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The Poke-Feast!: The Empress of Kanto

Hazel rubbed the sleep out of her eyes as she woke up from night’s sleep, once again having dozed off on her throne in her newly constructed palace built over the remains of the once verdant and thriving Viridian Forest. The morning sun’s rays of light at creeped in through the windows of the throne room, shining on her shiny surface of her massive, fat tummy, and warming the soft sphere of flesh to a comfortable heat.

“Mmmmm...good morning belly!” Hazel greeted her stomach with glee, raising her, in comparison to the rest of her body, svelte arms over her head to get the blood running. Hazel’s stomach offered a contented gurgle for a response, noting that it’s host has now awoken and eager to resume it’s unending feast of Pokémon. The resulting noise was followed by a shifting movement from inside the crevice of the teenager’s breasts. Hazel giggled.

“Hehe, and good morning to you too, Blastoise!” Hazel parted her two naked orbs to reveal her now awake Pokemon, Blastoise. He had long, long ago evolved from his old Squirtle form, but in his master’s mind, he was still as cute and charming as ever. The, in comparison to Hazel, diminutive Pokemon yawned and nuzzled into Hazel’s tit fat lovingly, prompting a series of cops and gentle rubs from Hazel.

Blastoise no longer had any qualms or misgivings about his master’s ever increasing consumption of his sisters and brothers. Oh sure, there was always this nagging thought in the back of his head that said that Hazel was a gluttonous monster and that he should be ashamed of himself for allowing her to keep eating and eating, but that voice was more or less silenced by his overwhelming desire to see her get bigger, fatter, softer, sexier. Once upon a time, a Blastoise his size would tower over her. Now, he was small enough to fit in between her boobs like old times.

“Alright you! I know who want to spend all day in they're, but you’re my bodyguard! Can’t protect me from rebels from my chest!” Hazel smiled at her ‘little’ Pokémon, and Blastoise reluctantly removed himself from his alleging arrangements, after much groping and rubbing. The water-starter Pokemon took his place at the right side of his master’s throne, crumbling under the weight of her impressive derriere.

Hazel was about to ring her little bell that would have signaled the Palace chef’s to bring in her pre-first breakfast snack, but was interrupted when a series of knocks had been rapped on the massive, wooden door of her throne room that was designed to fit her. Rolling her eyes, the Goliath of a teenage empress of the Kanto region shouted, “WHAT?!”

The door opened slightly, and in came an elderly looking and well dressed butler. Hazel had no idea who his name was, but he was her favorite servant. Out of all the staff at her Palace, he was the one who was the least afraid of her intimidating size and gluttony. On many ways, he was the father figure Hazel never had, giving her keen advice on how to rule over her new empire, and knowing better than to reign in her appetite.

“A madame ‘Tammy’ is here to see you, my Empress.” The old man spoke through his heavy, Grey mustache.

“Tammy?! That was today?!” Hazel squealed in delight, giving a small dance in her throne, almost breaking it from the increased pressure. She had been waiting to see her old friend for a long time, and now that she was in command of a small army and had ordered said army to break into her home and drag her to the palace, the day had finally come.

“Be warned, my empress.” The elderly servant cautioned, “At this time, Madame Tammy is quite...emotional.”

“Well, of course she would be ya dummy!” Hazel teased the old man for trying to help her. “She’s just so happy that she’s finally going to see me again! Ooooh, I can’t wait any longer! Send her in now!”

The old man gave a sigh and disappeared behind the heavy wooden doors of the throne room. After a couple moments, a disheveled, scraggly looking teenager had taken his place, shivering and struggling to avoid eye contact with her old friend the Empress.


“Ahhh...Tammy! You came!” Hazel raised her arms, expecting Tammy to come running into her huge, Wailord sized gut. The emotional teen on the other side of the room, however, did not.

“’s not like I had a c-choice…” Tammy played with her feet on the glossy, tiled floor.

“Yeah, my soldiers are a riot, huh? Always pretending to be serious and scary, when a they can do is fawn over me when they're not on duty. I hope they didn’t rough you up too much.” Said Hazel to the obviously roughed up Tammy, oblivious to her discomfort.

“Why...why did you call me here anyways?” Tammy mustered through her trembling lips, taking some stance for herself. “You already...already ate my Pokémon! You already put me to work along with all my friends and family as Pokemon catcher and chefs! You already turned my hometown into a factory to sate your hunger! Just...just...when is it going to be enough?!”

Tammy’s speech was laced with intensity and fire, the most she had spit out in a long time, but all her words and complaints were repulsed off of Hazel’s oblivious as if they were bounced off of her huge tummy.

“Enough? Nawww, Tams! You know better than anyone that it’s never going to be enough.” Hazel, with a smile half as big as her huge dome of a stomach, stood up from her massive throne, letting the reinforced steel bend and cream back into it’s original position. The Empress of Kanto began to walk towards her best friend, the whole throne room shaking under her weight.

“I just love, love, love, loooove Pokémon too much to ever stop eating them! Have you ever tried it, they are just soooo good! I mean, you can’t anymore, because than you would stealing food from me, but you get the gist.” Hazel smacked her huge belly hard, making the creamy skin wobble and jiggle nonstop. Don’t you want me to get even bigger, Tams? Don’t you miss rubbing my big belly?”

Tammy tried to keep these long repressed feelings down, but it was getting harder every passing second. As hard as it was to accept, truth be told...she found Hazel SUPER hot right now. She had never seen breasts as big as hers, a butt as big as hers! And her belly, oooohhh her big, soft belly! Even now as she internally scorned herself for doing so, she was fantasizing about making snow angels in her belly flab.

“Just...why did you bring me here, Hazel?” Tammy looked up from the floor, and was met by a face full of creamy blubber as Hazel had walked up close enough to her best friend for her to be almost eclipsed from her view behind the horizon of her cleavage. The Empress of Kanto, with her smile still plastered on her face, knelt down and picked up her friend with her slightly puffy, yet strong arms.

Tammy bit down hard on her lower lip to keep herself from screaming from the shock. She had been tossed around like a rag doll by Hazel before, but now it was as if she was weightless to her! She looked up to see the face of her old traveling buddy, and she…

...was blushing?

“ know,” Hazel began, setting Tammy on the top of her big belly, the falb swallowing her body up to her knees. “I’m really glad that I met you that day, Tams. You were always so...cute. Like a lost little puppy. From the moment I saw you, I knew I had to protect you from the big, bad world.”

“What are you saying, Hazel?” Tammy prodded, trying to get comfortable on top of Hazel’s gut. It was hard, since moving around felt like swimming in a pool of gelatin.

“Tams, don’t make me spell it out for you! I...I...I like you. You know, ‘like’ like.” Hazel’s blush intensified as she maneuvered her best friend closer towards her face. The same face that was the last thing that hundreds of Pokemon had seen before they met their demise inside of her stomach to be churned into the same fat that Tammy was resting on. “I called you here because it’s no fun being Empress...If I have to do it alone.”

Tammy’s heart began to beat out of her chest as she realized what Hazel was saying. She loved her. She loved her. She loved her she loved her she loved her! The former Pokemon trainer suddenly found her mind to be flooding with repressed memories of snuggling with Hazel on a cold night, rubbing her huge, bulbous gut after a feast, and fantasy upon fantasy about the two of them living a quiet life somewhere away from everyone else. But it was wrong! She was monster! She...she…

...she was just so freaking hot like this.

Having tossed her morality out of the window for the time being, Tammy relented and suddenly and without warning embraced as much as Hazel as she could, smooshing herself against her massive mammaries. Blastoise looked on from afar, a huffed a tad, slightly jealous of all the attention she was getting from his master. Hazel was caught by surprise at first, but quickly relented and reciprocated the hug. Finally, after all this time, she finally got what she always wanted…

Well, almost everything. Hazel’s massive gut had gotten impatient from waiting for it’s meal, and interrupted the two girl’s tender moment by giving out a loud gurgle, almost shaking Tammy off of her perch. Hazel smiled sheepishly down at the much smaller teenager, and patted her own tummy reassuringly. “Hehe, I guess that’s just my gut’s way of saying to stop yapping and start eating!”

