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Whipping Stories: Elizabeth Swann

Jack Sparrow and his crew finally reached Isla Cruces where the Dead Man's Chest was buried. There, they were reunited with Will, who had been told the location of Bootstrap. Unfortunately, the chest was guarding by Davy Jones worshipping cannibals led by Maccus, the first person to join Jones' crew and the one placed in charge of protecting his heart. Maccus was more than happy with the arrangement since it meant he had run over the island. The crew were quickly captured. Maccus notices Elizabeth's beauty and decided to keep her as a slave for what was called "raiding", while feeding the rest of the crew to the Kraken. Raiding was basically a polite word for rape. As a governor's daughter, Elizabeth would have been far too embarrassed to say the word rape. Maccus made her strip naked. Elizabeth was secured to the whipping frame, ready for her first lesson in slavery. She was now spreadeagled with her arms tied up and out to a beam above h
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Fixing Movies: Supergirl

After the events of Superman III, Kara Zor-El has been in Argo City with her father Zor-El, trying to find a way to release the city from Brainiac's collection. We learn that Kara's mother, Alura, was apparently killed by Brainiac when she tried to escape the city. Zor-El has found a component of Brainiac called the Omega Drive (Omegahedron just sounds stupid) and plans to use it to trick Brainiac's systems into releasing the city. The Zaltar character is gonna be replaced with Zor-El and Alura, both of whom would be played by better actors than the guy who played Zaltar. 
The Omega Drive becomes self aware and escapes the city to find itself inside Area 51 where Brainiac's ship had been moved to after Superman III. Accessing the ship's files, it identifies Brainiac as its "father". Kara leaves Argo City and escapes from Area 51 to go after the Omega Drive.
The Omega Drive is found by lonely high schooler Selena (
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Fixing Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Now that Cutler Beckett has the heart of Davy Jones, he has him hunt pirate ships. Beckett has Governor Swann arrested for aiding Will is freeing Elizabeth in the previous movie. As the heart of Davy Jones is no longer on Isla Cruces, Maccus is forced back onto Davy Jones' ship as there is no reason for him to be on the island. In response, Maccus tells Mercer that whoever stabs the heart will become immortal because the Dutchman must have a captain. Governor Swann overhears this.
We then cut to Jack Sparrow in Davy Jones' locker. Jack is the biggest pull so its crazy he'd not seen not the first thirty minutes of the movie. 
Captain Barbossa, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Tia Dalma, Bootstrap and the crew of the Black Pearl travel to Singapore to meet with Captain Sao Feng, Pirate Lord of the South China Sea, who owns navigational charts to the locker. Barbossa tries to reason that the nine Pirate Lords need to hold the Brethren
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Mature content
Whipping Stories: Snow White (Huntsman) :iconunknownoperative79:UnknownOperative79 1 2
Mature content
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Fixing Movies: Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Emperor Han is a brutal warlord who becomes the first emperor of China. He orders the construction of the Great Wall of China to bury and curse his enemies and learns power over fire, water, earth, wood and metal. He kills Zi Yuan's family and forces her to marry him. During her marriage, Zi Yuan has a secret affair with Han's general Ming and they have a daughter Lin, who Han believes he's the father of. One day, Zi Yuan uncovers the secret of immortality and Han demands the answer. Seeing her chance to be rid of Han, casts a spell over him she says will make him immortal. Thinking he's immortal now, Han believes that he has found out about her affair with Ming and he's likely Lin's actual father. In response he has Lin whipped and Ming executed by having ripped apart by horses. Zi Yuan reveals that she actually used a spell to turn Han and his army to stone. Han and his army turn to stone, while Zi Yuan flees with Lin.
The movie t
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Fixing movies: Superman III

We start by taking out the slapstick opening sequence. This is not Police Academy.
I'm also taking out Gus Gorman.
We learn that prior to the destruction of Krypton Coluan computer, Brainiac collected Argo City. Kara Zor-El has grown up in the city.
Its explained that Clark and Lois split up and Lois moved out of Metropolis because of the burden of Clark's identity.
Clark Kent returns to Smallville for his high school reunion where he is reunited with Lana Lang who has a young son Ricky and an ex-boyfriend, Brad Wilson.
Instead of creating a computer, Ross Webster and his company discover a Coluan computer, Brainiac. Brainiac downloads himself into Webster's body. Ross Webster was created as a Lex Luthor expy because Gene Hackman was unavailable and Brainiac was originally created as an alien expy of Luthor. Lorelei is removed as she served no purpose. I'm keeping Vera Webster as she did serve the purpose of giving Superman K
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Fixing Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

