorry for the delay.
Yes, you can use it, if it's not too late :-S
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Absolutely fantastic work!
These are the best hominidae face life restorations I've ever seen - and I've seen a few. They all look so alive and... observant. Not like those purposefully stupid-looking cave man-like drawings you often see.
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Have you seen the hominids restored by the Kennis brothers? That ones are my favorite hominids restorations, and a source of inspiration ;-)
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This is in no way a criticism, but rather an observation: Why is the example used for Homo sapiens always a white dude?
unlobogris's avatar
In my case, just because I based that Homo sapiens in myself a bit as reference...
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I've been looking back at my comment & I can't help but laugh at my self each time. :XD:
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Great stuff!

If you have any full-bodied restorations, they be much appreciated here: [link]
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I haven't got any hominid full body restoration at this moments, maybe in the future I'll try to do some. But if this portrairts give you some help, I'd love to contribute with them to your page (oh, and I have to add H.floresiensis, H.antecessor and H.georgicus, that I have made for a still not-shown-here poster).
Btw, are you the same Mike Keesey of "The Dinosauricon" and "Parry and Carney"?
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Yes, I am. "March of Man" is a new site which may help form a foundation for the next version of the Dinosauricon, if I ever get enough time to work on it.

Nice to hear about the added species. Looking forward to those.
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Super, your prehistory peoples !
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Great details, and very cool transition.

I wonder, when and why did we evolve long head-hair and beards?
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