Hazel gave out a contented sigh as she turned her massive body around and began to walk back to Blastoise and her throne. “You know, I really missed eating with you, Tams. It was always so fun to see you try and keep me from eating more Pokemon. Good times, huh?”

Tammy, still a tad nervous and apprehensive about the whole situation, could only give a small nod and a slight smile. “Y-y-yeah...really good times…”

Tammy had thought she had told Hazel a bald-faced lie when she said that, but upon reflection, she realized it was only a half lie. Of course she was horrified back than of how far her traveling partner’s gluttony could go, and the cries for help from the living creatures in her mouth gave her nightmares to this day. But...there was something oddly exciting about it, as well. She knows that Hazel is not an evil or bad person, but rather a happy slave to her own inhibitions. Even now, as the Empress of Kanto, she still doesn't know what so bad about what she's doing.

Tammy was knocked out of these thoughts as Hazel sat back down on her throne, earning an eruption of creaks and groans from the bending reinforcements. She rang her little bell, and a cacophony of car wheel squeaks and chitter chatter of chefs and cooks soon wormed their way into the room from the hallway beyond the doors.

The lithe teenager could only gulp. Hopefully Hazel’s eating habits won't rub off on her now that she was here…


Hazel has been achieving a lot ever since she was declared the Empress of Kanto.

It all began when she had defeated the champion of the Pokemon league, Lance. He was an okay guy in her opinion. Took the loss of his title with grace and retired out of the spotlight so that she could flourish. But it was after that battle, after she was champion, she slowly came to the realization that she was in charge of EVERYTHING.

She never really paid that much attention in history class, but she remembered vaguely of how there was this big war between Kanto and Johto in the past. After that, the Pokemon League came in and basically took over. They handled healthcare, police, fire, and even regulated money! Each champion is given essentially in charge of the region they live in. When the news of this was broken to Hazel, there was only one thing on her mind.


Naturally, she didn't exactly have all the know how of politics and leadership to effectively run a country, so she delegated all the work to more capable people. Under rule of the new Empress, life in Kanto has changed. Pokemon, once seen as pets, partners, and trusted friends, were seen as food for Hazel. The League was less about battling Pokemon to help them get stronger and gow the relationship with their trainers, and more about capturing Pokemon and serving them to the Empress.

People naturally objected to this kind of ruling from the new champion, however their protests were quickly diminished when the police escorted them away and deprived them of their Pokemon. A few Pokemon were allowed stay alive, but as servants for Hazel. Fire types kept the kitchens going (fueled by the ever diminishing forests of the region), water types like her Blastoise kept her clean, psychic types quelled rebellion, the list goes on. She treats them...well enough. They’re obviously overworked, but a few compliments and pats on the back really went a long way.

Hazel also had the brilliant idea of having the economy of Kanto revolve around her as well. She put Silph Co. under a ‘judicial reorganization’, and halted the production of Pokeballs in favor of things much more important. Clothes for her ever increasing waistline, snacks for when she craved some ‘real’ food once in awhile, and of course better methods of capturing Pokemon for her to eat!

All of this has spawned something quite unexpected: a fanbase. It started out small, a couple hundred online that were enamored by her size and assets, promoting her rise to power and even voluntarily giving up their Pokemon to be eaten and turn into more luscious, creamy blubber on her frame. Over time it had grown leaps and bounds into a worldwide cult, with the other regions trying the dissuade their people to stop encouraging her. But encouraged they did, and they sent food and Pokemon to Kanto as well. Which was good for the new Empress, since the local Pokemon population here was getting dangerously low to extinction. She may have to go into Johto to get some more...another day, maybe.

“...and that’s why you girls out there should quit catching and start eating!” the Empress of Kanto said enthusiastically, giving a gleeful looking smile down at the camera and the live audience in the studio.

The monumental teenager was situated in the studio of Primo’s Prime Time TeeVee, hosted by the charismatic Primo, who had been interviewing Kanto’s new Empress since the first day of her rule. She was a growing media sensation across the world, and it clearly showed with her ample gut, boobs and butt. Each time she came down from the Indigo Plateau, she was bigger and, taller, and fatter, with Primo being eyewitness of her growth. The first time she was bigger than most Snorlax. The second time she took up most of the set of the interviewing platform.

