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Before I begin, how about a a summary. Think of this group...
- Like all forums (this group following suit as one, its name being a parody/nod of LinuxQuestions) but without the craziness
- Like AskReddit but without the bigger question restrictions
- Like Quora but where questions can be deleted
- Like Yahoo Answers but without the time limits on how long a question can be responded to
- Like DeviantArt polls but unrestricted
- All of the above, in the form of a DeviantArt group. Think of all those DeviantArt groups that allow any art, except with an inclusion of questions.

Leave a comment in the comments section to the side, which is our help center, if you still have questions about this group after reading this (and please don't communicate anything antagonistic there, that's the only rule that isn't listed below). Also known as AskDeviantArt, this is a "curious" place (see submissions for examples). Keep in mind that many people around here communicate in English as a second language, mastered or unmastered, so what one may read may be loosely based on its meaning.

The rules are mainly the site rules everyone knows.

0. Follow the rules of DeviantArt (and the law). Deviations and interactions that seriously violate DeviantArt's terms and conditions cannot be allowed.
1. All deviations must be submitted with the intent of receiving answers and all else is to acknowledge this. If you want to submit to this group, all you have to do is post a deviation, preferably something that genuinely is art, involving a question imposed. The significance of the image bearing the question means no literature is allowed. Also, all deviations must go into a category that fits them. Most deviations will have more than one category that does, and you may choose between these, as long as it goes somewhere it fits. If you're not sure, post it in "featured".
2. The same image cannot be reused as a backdrop, but they can be similar. This rule is enforced loosely because the lines are blurry, since many images use a meme format. Also, try to ask original questions. This rule is also enforced loosely, due to impediments to commenting on a post, such as being blocked. If an unoriginal question is asked, a reason should be given.
3. English is the global lingua franca, which means it also must be in English. However, there are no restrictions on questions as long as they follow DeviantArt's rules and the law. They may be open-ended, meaning variety-based, or closed-ended, meaning multiple-choice-based, and about any topic. It is preferred the question must also not have been asked before. A side effect of this is the preference to have the question's words as a deviation tag, or sometimes a comment will be placed in questions by a mod as an identifier. This "rule" is loosely enforced, in fact it's the most loosely enforced one of all and freely gone against, so focus on the other rules.
4. Your ability to post content may be denied if you haven't been involved enough with other peoples' content on here, the required acknowledgements not being the artwork which serves as the backdrop but the asked question itself. If your content is rejected, it's either to serve as a warning that this rule isn't being followed or because of post/question unusability.
5. Each post may only be one question in itself. You can't have a post that says, for example, "what is your name and your favorite color". First, that would be abusing the privilege, and second, it would cheat the limit of how often you can post, which in turn prevents deviation flooding.

0. Follow the rules of DeviantArt (and the law). Deviations and interactions that seriously violate DeviantArt's terms and conditions cannot be allowed.
1. Regarding posting, moderators must go by the member rules that are upload-related except with my permission. It would mostly cause confusion to have a moderator freely take advantage of their position by posting non-question-related, non-English art, etc.
2. Please be civil when possible. Only use the block feature if you absolutely have to. Hopefully you will consult me and/or each other first, like in most forums, where there is typically no problem in doing this.
3. Moderators must know enough English to communicate with members and address issues. Having English as your second language is alright; I myself have a different first language.
4. Don't shame anyone for any reason. Whether they are "left wing", "right wing", spiritual, ascetic, a Scientologist, LGBT, someone who encourages unspeakable things, a certain body type, or so forth, this is supposed to be a bias-free zone, unlike certain forums I know. We can express our opinions but we shouldn't weaponize them.
5. I would hope consideration is followed. In the case of false banning or messing something up, a moderator gets three chances, the same number of chances a member would get for major offenses (small misunderstandings like technicalities with the rules are forgiven).

0. Follow the rules of DeviantArt (and the law). Deviations and interactions that seriously violate DeviantArt's terms and conditions cannot be allowed. The below rules are occasionally of discussion.
1. All groups affiliated with the group must be affiliated with each other, or at least to the greatest extent possible.
2. All affiliating groups must be in relatively good interpersonal standing.
3. All affiliating groups must have representation in the English language.
4. Affiliate groups are chosen for outstanding specialty to be preserved.
5. All affiliating groups must be active.

Do not worry about loopholes. When in doubt over whether someone breaks the rules, you will be forgiven, for any misunderstanding is my doing. Deviations with the comments disabled can still be answered, look for the deviations that, as its question, ask if you have any answers to other deviations/questions that couldn't be provided due to disabled comments or some other reason.


