I have a blog!

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And an out-of-date website!

Blog:    danielmaraya.blogspot.com

Website:   dma315.aisites.com

The website address is retarded, but it's free webspace provided by my school until I graduate...so...yeah..

I'm in the Street Fighter book!  Go buy it!  Apparently the softcover version is available in bookstores, which is news to me.  Groovy.

I should be updating pretty soon, I have a small-ish body of work ready to throw up on here.  I find it weird to be updating my website, blog, and Deviantart with every new pic I do.  Almost feels redundant, but I guess it's all part of that fanatical obsession with getting enough exposure to eventually land myself a job, after which I'll probably wonder "what next?"

I can't wait to be a grown up.
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WyntonRedProfessional Filmographer
Hoowaah! I got that book! and it's epic!
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Congratulations!! It's got to feel awesome!