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Alzheimer Greetings
"Oh hello! and who are you dear?"
Speaks the lovely old lady
She is seeking to bring cheer
"It's wonderful to meet you"
I respond trying to find
A glimmer of recognition
"Isn't this place so nice"
I am forced to agree
It's me who picked it out
"Hope you have fun today"
as she goes to an activity
I will be back tomorrow
"Oh hello! and who are you dear?"
Seeking knowledge, with insides
twisted and crying amid fear
"I am your son" cannot be said
there remains so little hope
of recognition in my head
:iconunlivablesquire:UnlivableSquire 2 1
"Free: Cigarrette Carton; Switched to Tubes"
:iconunlivablesquire:UnlivableSquire 3 0
Mature content
Wrong :iconunlivablesquire:UnlivableSquire 2 0
Icarus of Iscariot
I sit in darkness and scream in silence
I weep in blind wonderings while
walls look on in quiet violence
Looking forth with eyes that bleed white
there is only mist in that land that
lacks all normal living delight
shrouded in my inefficiencies and mental
deficiencies leaves me speaking air
and seeking escape non-gentle
I cry and I quake deep in my inner make
movement once done as joyous act
now undoes my thirst, to unslake
relics of the past surround me showing only
how fall the path has been, when I
can only remember sadness within
I have come so far, yet moved so little, I
cannot end as hamlet - there is much
to be done, yet they sit and defy
unable to bend my own mind to my will, I
am powerless to move and become
reborn, unable to reach the sky
An Icarus of Iscariot, betrayal most foul
at hands nearer than ever, cast as
criminal wearing darkening cowl
Reaching for the sky only get you so far
as the wax melts through and the
reality rises, stuck now as tar
:iconunlivablesquire:UnlivableSquire 1 2
The Vile Villanelle
Veins pulsing negativity, your virtues run meretricious
Surrounding all in a billowing, tremoring, freezing foul
Damned from youth, your soul twisted anthropophagous
Bent will leading you astray, constantly vicissitudinous
Concealed, hiding, buried truth inside false-bared cowl
Veins pulsing negativity, your virtues run meretricious
Lies and deceit, appearing at maximum levels Cantankerous
Exposed, unveiled to level bared and fanged scowl
Damned from youth, your soul twisted anthropophagous
All sustenance, each breathy wisp gratingly sacrilegious
Singular nefarious ends, upon fetters to disembowel
Veins pulsing negativity, each word uttered meretricious
A wracked existence, your every intention murderous
A screature of night and depths constantly on prowl
Damned from youth, your soul twisted anthropophagous
Core so dark, your habitat naturally subterraneous
only means to only end, the world made to howl
Veins pulsing negativity, your virtues run meretricious
Damned from youth, your sou
:iconunlivablesquire:UnlivableSquire 2 2
The Villianous Villanelle
Lightning strikes, thunderous peals dawning a cawing murder
Roaring out loud to Igor "My nefarious plan has come to fruition!"
While down dark and deepened halls echoes, my evil laughter
Bent over my marvelous design, entire glorious gyro-stabilizer
Booming in the night, "They will fear my overwhelming Invention!"
Lightning strikes, thunderous peals dawning a cawing murder
Hacking, coughing, tasting iron on my lips, emerging bloodier
Cursing quietly "Next... Immortality," my muttered introspection
While down dark and deepened halls echoes, my evil laughter
Standing nearby electrical conductor, with no position insaner
I avow "Devils damn that weather", eagerly awaiting fulmination
Lightning strikes, thunderous peals dawning a cawing murder
Cascading light through streams of night, starts the converter
Contraption alive, I whisper "The world will bow to my ambition"
While down dark and deepene
:iconunlivablesquire:UnlivableSquire 3 0
Mature content
Gregarious Unicorn :iconunlivablesquire:UnlivableSquire 0 0
Mature content
Man from Nantucket :iconunlivablesquire:UnlivableSquire 0 0
Ages All
Wandering, hand in hand through, paths worn by youth, in times long past
The worn paths, take you away, the paths mourning, the rhythm of feet
Young hearts break, years and memory, erode until, all is gone
:iconunlivablesquire:UnlivableSquire 1 0
Property Lines
Dear Human, I pray thee note, on this day in, this our lords year
Urgent- your, overgrown tree, encroached again, my property
Re: Dear sir, Your tree = your problem, bring not witless, air to bear
:iconunlivablesquire:UnlivableSquire 2 0
By stream strong, lad lingers long, plucking flowers, for dear Helen
Spotting there, a maiden fair, lads heart makes quick, as draws she near
Hunger lit, seducing siren, unwieldy fate, naught but ate
:iconunlivablesquire:UnlivableSquire 3 2
Wavy road, its winding path, vibrant and dark, its curves hidden
as she swayed, her hair swinging, windy waving, leaves me behind
I turned back, backing away from, waxy serpent, saw it leave
:iconunlivablesquire:UnlivableSquire 4 0
Tremble in the knowledge of your "breast-amber"
"crow-feeders" are "gods-formed" who fight the "moon-swell"
even through "sunless-spells" of Helheim
be in constant preparation with swinging pell
"speakers-in-rhyme" and shaman tell tales
the "speaker-of-bone" hunters returned
girded with "sif's hair" armband and "bane of wood"
make a weapon worthy to "slayer-of-giants"
Sit sentry at fireside, be wary at sea
watch "fires-wake" and "lights-death" while ship board
long for distant "end-of-landless" and glory aplenty
prepare for Valhalla after you are in "the-sleep-of-the-sword"
learn well the "knowledge-of-Odin"
devote yourself to the "lord-of-the-gallows"
to avoid the "shame-of-swords" in "spear-din"
wet your "blood-amber" to earn your "flame-farewelled"
:iconunlivablesquire:UnlivableSquire 0 0
Alleged assaults aggrieve accosted accusers
Behold - betrayed, browbeaten, bereft, burnt
Cascading ceaselessly, constantly criminalizing casualties
Dark designs destroying decent daughters
Echoed eternally everyplace, endless exploitation
Fictions, fantasies, false females - fallacious
Groupings, greatly generated - galling goading
Hardships have haunted, harming helpless
Innocents in increasingly immoral incivilities.
Juxtaposing justice, jeering jerks jeopardize
kindness. Kindhearted kids knocked, killing
Liberty, love, laughter. Losing lustrous
Mentality means maximized misery. Mindless
Negativity, nefariously numbs naivety nauseatingly
Ostracization often opaques optimistic outcomes
Perniciously perverting preservative privilege, patriarchal
Quacks quarrel, quarrelsome quandaries quash
Restrictions, re-surging relentless, rampant rape
Such situations sustain social subversion
Tangled truth, thrashed through toxicity
Unveiling universally unethical ugliness, undercutting
Virtues. Vi
:iconunlivablesquire:UnlivableSquire 1 2
A Beholders Communion
Amateur Beholder
Careening, Doing, Engaging
Fulfilling Geographic Hankerings
Investigative Journeying
Kaleidoscopic Lamp-lighting
Maximizing Noteworthy Opportunities
Progressive Questing,
Reflecting Sublime Truths
Unbinding Voraciously Within Xysts
Yearnings Zenith
:iconunlivablesquire:UnlivableSquire 1 0
Lifelines 2 by UnlivableSquire Lifelines 2 :iconunlivablesquire:UnlivableSquire 4 0
Enter My Hibernaculum

