A Suicide Note..

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Published: April 16, 2004
Dear Mum and Dad,

First of all you need to know that this is not your fault,
It's mine, for I locked my problem inside me like a vault,
Problems that I was never able to tell you,
Problems that I'm sick of dealing with. I'm through.

I'm sick of pretending that everything's alright,
I'm sick of having all these emotional demons to fight.
I can't take my depressing life anymore,
I realize I felt this way too often before.

I now know I'm not needed in this place,
Just another stupid teen, just another ugly face.
I can tell I'm secretly hated by everyone I know,
Though, when I'm around, they don't let their hatred show.

My life has no purpose as I can clearly see,
No one needs me and everyone hates me
I hate this world I live in, I hate how I feel now.
I try so hard to be accepted, but I don't know how.

I hate my reputation.. a fat loser.. a slut
So I'm ending my life, my wrists I will cut.
I want you two to know, that I really do love you,
But I hate my life too much, this is the only thing to do.

Suicide's the perfect escape for my problems to go away,
I don't think anyone will miss me, anyway.
Maybe, somewhere there's someone who loves me
But I couldn't find them soon enough so now I must flee.

Maybe, my life's not that bad, maybe this is all in my head.
But it's too late to tell me that, by the time you find thid I'll be dead.
I'm sorry it has to end this way, I'm sorry if you cry,
But I think this world will be better off, If I die..Goodbye.

PS:I'm sorry I had all this depression to hide,
If you want to see me, you'll find my body outside.
© 2004 - 2019 unknownskank
This suicide note is written to my parents..
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I got that you're in pain but suicide is a really lousy thing to leave your parents to deal with especially if you haven't talked to them and told them how you feel.
I see you have gotten lots of attention about this from strangers who never had a chance to meet you and decide for themselves what value you have as a person.
I hope you are just looking for someone to reach out and haven't gone through with this yet.
It is a permanent solution to temporary problems.
Puberty will pass as will high school. Your body will change as well as the way you see yourself.
That's when you get to decide what life you want to lead and how you want the world to see and respond to you.
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The-Tickler-85-520|Professional Writer
HOLY CRAP ARE YOU OK?!?!?!?!?! :(
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I looked at her profile, it has a note from 2009 saying she is okay.

(This poem randomly popped up in "more from Deviantart", I was also a little shocked by how real it looked.)
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The-Tickler-85-520|Professional Writer
Ok good
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anime-wolf848|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Are you still.....here? I know I'm a stranger....but I do care about every human beings life.....im looking up "suicide" to look up pictures,....but reading this.....made me very sad and I am crying. I never want to do this to someone. killing myself is never the option. I know it may feel like it....but its not an option. It hurts many others in the long run and for people who care are given a heartbreak forever. I know what it is to have heartbreak for a long ass time. It hurts. NO one, should EVER commit suicide......it's just sad. It's a sick world out there and a sick society that ppl think its okay to bully and treat people like shit to bring them to the brinks of suicide. Again, it's never the answer. Anyone reading this, please take it to heart. It means a lot. Because no one deserves this pain.....just get help....tell someone, get a friend and talk. get your parents, a therapist, anyone can save you if you really want the help.....im sorry 
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xXPSYCH0-G1RLXx|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Mind if I use this..
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Real statistic here,
90% of suicides are a spur of the moment thing.
if you feel suicidal hold on, even just one day, but preferably more.
99.4% of people who want to commit suicide actually do.
that means 0.6% of people commit suicide.
in this scenario it's better to follow the crowd.
i beg of you please don't go through with it...
search this up in google "lost all hope"
and go to the website
it will help you commit suicide if you are planning on it...
but, this is your choice...
do what you think is best...
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HiccariesEdited |Hobbyist General Artist

If you are contemplating suicide ask for help instead of doing all this shit.

Unknownskank is a attention whore
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Reeses--Peices|Hobbyist General Artist
And you're an asshole bitch. It goes both ways, so quit being an ass and be considerate.
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Hiccaries|Hobbyist General Artist
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CalmDownEmma|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Normally things like this IS a call for help, many people who have suicidal thoughts are stuck in a place they think they cant get help in. Calling suicidal people attention whores isn't helping the problem, people like you and the comments you make are the reason people commit suicide. Instead of making unhelpful comments why don't you say something actually constructive.
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Hiccaries|Hobbyist General Artist
No one posts authentic suicide notes on deviantart 
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Reeses--PeicesEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
Actually a lot do. I did, and no one noticed, so I tried to commit. If this girl tried/succeeded because of your asshole comment then I hope you fucking know that I'm not helping you out at court
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Too many already have
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Whoever has been in a tragic situation and is reading this...I don't pity you. I understand. I'm not the person who will hug
you every second to make you feel better. Because who wants that? You'll have to choose. Life is like a game. You choose, if you choose wrong you have to fix it. Don't speed through life. Enjoy, take in every moment while it lasts.
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I understand everything about this, I've been there and the way you described certain things really speaks to me. Thank you
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scourgethecat1230|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Time to write my own now. See ya
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Sashimoka|Student General Artist
Oh hun... people say suicide is never an option, right? Well... when everyone looks at it this way, they never gave us one that we thought was worth fighting for. That's how I see it. :( I'm sorry you feel like that, so depressed. Just know that if you ever want to fight, just talk to someone. There are plenty who will fight by your side. 
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lalarose311|Hobbyist Artist
i'm so so sorry.
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Faraway-ShoresEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
This desciribes my feelings fully...

I got bullied too on top of that, here, on dA.

I've already had to abandon 3 accounts as they always find me....
my main one of which a gifted 12 year PM and 2000 watcher because im so poor...

god, this planet is terrible...
time to write my own...
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Crysmol|Student Digital Artist
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I'm glad to see you're still here, love.
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Phoenix8640|Student Writer
I agree.
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TigerCubby|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I feel this way most of the time
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