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Today is last day of November. And this means that soon we’ll celebrate the biggest holiday on Earth! Here is wishlist of drawings that I want from my friends for me for New Year, not for Christmas because we’ll celebrate Christmas only on 7th of January. @disneyfangirl774 – Poster of Great Rat Kid detective dilogy References of characters: Poses but with some changes: (Sherlock and Molly sits on back of female parrot who flies in night sky with Moscow clocks on background. John holds on her tail. On the right side, Mycroft and Sally are watching them from behind clock. On the left side, Moriarty and Irene are watching them behind clock) Model of Moscow clocks: @DiscordantPrincess – Romantical (colored!) drawing with two Great mouse detective couples - Basil X Snowflake and Olivia X Scott (two couples must be on one drawing) References of characters: @Beanie122001 – Drawing of Bianca and Bernard celebrating their victory against Pinky and the Brain to save the
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THIS JOURNAL DEDICATED FOR @DiscordantPrincess ONLY! THANK YOU! Dear @DiscordantPrincess , I’m sorry for what I did recently! I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. I understand your decision about prizes but I don’t want picrew at all. I don’t want to be so rude. Now I’ll explain reason for rejection of prize. When I saw examples of picrews in your gallery I noticed that there are no animal characters, only humans. Also I didn’t have any ideas what to ask you about picrew because I don’t have any human OCs, only animals. And I don’t want to see my animal OCs as humans. I like to see them as animals only! Also I have favorite characters who are animals only, not humans at all. These’re all reasons for rejection of prize. I prefer to get writings as prize in contests and drawings are great as prize too but picrew isn’t for me. So I decided not to take part in contests if there will be picrew as prize. I’ll take part only in these contests where you can get writings or drawings as
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Not long time ago I leanred that contest of @DiscordantPrincess is finished. I know that winners are happy about their prizes but I'm not. Now I feel so upset because I didn't get any drawing or writing! I know it’s not my fault but… results of contest made me very and very sad! From this sadness I got into depression and deleted my contest entry. I sorry to users who faved that drawing. So now I'll abandon Helluva boss/Hazbin hotel fandom because my reason is the losing in contest connected with this fandom and I'll try to stay away from that stuff. I'm really sorry for @disneyfangirl774 but I'll not continue to write "Love story of Valentino and Verosika". I'll delete all chapters of this story. And let me to say one good thing - I started to work at New Year gifts! You'll get them on Decemeber only. And apologies for @DiscordantPrincess - I understands you, but I wanted to get drawing of Basil and Snowflake or song "Deceased criminal mind" which is reprise on Ratigan's song
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hello you

salut toi

Greetings from Russian user on DA!

All about me Meme
My Art status

Very Emotional 10/10 Would Draw Again


That's too great! It feels like this scene was in movie! Thank you! Now you can upload it on DA!

Battle at the Clock Tower

Here’s the contest prize for you

Thanks for the fave of Buttons and Mindy