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'Tagonis Refinery Depths' [Pixel Version]

This is a remake of :iconbalaskas:'s masterpiece, Tagonis Refinery Depths in pixel.
I saw the image first in the Pinterest as I was looking for some inspiration in Sci-fi building or tower tag and then I found this… that was a little smaller (cropped).
I'm newbie in pixel art but as a challenge tried to pixelate it.
For the details Inspired from :iconzackf:'s Industria - Final Shot 1 and :iconpavanz:'s The Beacon.
And an absolute copying (I know it's a shame) of Robotality's "Halfway" game… for the light that you can see in top-left of "5"

Thanks so much to :iconbalaskas::iconzackf::iconpavanz: and Robotality Crew
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Very nice and impressive work!
21stCenturyBeats's avatar
This image is amazing!
Pavanz's avatar
Wow, nice work, man!
Loved the color usage and the ambience. I'm glad I could serve as inspiration (: 
Keep up the good work!
Unlimited--power's avatar
oh Pavanz! your work is amazing, I can always be inspire from them
Thanks for doing such great works
Moon-Side's avatar
Impressive scenery! :)
Moon-Side's avatar
You're welcome :D
ingenoire's avatar
Wow, I'm really loving the color contrast between foreground and background.
Also, that thin red line light is well done!
Unlimited--power's avatar
Thank you so much c:
BrownieLolz's avatar
Looks like something out of Operation: Covert.
Unlimited--power's avatar
yeah.. It's almost ruined
BrownieLolz's avatar
Ruined? It looks completely built to me. Probably unfinished off-screen, but in the picture shown here, it's pretty much complete.
Unlimited--power's avatar
You are right. just the building in the right side of the picture (that one with 2 cross) is ruined
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