Now she took up the whole freaking stage, occupying most of the building’s indoor space,  her big belly and booty co
Now she was so big she took up most of thming very close to smothering the audience.

“When I ate my first Pokemon, I knew I just had to eat em’ all! But for all you who's out their, listening in, let me tell you a little secret...they taste so GOOD! And they do a wonder for a lady’s curves~”. She patted her impressive cleavage affectionately and turned to the audience and cameras to further drive home the message, causing an her monumental chest to wobble and jiggle like an ocean.

Normally, she would be stark naked since most clothes have a high mortality rate with her, but for the sake of television standards (think of the children!), she donned some tight fitting threads made by Silph Co. Although her wrecking ball of a belly was left exposed to the artificial light of the studio, a stretchy crop top was fitted onto her like a glove. Underneath her layers of tummy blubber, a pair of denim shorts struggled to stay alive against the assault of her hips and buttocks.

“And I gotta say, Hazel, you really do wear your Pokemon well! Perhaps a little too well if your clothes could talk!” Primo observed with a lighthearted chuckle, who was under the influence of a nearby Espeon to keep down his more ‘rebellious’ thoughts, as he observed his Empress tug a little at the reinforcement strap digging into her meaty shoulder.

“Well, I may have been upping my intake as of late…” Hazel admitted with pride as she make patted her big boobs again, the hem of her shirt lowering a tad to giver the audience some more under tit to stare at. “...but it’s all going to the right places!”.

Tammy, the new consort to the Empress, watched the whole thing go down from her laptop, laying in the reinforced bed of Hazel’s-...THEIR room in the Indigo Place. She was still getting used to life as Hazel’s girlfriend. She had to learn to accept her voracious diet and her inevitable growth in body and appetite. But after that, she found she was happy being with her. She got to make friends with the Pokemon servants, and even Blastoise warmed up to her again after a bout of jealousy for his master's attention.

Although, she was a little concerned about the current political situation of it all. Johto was not oblivious to the rapid decline of the Pokemon population in Kanto, and even caught a few catchers in their borders. They were scared of an invasion, and rightly so, for their meadows and forests were chock full of mythical creatures frolicking in the fresh air, while Kanto’s meadows and forests were being bulldozed to make way for more factories to sate Hazel’s hunger. Conflict seemed inevitable, and Tammy was not sure who would win.

Hazel, in the meantime, did not have a care in the world for the political climate. Instead, her thoughts were focused on getting her some food after this interview. Talking made her hungry, like a lot of activities were as she got bigger. “Well, Primo, it’s been a blast being here, but I gotta get home and make sure these clothes won’t fit me the next time I come down!” She stood up for, her seating position on the floor, making the platform groan as she did. Before leaving, she gave one last wink at the camera. “Get ready for tonight Tams! ‘Cause there's gonna be a whole lot more of me when I come home!”

Tammy could only blush and give a stifled giggle.


Saffron City had flourished under the reign of their new Empress Hazel. The Kantonese sprawling metropolis has expanded considerably in a short amount of time, new buildings being constructed over the ever dwindling woodlands with no stop in sight. The new administration had put Sabrina, the former psychic type gym leader, in charge of the town, which has proven to be a great decision according to the citizens of the city.

Saffron had recently surpassed neighboring Celadon City in terms of population after it’s new mayor Erika had the suburban housing tacks be rezoned as restaurants and other shops, while Saffron’s new infrastructure and factories made it an attractive place to live with the available job and quality of life. The Magnet Train that connect the city to Goldenrod in Johto frequently brings in new residents who are intrigued and then won over by the city’s lifestyle.

A lifestyle of gluttony, greed, hunger, and blubber.

