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Larza Velez and Zafir

Name: Zafir
Age: 18 years
Gender: Mare
Breed: Marwari (Neck mane shaved)
Original design: Custom Design Import
sooty silver seal bay tobiano
Genotype: EE Ata nSty TT nZ

Breeding: Ask

Larza Velez
Age: 18 years
Gender: Female
Eyes: Heterochromia, one blue one grey
Scars: down the middle of her face
Hair: Messy and short
Pets: Hyacinth Macaw who always flies off with her often chasing after it. 


The child's mother died from complications at birth, having been a well known equestrian many grieved her loss. Her husband however, took his grief out in a much different manner. Viewing the child as the reason his wife died, he abandoned the newborn in the barn with his wives horses and left the place behind. Having been accidentally tossed into a stall with a foal and mother, the mare took her in as well. When her father has carelessly tossed her into the stall, a wooden board had caught her young flesh, tearing a large gash down the middle of her face and various other small cuts over all over her. Months passed, the young child barely holding onto life as her horse mother kept her alive as she slowly grew along side her horse sibling. Most horses began to fall due to their hunger, their mother growing weaker with the passing days, yet determined to see her babies grow. Eventually as enough time passed their mother also fell to the inevitable hunger that consumer her. It was only a few days later that strange sounds were heard from outside the dim lit structure that she had known her whole life. Snuggling up against her adoptive mothers's large cold body out of reflex the tiny baby listened as other humans discovered the ruins of the once magnificent horses. Strange words were heard from the new creatures that she now saw approaching. Her sibling squealing in confusion as the strange paws reached down lead her foal away from their mother, as other hands reached down towards the form of the malnourished baby. Years passed and Zafir and her never left each others sides. She learned to ride at a young age, and as she matured more began to compete in shows and eventually learned of who her mother was. Now at the age of 18 they still think of each other as siblings, though both share the sad and tragic history that marred both their lives. No one quite knew how the two survived but she seems to be living up to her mother's legacy.


Fying Duo

Base: FREE Lineart - Horse and Rider Base
Designer: WildOracle 

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fucking love this duo!! cant wait to see them around!!