52 Week Photography Challenge - #14

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Welcome to CRPhotography's new 52 week photography challenge! Every Saturday we will be announcing a new idea for you to photograph, and submit to us via comment on each announcement journal. This project aims to challenge you with new concepts and requirements that you may not normally face. This week's challenge is:

A matter of taste - photograph your meal in the most artistic way and make others hungry.

Any kinds of food are allowed - from cupcakes to salads. If you want to get fancy, you can also use handcrafted miniature food.

  • You are free to interpret this prompt as needed.
  • All photos must be new, and specifically taken for this challenge.
  • Leave a comment in this journal with a link to your photograph.
  • The deadline is April 10 at 11:59 PM PDT.
  • One winner will be selected, and will receive 100 Points within the first 2 weeks of the following month.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment here or send us a note.

Now go go go! And have fun!

Last week's challenge was:

Photograph your idea of vintage. This can include architecture, antiques, or anything "old."

And the winner is: LittleFawnsPhotos with:
<da:thumb id="523341944"/>

Top 3 entries:
Vintage by Lorelei-Photographie
lamp by hockeymask
<da:thumb id="523928757"/>

Congratulations! Clap

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Oh no I missed the deadline... thought it was April 11. While I understand that I can't participate anymore I still want to present my photo to you because I spend some time thinking about the setting. Next time I'll be punctual  :)
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Danke trotzdem fürs Mitmachen! :la: Das Datum der Deadline ist immer abhängig von der Zeitzone. Für uns ist die Deadline momentan immer am Samstagmorgen um 9 Uhr. :)

PS: Wenn du den Reflektor falten willst: einfach an 2 gegenüberliegenden Stellen halten und schwungvoll gegeneinander drehen. :)
Assassayah's avatar
In Ordnung, jetzt weiß ichs dann ;)

Das mit dem Faltreflektor hat nach ein paar Versuchen geklappt, aber an die Falttechnik werde ich mich noch gewöhnen müssen ;)
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here's mine 
Week 14- bagel with nutella and cream cheese by iAmoret
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Thank you very much for your entry ... again. :D
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You always take part, that's awesome! :la:
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haha, yeah, it was kinda my new years resolution to do a 52-Week challenge, so I chose this one :D haven't broken it yet (though once I was a couple hours late :shifty:) :iconwoootplz:
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Last round, final spurt ... and you made it! :D
Thanks a lot for your entry! :aww:
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Thanks a lot for your entry, Francesca! :D
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I was making candy this week for my food blog. Hard to make buckeyes look good, you know? Buckeyes all the way down by cedarlili
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They look so yummy - just one .......
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I know, right?! That's why I took most of them to school for the students to eat up. 
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I can imagine. Thank you very much for your entry! :)
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Here is the big Easter meal :D

Just one chip by Lorelei-Cha
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Makes me hungry ... :lol::D
Thank you very much for your entry!
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Morning Peace
Here is my submission! :meow:
Let me know if you have trouble viewing it- for some reason when I uploaded it, it wouldn't show (it had a blank rectangle). So on the settings I made it a smaller image and that seemed to work. Maybe it's just my computer...anyways, just let me know if there's any problem with that! :aww:
Unkopierbar's avatar
Thanks a lot for your entry! :aww: I did not encounter any problem while viewing your photo. :)
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Here is my entry into this weeks challenge Thanks !hockeymask.deviantart.com/art/…
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Thank you very much for your entry! :aww:
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