Sabrina, who had been supportive of Hazel’s new rule from the start, organized a special force of psychic Pokemon to help the denizens of the city accept their new rule. Slightly overworked Pokemon in danger of being gobbled up work diligently to place subliminal messages and thoughts into the minds of Saffron City. Thoughts along the lines of being fat meant being beautiful, that food is the most important thing in life, and that Pokemon are incredibly delicious. This has been turning the females of the metropolis into blubbery pigs packed in ever tightening outfits, and the males to fall head over heels for them.

It was ground zero of Hazel’s worldwide revolution against archaic concepts of beauty, a revolution that was winning with each passing day, each bite of food, each Pokemon eaten. Saffron hosted some of the biggest and widest waistlines outside of the Indigo Palace, but none were as huge as their mayor, Sabrina. The former psychic type gym leader had turned her old gym, along with the fighting type dojo next door, into the city's most popular restaurant: The Marsh, named after the old badge she gave to trainer for defeating her in combat.

And it was the very same restaurant that Hazel decided to go to get something to eat before heading back to the plateau.

To Sabrina, once a thing but curvy twig, now at least half as tall and fat as her Empress, the sight of Hazel squeezing her healthy form in between the recently renovated doorways of her restaurant was a familiar scene. “Good Afternoon, my Empress!” The psychic giving a small curtsy out of respect, making her whole frame wobble. “Shall my chefs get you the usual?”

“Hi there, Sabrina!” Hazel greeted Sabrina cheerfully as she thrusted her big hips out between  the sides of the doorways. “You should really get your door widened. It’s like every time I come here it gets smaller! No, I don’t want to ruin my appetite for dinner later, how about just two of everything this time instead of five?

“Only two of everything?” Sabrina raised an eyebrow. “You’ll waste away! Come, let me show you to your table, and the kitchen will get started on your light snack right away.” She ushered the massive teenager to follow her across the restaurant, getting astonished looks from other patrons. It was always a sight to see Hazel out from her Palace, and she took up so much of their sight too!

“Geez, Sabrina. Are you sure you guys got my seat enlarged?” Hazel noted as she sat her colossal ass down on the reinforced booth made specifically for her visits. Even with the meta reinforcements, the chair creaked and snapped under her weight, failing miserably at it’s job to sit the Empress. Her hips jutted out from the sides while her boulder sized belly knocked into the table hard. “Because It feels like it’s gotten even smaller than last time!”.

“My sincerest apologies Empress. It seems that the Pokemon who built it didn't expect you to get so big. I’ll make sure they will be apart of your meal.” Sabrina smiled and patted Hazel’s overflowing hip fat. “But I hope I can make up for this inconvenience with a little surprise.”

“A surprise? Oooh, how mysterious!” Hazel giggled. “Wait, let me guess!...ahhh! Did you get me a Legendary!? Oh Sabrina, your the best!”

Sabrina chuckled at her queen’s impatience. “No no, though I do have a couple of cats I’ve had my eye on...Here, let me show you.” The psychic snapped her fingers, and soon afterwards an Alakazam with bags under his eyes came through a hidden door in the wall, while a convoy of food carts manned by humans came in through another. “The Pokemon will need some time to prepare, but for now we have some regular food to start with. Now...just sit back, relax, and don’t move a muscle.”

Hazel was a tad confused, but went along with what Sabrina said and laid back in her chair, making the furniture cry out in protest even further. Less than ten seconds later, much to the teenager’s astonishment, a whole cake suspended in some pink aura had hovered over the horizon of her breasts and made it’s way to her mouth. She looked down to see the Alakazam using it’s powers to feed her without having to move on bit! With glee, she turned back to the cake and chomped down on it hard, the whole thing gone in three bites.

“More!” Hazel bellowed, and the Alakazam obeyed. The poor thing sighed under his breath, knowing soon he would have to start feeding his own kind to this monster of a girl. But Hazel didn’t care about what it had to feel about her eating of it’s own kin. All she cared about was eating more of this delicious food. All she ever cared about it at all times was feeding her belly, which got harder and harder to fill each meal. Ever growing and ever fattening.

And it would never be enough.

The End!
The Poke-Feast!: The Empress of Kanto
Hey there! 

This is my contest entry for KILLIFISHY's first art competition. The rules were to make a story or art depicting the events happening after this scene:…

Hope you enjoy!


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