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Airmaid Open Species Reference Sheet

By UnknownSpy
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Here's the instagram post!

So I have had this lame idea for a couple of years now but never really got into making it a thing. So since it's #mermay, I got reminded of this concept. So I decided to make it an open species ♡ (which means anyone can make a design, I'd just a little credit for the original concept, thanks~)
Use #AirmaidOC if you make your own design, I would love to see your versions!
Honestly I'd want to see much more creative designs than my rushed examples haha

❗please don't base the airmaids colors on the birds, just base their wings on the bird's wings and feathers
❗please don't make the furries, they're human-looking only

Airmaid fun facts:
- They can't touch the ground or they lose their ability to fly
- If they want to fly again, they need to free-fall to catch wind under their wings again
- They usually fall off cliffs or buildings to be able to fly again
- If the fall is not long enough, they'll injure themselves or fall to their death
- When airmaids die, they turn into clouds
- Airmaids are able to produce a light cotton material that looks and floats like clouds, they lay their eggs in these nests
- Airmaids eat any living creatures they can catch in the sky
- There's folklore's of airships catching glimpses of airmaids where they follow them in the middle of the storm to safety
- Airmaids are female only
- Airmaids are distant to humans, they are seen just as folklore to them, something only a few believe in
- Airmaids sometimes visit earth out of curiosity and sometimes steal items and clothing for fun
- It's almost surely a death sentence to visit the ground, so it's illegal in their culture
- However, some rebels visit hot springs in the mountains to relax. This is dangerous as well, because they need to be 100% dry to be able to fly again. They need to be sure they can fall from a high place to fly again
- they don't grow legs when they can't fly. They crawl on the ground and have a snake-like movement to them. They're not graceful this way though
- Airmaids are not civilized creatures like humans. They're more like wild birds, they're good with mimicking humans if they ever come across one.
- Airmaids can have powers, but the powers should be somehow related to the environment. Be sky/weather/air related.
- When airmaids are born, their color will be based on the weather/sky color the sky had as they hatched. Their skin absorbs the light and it sticks to them permanently.

(Information may be updated later if needed)
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I’m making one for sure ^^
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Made one! She still needs colors but the lineart and design in itself was already a fun process. :)

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Are we allowed to use your open species as species in our own universes in a non-profitable way?

Ex. fanfics, stories, etc.

You will be given credit for the species ofc!

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Really Interesting 0 0

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Hello! ^^

Are we allowed to make airmaid adoptables?

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As long as you credit me for the original species, yeah~

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Oo thank you! owo

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Me want to make one!!!!!

question: are Airmaids sentient?? As in do they have human level intelligence??

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Well very close yeah

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Oohhh that’s cool :3

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Ahhh! I really wanna make some! owo
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I saw this and thought "ooh cool I might make one" and then I made three.

And am thinking up more.

Oh god.
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I'm going to make one of these soon owo
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Oh heck yes I wanna make onnnnne!!

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Such a clever and neat idea, I love it!

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I'm so doing this!
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What a wonderfull concept.

I think I might give this a try :)

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Gosh these are pretty! I'm very likely to make one...

...or ten

Don't mind me if my feed clogs up with new ocs of these beauties. I'd love to know more about their society and/or mythology? If they have any, anyways.

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omg I actually love that concept so much - too bad I only have male chars, I really would have loved to have a merboi char qwq
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I wish I could draw so much right now… I can think of a couple designs already...
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I'm curious, if they take the color of the sky/weather color at the time they were hatched how do they avoid being seen at other times of the day/night? Since I assume they take up the color as like a camouflage , it would be hard to disguise themselves during other times.

Really love the concept btw! I'd be super invested in reading up more facts you have on them or like folklore you make up about them if you do dive deeper into this ^ ^
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They can't disguise themselves or change color. They just hide in the clouds if needed. Otherwise they're so high up the naked eye can't see them.
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