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7981 Demon of the Abyss

Official Name: 7981 Demon of the Abyss
Call Name: Demon
Gender: Mare
Age: 8 years
Breed: EquusBallator  
Type: Desert


Original Design:  ID 7981
Demon was born into being a bait horse for pit fighting horses. Being constantly abused and barely living for nearly the entire first year of her life she quickly learned fear other horses and small chain link cages. Every time she was thrown into the pits to bait other ballators to attack, her young squeals and screeches of pain echoed around the forest around the stone structure. One day 462 HSS Mortuus Fuerit Pectust raided the pits in search of new horses to use for their mini army and body guards. Finding the small, malnourished black desert yearling alone and bloodied in the pit, looking ready to give up Mortuus decided to take Demon along with them. Returning to their base they gave Demon over to Ashriel to train her to be the perfect assassin. After 3 years of training with Ashriel the two grew rather close and Demon was a brand new mare. She was the top assassin that Mortuus  had. She was the perfect soldier, obedient and not knowing much else. She had become a master of killing and had killed many creatures of all kinds. For the next 2 years of her life she did everything Mortuus  commanded of her, from assassinations to being used as a personal toy. During those years of her life she was often found by  Ashriel  side as the two had formed a tight bond of sorts. After a few years of serving for Mortuus  she was old enough to realize that what Mortuus  was doing was wrong and she didn't want anything to do with Mortuus  anymore. Waiting for the dead of night the black mare made her move. Making a run for it she fled Mortuus's base. With the whole army chasing her down, she barely escaped while still breathing. Wandering alone and bloody she didn't know how to survive. She was very weakened and didn't know how to do anything on her own, having been in the pits and then provided for in Mortuus's base. Her reputation of a highly lethal assassin still on her shoulders she knew she would never fit in anywhere. After days of wandering on her own __3__ found Demon collapsed and near dead, once again. Dragging the black mares body to shelter __3__ brought Demon back to health. When Demon came back to consciousness again she panicked, nearly lashing out at __3__. She was very weary of __3__ for nearly 4 months of her recovery, though finally warmed up to them. When Demon was back to full health she began to wander away from __3__ at night, wandering around and striking down whoever she deemed unworthy to live. Every morning she returns to __3__ and protects them at all costs. Occasionally she will find herself back at Mortuus 's base to visit  Ashriel  and make sure they are still alright. Demon will wander out nightly and kill those who are unjust and abusive to anything. Demon knows that she will never live a normal life, but she is determined to ensure that everyone else who is able to, can.

"Master": 462 HSS Mortuus Fuerit Pectust
Mentor: 657 | Ashriel
Adopted Family: 3

Roleplay status: open
Docs, skype or notes, shoot me a note if interested

stat tracker:


Barn: none
Phenotype: Black
Genotype: Ee aa
Eye Colour: ff0000

Lineage:  STARTER

------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown


Slots: :iconstardivider1plz: closed :iconstardivider3plz:
URS Breeding Rules must be signed

1. Murderfesto 
2.  Ground-Zero1 to…
3. Mine to…


stock: Turner Rearing horse stock
ref by: Murderfesto 
original: ID 7981
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Mmmmmm lovely baby ;^; 
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Thanks ^^ I'll be selling her only public slot when shes accepted to the group if you're interested!
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I cant offer usd or anything so I will most likely not be able to : / 
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dont mean it cant look mazing tho
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