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By unlobogris
Heteroprox, an early cervid from the Miocene of Europe. Highly speculative version. Another sample of Somosaguas macromammalian fauna ;-)
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OblivionJunkey94's avatar
what program did you use to make this pic?
its very beautiful. Will you make another cervids?
Hallcha's avatar
You're welcome
pakozoic's avatar
Muy bueno Sergio!
Tendré que aplicarme con la tableta grafica yo tambien... es mi asignatura pendiente!
Nos vemos!
unlobogris's avatar
Gracias Paco! pero si te digo que lo he hecho con ratón...
No me termino de habituar a la tableta gráfica >.<
Steffanic's avatar
I would say it looks real, but that's already been said :P It is very good though, nice job with the shading, but one of the back legs looks a bit red, normal? :S
unlobogris's avatar
Btw, are you refering to the right hindlimb more or less near the hoof? Maybe I "burned" it too much respect the rest of the color...
Steffanic's avatar
Yeah, back right leg, kinda in the middle. It seems to just turn a sudden black :/
unlobogris's avatar
yep, it's overburned, I'll fix it. Thanks!
Steffanic's avatar
Hehe, no problem :)
Steveoc86's avatar
Billiantly done! It almost looks real!
unlobogris's avatar
Thank you! I liked how the shadowing turned out when doing this ^.^
Ditzzi's avatar
wow!!! looks so real! :dance:
guilmon182's avatar
Neat. Looked real in the small view.
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