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4714 Aizliegta Karavirs

Official Name: 4714 aizliegtā karavīrs
Meaning: outlawed soldier
Call Name: ousal
Gender: mare
Age: 3 years
Breed: EquusBallator  
Type: tiny pony mountain


Original Design: 4714
BDA: ID 4714
Personality: extremely ferocious and untameable. She loves her father to the ends of the earth and back. She is completely unrideable and very hard to even halter. She takes after her father a lot and admires him as well. Ousal is extremely difficult to even get close to without being attacked. Also most mares she comes across better either flee or be prepared to fight. She has no scarring from all her fights which she takes heavy pride in. She has very little to no self-preservation and will NEVER back down from a fight. Ousal will fight and chase her enemies down until she or they collapse from exhaustion. She often loves to torture others and is rather merciless and heartless. Although with stallions she can be a flirt depending on who it is. She is also extremely protective of both her parents and loves to challenge any who try to near them.

Roleplay status: open
Docs, skype or notes, shoot me a note if interested


Stat Rank: olympian
Stats: 652

inherited stats: 635

Gaits: 72.5
Dressage: 87.5
Jumping: 85.5 
Intelligence: 101
Stamina: 96
Speed: 100.5
Strength: 109
Experience: 0
Attack strength: 0

Stat Tracker: 4714 Aizliegta Karavirs


Barn: unknownridersstable
Phenotype: Black calva with hornstripe (carries pangare)
Horn count: 1 headset, 1 lonehorn

Genotype: Ee aa nP nCal HsHs 
Eye Colour: blue

calva +1
hornstripe +2
fullback +2
horn color +1
main horn set +2
lone horn +5

Total: 13


------------------------------------------ SSS: B-030C Cava Testudine
----------------- SS: WHS: ST-001 Messorem animae
------------------------------------------ SSD: WHS: F-074 Tenebris Sapientia
Sire: 0141: Descendens Fluvius
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: T006: Rosas Spinis: DECEASED
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: MLS Res ut Memor 167 
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: 1148 | BHS Venator animarum
------------------------------------------ DDS: 426 Daemon Venator Capitis
----------------- DD: 669 Volturius Rubeus - Deceased
------------------------------------------ DDD: 1838 Cornua Alba


Slots: :iconstardivider1plz: offer :iconstardivider3plz:
URS Breeding Rules must be signed

1. WildOracle  
2. mine to…
3. Dragonwarlordess to 2972 Congue
4. IAmTheGinger
5. Horsydraw to…
6.  Buzzbees to ID 5733
9. mine to…
10. mine to…

lines by Corniisch 
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Would it be alright for me to use the slot for the stat grid now?
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i suppose, I trust you'll get it done!
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thank you so much!
Would this guy be ok?
ID 5733 by BallatorDesignAdmin
Also the environment for the breeding is still definitely on my list,!altho it will certainly take longer than the stat grid 
Horsydraw's avatar
Heyo, i would like to use him 4582 Marcus :D
IAmTheGinger's avatar
Don't you have any children that behave? -stares at my stallion-

Flooz: ...............No
UnknownRidersStable's avatar
where would be the fun in well-behaved ebs now XD a good amount of my ebs are either fully or part insane
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