Subtext to this journalThis document refers to my group (that's where the title makes sense). It explains what counts and doesn't count in it. So what counts, you ask?If you have trouble understanding what counts as a question, consider the following examples.A deviation with the text "will you be voting in the elections?" counts as a deviation fit for the group. It brings up something that someone wishes to know with a clear message as to what is the thing that is desired to be known.A deviation with the same text but without a question mark, making the text "will you be voting in the elections", counts as a deviation fit for the group, since the clarity of the question makes its status as a question clear.A deviation with the text "your favorite animal?" counts as a deviation fit for the group. Its status as a question is not clear, but the question mark lets you know it's asking about your favorite animal rather than just stating something is your favorite animal.A deviation with the text "your favorite animal" without the question mark does not count as a deviation fit for the group. With a question mark, it has at least arguable status as a question, but without the question mark, it's just a noun.A deviation with multiple lines of dialogue, as long as there's only one question, counts as a deviation that fits the group. Remember, the text in a question can be a meme caption, character dialogue, animated in the case of a GIF, or anything else where the text is at least intelligible and visible to a majority of users of the group who are viewing the image.A deviation with the text "Ferb, what are we going to do today", whether the text is a speech bubble by a character, a caption, or anything else does not count as a deviation fit for the group, since the fact that a specific person is being addressed cancels out the attention to the "broad inquiry" aspect of the question.A deviation with the text "can you answer the question in the description" does not count as a deviation fit for the group, since questions in descriptions are capable of being changed, and doing this with the deviation bearing said text would only be a way around the rule against questions that are subject to change.A deviation with text that contains a letter typo or a word typo, such as "are now you ready for Christmas" or "when is your berthday", can be forgiven, as long as, generally at least, it can be deemed people know what you're talking about, but something like "can monkey people we moon destroyer", where intended grammar cannot be made out, is not fit as a deviation for this group, since it's unintelligble. Likewise, a question with a vague meaning, such as "are you wiggin' it out", is also forgiven, so as long as its vagueness doesn't hinder discussion.A deviation with a question that answers itself via its own text, such as "you know what grinds my gears... puppies" does not count as a deviation fit for this group, since the notion or feeling that there is a question to be answered has been quelled, and the question is in turn turned into a statement by the presence of an answer.A deviation with the text "what is your job and do you like your job", despite the rule against multiple questions in a single thread, counts as a deviation that fits the group, since the two questions can be argued to form a compound question that seeks a singular compound answer, while something like a deviation with the text "do you eat cheetos and do you own a yacht" does not count as a deviation that fits the group, since the argument cannot be made that the two questions within the question form one compound question.Although there is a category for knowledge-based questions, they only allow knowledge-based questions where the source of the experience from which the knowledge derives itself is the answerer. In other words, while a deviation with text like "what kind of house do you live in" counts as something that fits the group, a deviation with text like "will a nuclear reactor blow up tomorrow" does not count as something that fits the group, since any non-random answers to the question are few in number, inaccessible to anyone who doesn't have the subject skill, and/or renders the question useless once a true answer is given.And finally, similarly, loaded questions, such as "why are you a football fan", which are based on a true/false assumption, are allowed, as long as an answer can be provided, such as if someone answered the example question with not being one before going into detail what applies to them instead. Similarly, rhetorical questions, double-barreled questions, trick questions, suggestive questions, and stupid questions are also allowed, given that they can be, in the form of a question that follows the above rules, taken as is and answered. In return, if you post such questions, be prepared for them to be treated like any other question. All this group's temporary rulesIf you're reading this, you either found this deviation by clicking on it from the journal entry of the DeviantArt group I tend to (it is for these people I titled this deviation how I titled it) or you happened upon it in my feed or looking through my profile. Addressing the former of you, there is a difference between the rules that are laid out here (which are temporary and typically written in response to circumstances) and the rules that are not laid out here (which apply eternally). Because the rules laid out here are founded on fleeting circumstances, occasionally you might notice that the text you see in this deviation will update itself periodically, and when it does, a choice might be made to either alert followers with the "notify watchers" option or, conversely, not to do so. Don't expect this to be common, usually the alert system is reserved for urgent changes, although time references may conveniently serve the purpose of hinting how long something has been in place (in any case...).------------------------------------------------------------------------------As many know, the digital world is, it happens, a world of cliques. Like with any tribes, some are friendlier than others. At the moment, some make a point of there being a movement to uproot. As protection against this, membership precautions are high, in ways not everyone appreciates. The comments will imply there's been jabs made when guard was let down. We appreciate any actions you take to stand up against animus.---------------------------------------There are to be up to ten co-founders at any given time, who may vary/fluctuate in how active they are. The first ten were selected based on associations of theirs as well as skill. Do know that many of them might change their minds. Until further notice, how it will work is that, each time one discontinues, another person from a list currently comprising of hundreds of people will take their place. You may influence this list by helping with community protection and maintenance.---------------------------------------Due to worldly situations which we supposed will clear up soon, until further notice, although they'll still be allowed, submission of deviations with a governmentally ideological bend will be given second-thought, third-thought, and fourth-thought. What I do on my other content to keep spam away... by Triagonal The Do-Not-Call List by Triagonal Comment on here if you want to be group moderator! by Triagonal The Deviation For Translation by Triagonal Some old concept-blue-print-festo-whatevs thing... by Triagonal The Knight Who Says Same by Triagonal
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