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4059 Custos Ex Inferno

Official Name: 4059 Custos Ex Inferno
Meaning: guardian of hell
Call Name: custos or inferno
Gender: mare
Age: 5 years
Breed: EquusBallator  
Type: Mountain


Original Design: 4059 Custos Ex Inferno Design
Personality: Lives to kill and destroy anything. Custos has no self preservation at all and will never surrender or back down from a challenge. She hates humans and will avoid them at all costs..

Hostory: she's always been overly violent and extremely hard to handle. She had been owned by a rich man who only owned her for her beauty and decorated her with gold to show off his wealt. she was boarded at HTS got in a fight with HTS Fallen Spirit in a pasture one day nand was severely wounded. The wounds left scarring and the owner he didn't want her anymore saying whats the use if shes now uglied by scars and shows no use. He begins to abuse her for th pleasure of it and she eventually snapped, killing her owner and escaping HTS. She will sneak ack to HTS from time to time to visit a stallion who lives there who she's grown attatched to. She now basically lives to kill, traveling in a small band of mares who share the pleasure of killing and the thirst for blood.

Note: Will often snarl and acts very cat-like


Stat Rank: royal

stat tracker: 4059 Custos Ex Inferno


Barn: none 
Current Owner: none
Phenotype: Dominant white on bay sabino jester with hornstripe
Horn count: 2 head + 2 lone horns + 4 shoulder + 2 rump + 1 neck

Genotype: EE AA nSb nW nJe nHs
Eye Colour: grey
Rarity: legendary
sabino +1
dominant white +5
hornstripe +2
jester +3
greyscale +1
half back mane +3
+16 extra hornsets
+6 lone horns
+25 horn shapes

total: 62


----------------------------------------- SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: 440 Elderwood's Missing Page 2 (LINK LOST)
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: 1000 Causa Mortis
------------------------------------------ SDS: YCS | E-150 Smaug
----------------- SD: 444 Elderwood's Cracked Dice (LINK LOST)
------------------------------------------ SDD: B-878 Noctua Pallida ad Monte Glaciariorum Nivalium - Deceased
------------------------------------------ DSS: 820 - TRS Nix Autem Aquilo
----------------- DS: 2814 SHS Gladius
------------------------------------------ DSD: 2405 De piscium
Dam: 3329 SHS Parvulus
------------------------------------------ DDS: 503 Inlaqueaverunt Sub Glacie
----------------- DD: SHS 2191 Timidos Papilio
------------------------------------------ DDD: 1064 Furvae Alae


Slots: :iconstardivider1plz: offer :iconstardivider3plz:

proof of stat slots

1. WildOracle  
2. Bellum-Letale
3. Frosty-glassz 
4. Serenade-The-Wolf  to
5. Life-of-Kat to 4204 Brynjar
6. AriahDLyn to 2522 Cho'Gath
7. Dragonwarlordess to…
8. SammieAsMagPie to
(level unlocked) 11.
(level unlocked) 12.
(level unlocked) 13.

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2522 - Cho'Gath - Temp Ref by AriahDLyn  here is the stallion I'd like to use for the slot. let me know when she is updated so i can send in the breeding <33
That-Artistic-Chick's avatar
Could i snag a slot to this girl 😍 I can offer a slot to any of my current Ballators?
UnknownRidersStable's avatar
I'm not sure the only one I'm really interested in is that-artistic-chick.deviantart… but her mane mutation won't pass on as well as the exact horn shapes :/
That-Artistic-Chick's avatar
Oh dang. Thank you anyway! She's very pretty ❤
UnknownRidersStable's avatar
Thank you! Would you possibly ever consider selling that pretty folly I linked?
That-Artistic-Chick's avatar
I would! She has an offer of 100 points, another EB and a slot currently. Care to top it?
UnknownRidersStable's avatar
Were you still interested in the sale!
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I'm going to get murdered for doing this Love you, please don't kill me in the middle of the night unless you have some poutine from quebec

I'll add on 300 :points: to whatever Icy offers
And why not, throw in 2 hunting pictures as if I don't have enough payments
That-Artistic-Chick's avatar
Wait so are you adding to the offer or going against it?
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UnknownRidersStable's avatar
I can offer multiple slots to any of my EBs with at least 2 open slots
I'll also have a few others who I'm needing to ref…
That-Artistic-Chick's avatar
Ahh I love all of these babes..Let me tell the other person who offered.
UnknownRidersStable's avatar
Ok I can also offer some padro slots as I see you had Padros
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Hey! Could you mark me down with this fella please? :3
3498 - SNS Stellae Draconis by GalaxysShadoww
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4204 | Brynjar by gresslok
I'll be using this boy!
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