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Viva Emptiness
Come Home
The moment that you died My heart was torn in two One side filled with heartache The other died with you I often lie awake at night When the world is fast asleep And take a walk down memory lane With tears upon my cheeks Remembering you is easy I do it every day But missing you is heartache That never goes away I hold you tightly within my heart And there you will remain Until the joyous day arrives That we will meet again
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A moment of Weakness.
Dreaming Spirit
My Love is Winter
The Golden Square Mile
Within the Grove
Within the Grove
Nov 18
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hey all
Hey all, I am sorry for the long hiatus and the exit with no warning I was struggling through some mental things and really needed help. Now that I have sorted some demons, and figured some things out, I am feeling like I can finally get back into my world of words and art. Its kind of shocking how dreadful ones mind can be. Life was very unkind to me last year, and things went from bad to worse. I was having cancer scares, and biopsy after biopsy, and i was getting sicker and sicker, and depressed and lonely. I stopped writing. I stopped talking and texting and communicating. I slept all day, and cried all night. Things are finally looki
Devious Journal Entry
I so badly wish I had a cigarette. I am drinking red wine, listening to the breathing of my little Mina as she dreams. I wish that I had such a simple life as a Dog. My tears cannot seem to cease, I can't think straight. What am I doing? I wish I knew. How can someone who is confused and lost be taken seriously? How does one verbalize the words that hymn inside the heart? Words have no concrete. Words have no justice. Words are just letters that are mushed together with a dictated meaning. I so desperately want to lay down and sleep. Wrap myself up, and never wake up
Devious Journal Entry
I have lost my touch with words lately. I think part of it relates to how deflated and defeated I feel. I just don't care about anything right now. I am great at being happy for others, and for playing a long with what people want to see. But in reality, I just want someone to sit with me, hold me, and watch movies with. I want a friend to trust. To lean on and be with. While I love my friends on here, its not enough. I can't see you. I can't hug you. While I adore and love you guys, I need more that just a computer friendship. It's lonely, as I am sure some of you can agree with. But what is seeming to be more difficult is my isolation and


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FrankTHobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday :)
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Embrace-the-FlamesProfessional Writer
Always hoping to see you come back. Such a wonderful creature is always missed. <3
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FrankTHobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday you gorgeous creature you! :)
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Hello, V!
How are you?
Just wanted to let you know, I'm thinking of you and your wonderful work :)
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indiana-wStudent General Artist
I hope you are well
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UnkownAuthorTagHobbyist Artist
finally feeling sane :heart: