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Before the storm

Tyrannotitan chubutensis roaring over the carcass of his prey (a dicraeosaurid sauropod) before a storm. Some Pterodactyloids fly over the scene.
One of my firsts complete scene, so landscape is not very well done, but I like the result. ;-)
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very nice piece of art! It's always interesting to see how the colors of dinosaurs variate from artist to artist! I think your dinosaurs look the most realisitc, concering their ... teint. :P
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This is a really fantastic drawing, and I love the atmosphere of this piece. However, I do have to agree with what Alogorth said about the shoulder blade. But's wonderful. :)
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Gray Wolf, you are an excellent artist, and this is an excellent work of art. I like it a lot! But I have a question to ask; would the shoulder blade show up like that? The skin would have to be almost paper thin and vacuum-wrapped besides to show up like that. And that does not take into account the muscles, Even if Tyrannotitan was very lightly muscled because of the almost strap-like blade, the muscle sheath would still partially obscure the bone.

I disagree with the straight-line neck structure of the unfortunate hadrosaur, but I cannot say it's wrong, per se. All in all, the pic is gorgeous, just me having my say so.
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Do you like Skrepnick's work?
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Fantastic....Nicely done
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So, what's your opinion of the Tyrano family being nothing more than giant vultures theory?
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it's a nice idea, and I don't discard it. I found kinda plausible that, specially old and big T.rex, where some specialized scavengers; but well... probably they hunt too if they had the chance.
btw, remember Tyrannotitan is not a Tyrannosaurid ;-) it's relative of Carcharodontosaurus
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Probably opportunistic hunters.

"btw, remember Tyrannotitan is not a Tyrannosaurid it's relative of Carcharodontosaurus"

Oh. didn't know.
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Every hunter is opportunistic. They have to be! Whether the prey item is in front of them when they get out of bed, or go out to get it; whether they ambush or chase it down, when food walks by or is unawares, you take the opportunity to hunt it.
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I meant in so far as the opportunistic nature of vultures, not the fish crow of the south eastern United States.
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So you were talking about scavengers? That was basically my point; scavengers are the real opportunists, if one can call eating rotting meat an opportunity.

"Would a Tyrannosaurus scavenge?" is the real question, not would it hunt. Many predators prefer living prey, though they can be coaxed into eating dead meat. Sharks usually go for live prey, unless my memory has conked out. Are there any large vertebrate scavengers? Yes. Vultures, but they fly. How about terrestrial vertebrates of large size, say ten pounds and up? Coyotes will scavenge, coyotes will hunt. Same with wolves, bears, lions, tigers etc. While that does not prove anything vis-a-vis tyrannosaurs, it does make one wonder.

If today's ecosystem does not support totally terrestrial scavengers, how could the Cretaceous landscape do so?

Was it richer in fauna than today's Serengeti, or the recent Serengeti before man? I doubt it, but let's say it was richer, per acre, in huge animals than today. Africa and Asia have elephants, and once had thriving populations Any obligate large scavengers there? No?

I have seen a paleontologist's theory that the Cretaceous landscape had enough huge herbivores to support an obligate tyrannosaur scavenging population. Ceratopsians were usually rhino sized, black rhino at that, with some white rhino to elephant sized monsters. So far, so good. In some areas, there were huge sauropods, like Alamosaurus, which might turn out to be one of THE largest sauropods ever. There were enough of them so that individuals which just dropped dead could support families of one to six ton meat eaters? I don't think so. If adult tyrannosaurs could not hunt because of their build, then neither could young ones. Yes, the young were lighter and more gracile, but the basic build was the same.

But wait! If tyrannosaurs could not hunt because the bauplan was defective for active predation...then neither could neovenators, albertosaurs, allosaurs, torvosaurs, megalosaurs etc.. If they could not actively hunt, just what was the apex predator? Spinosaurids? Evidence indicated they ate fish and also land animals. Maniraptorans? How big was the largest known maniraptoran? Maybe average allosaur length, with a lighter build. Utahraptor is what I am thinking of here, and even that estimate is based on a new specimen yet to be formally described. That leaves mostly the velociraptors and dromaeosaurs to hunt down beasts whose sheer size would leave an elephant gasping in wonder.

None of the dinosaur herbivores were pushovers. What hunted them, if not the large allosaur-coelurosaur monsters? Crocodiles? There were large, probably most effective terrestrial crocodiles, yes. Kaprosuchus comes to mind. One skull, so far, is all I know of that's been found. Are kaprosuchid teeth a commonly found fossil? I have not a clue, do you?

Tyrannosaurs had powerful skeletons, especially T-rex. Their eye placement allowed for decent stereoscopic vision. Their teeth, jaw, and neck power would allow them to overcome their prey, almost on the run, so-to-speak. Their legs were long and powerful, flex-ankled, like all modern animals that can run. Even elephants, with stiff, non-flexed ankles, can walk faster than most humans can run.

Why would a scavenger need all that armament? These are all old arguments, but valid all the same. Would a T-rex scavenge? Probably. An old, crippled individual likely would have to. But a crippled biped will not be alive long, anyway, unless it has family to help it, like wolves and probably Smilodon. Did tyrannosaurs take care of their own? I cannot say.

Some scientists would very likely say no, because of their primitive brains and their similarity to reptiles. How big does a brain need to be to allow for at least some ability to reason? Until recently, scientists would have told you fairly big, at least monkey sized.

Until recently. Look up portia jumping spider on google and wikipedia.

Have fun!

P.S.--What group of terrestrial carnivores eats only by hunting live prey?
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Now here's my point; brain cavity casting of T.rex skulls show that the brain cavity is almost a scale replica of a vulture's brain. Maybe it's what the vulture could have been. We'll never know. We do know one thing for certain, those tiny arms weren't used during the hunt.
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Scale replica? Means little, far as I can see. Many hunters don't use their forelimbs to kill prey.
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Nonsense! Your landscape has una vista esplendida!
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I really like the blood on the carcass.
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:O That's so cool! I love the details, great job for your 3rd scene! :D
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wow! a great dinosaur artwork! a must favorite for dinosaur fans!
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hehehehehe, Thanks! ^_^
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el escenario lo has hecho tu???? muuuuuy bien!!!! me gusta mucho!!! prueba tambien de pasar toda la imagen a blanco y negro, muchas veces el resultado es diferente. Cuando hago fotomontajes, ese metodo me da buenos resultados.
La presa es ese innombrable Brachytrachelopan algo?????
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Si, el escenario son un par de fotos que saqué durante las vacaciones, modificadas y ajustadas con Photoshop. Hummm... en blanco y negro, interesante, lo probaré a ver como queda.
La presa, oficialmente no, es un dicraeosaurido cualquiera, pero extraoficialmente, está basado en Brachytrachelopan =D
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Yes, a complete scene!

It looks really good. The form and texture stand out as usual, and the touch of bright red really stands out nicely. Well done, especially for one of your first complete scenes.
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Wow, and this was your first scene? That's great!!!!
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