I sincerely hope the value you find within my gallery will in turn illuminate the gold within you

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Fear pooling,
Don't open your eyes dear,
A soft voice loves to whisper.
Tears shall become disgarded,
I don't want to mop the floor,
Not for you dear,
A less harsh voice is melodic.
Pulling hair out of fantasies,
Softly it tips the scales,
that were never even,
Not even in your head dear,
A consious called to you.
Have you seen fear?
A compus dislikes being teased,
An turning will only lead to you dear,
A so far away if I could write,
Wrote on your floor.
:iconbeea20:beea20 2 13
The Path
I have sat in this place and waited I know not how long.  I have striven to remember the life I
once knew, but it slips away as inexorably as the water slips over the stones in the stream at
home.  Home.  I must hold on to this thought, lest I find myself not knowing of water, or life outside of this wretched path.
Yet this thing I call wretched is not.  It is beautiful, so lovely, in fact, as to be almost painful.  Far better to be imprisoned somewhere I can hate with ease.  To both love and loathe is truly a terrible fate.  Someone comes; I hear footsteps not far along the path, and, foolish though it seems, I hope.  I fear this stranger will not stop, will not even see me, for very few do.  And those who take note seem to see also that I am being punished, and are frightened, as I was so very long ago.  I, however, did stop.  I took pity, and that has been my undoing.
:icontheyami:theYAMI 1 0


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