The beginning of the movie is kinda slow paced so I'm gonna try to speed it up a bit. A problem was that they delayed the hook (Davy Jones and the plot line revolving round the Dead Man's Chest). This might have worked for the Mummy, but for this movie (and King Kong), it just meant the movie dragged on.
The wedding of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann is halted when Lord Cutler Beckett, chairman of the East India Training Company, arrives with arrest warrants for them and James Norrington. Norrington has resigned and disappeared after losing Navy's flagship in hurricane while pursuing Jack Sparrow. Beckett is going to be a much more minor character. We don't see his ruthlessness until the next movie. One of the problems with this movie is the lack of resolution so I'm gonna try to fix that. Its like they were trying to do Lord of the Rings or something.
Jack is visited by Bootstrap Bill, who now serves Davy Jones. Jack pr
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Fixing Movies: The Huntsman: Winter's War

Like my previous Snow White fix, , this will be a Princess Bride esque comedy, this time parading Frozen.
In the prologue Ravenna intends to make herself ageless by using a shard of the magic mirror to make herself ageless. As such an experiment has never been used before, she tested the mirror shard on her daughter Freya but no effect appears to take place. Instead, Ravenna decides to transfer herself into Freya's body once her old own body is used up. The mirror regenerates when pieces are removed, explaining why its not broken in the first movie.
Freya becomes involved in an affair with engaged nobleman Andrew and is even pregnant with his child. After Freya gives birth, she discovers Andrew killed the child. In her grief fuelled rage, she kills Andrew with her suddenly emerged ice powers. She abandons Ravenna's kingdom and builds herself a new kingdom in the Nort
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Fixing Movies: Superman II

Lois does not shoot Clark with blank bullets. Instead Lois tries poking him with a pin (which she did in the comics) but he fakes a pain reaction. Clark also points out that lots of people are never around when Superman is and mentions that Bruce Wayne kinda looks like Superman.
Luthor escapes from prison, leaving Otis behind. Teschmacher doesn't appear in the movie. Luthor was going to kill Teschmacher's mum with his missile. And Teschmacher helped Superman. Why would either of them trust one another? Instead Luthor goes to the Fortress of Solitude alone. There he learns of Superman's past via the energy crystals and finds a crystal chamber containing sun Kryptonian sunlight which would remove Superman's powers. Luthor leaves and begins designing a red sunlight crystal chamber of his own.
Luthor finds Zod at the White House. He brings Kryptonite with him, hidden in a lead pocket inc are Zod, Ursa and Non turn on him. Luthor tells t
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Fixing Movies: Snow White and the Huntsman

First, this is gonna be a Princess Bride esque comedy, kinda like how I used Who Framed Roger Rabbit to influence my Happytime Murders fix, .
While looking at a rose blooming in winter, Queen Ravenna of the Kingdom of Tabor intentionally pricks her finger on one of the thorn. Droplets of blood fall on the snow covered ground. Ravenna wishes for a daughter as white as the snow, with lips as red as the blood, hair as black as a raven's wings and a heart as strong and defiant as the rose. Ravenna later gives birth to a daughter, Snow White. 
Tabor was been ruined for 100 years by Ravenna who has been using magic to live forever and illusions to hide her true form of an ugly old crone. This explains how Kirsten Stewart can be fairer than Charlize Theron, Theron is just an illusion to disguise Ravenna's true appearance. Snow White grows up completely obvious to her mother's tyranny. Ravenna tri
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Fixing Movies: Avengers: Age of Ultron

First of all, Hulk and Black Widow do not have a romance. They have had no romantic interaction before this movie. Its just weird and the plot ends up taking a backseat just to justify their relationship. We already have to juggle ten main characters and set up a whole bunch of future movies.
So the Avengers raid the Hydra base, encounter Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, arrest Baron Strucker and Stark finds Loki's spectre. Stark and Banner discover the artificial intelligence inside the spectre and who it to complete Stark's Ultron global defence program. Ultra quickly turns sentient and begins researching Earth's history and the events of the previous MCU movies. He quickly realises the purpose of his existence is to protect humanity. Studying the Avengers, he learns of various flaws they have; Stark sold weapons, Banner can turn into the Hulk, Thor started a war with Frost Giants, Black Widow's past with Leviath
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Fixing Movies: Solo: A Star Wars Story

Qira is not Han's lover, the two of them are brother and sister. We know Han ends up with Leia, we know where this romance is gonna go. Its just doesn't work. Han and Qira are stuck working for Lady Proxima and try to get away but are caught. Proxima has them both whipped but while Qira is being flogged, Han opens the ceiling, burning Proxima with light. Han and Qira reach the broader thingy but Qira is caught and separated from Han. Instead of some random officer assigning Han the surname Solo, Han would come up with it himself using the same basis the unnamed character had used in the actual movie.
So three years later, Han is on Mimban where he meets Tobias Beckett and his crew. Beckett has him arrested and Han escapes with Chewbacca. Beckett then recruits them both. They try to steal a shipment of Vandor-1 but are attacked by the Cloud Riders, led by Enfys Nest. Val and Rio Durant are both killed. But Enfys N
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Fixing Movies: A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

First, I don't know why they changed Glen, Rod and Tina's names when they're character is pretty much the same.
We recast Nancy and Kris/Tina. Rooney Mara is normally a good actress, I don't know what went wrong there. Katie Cassidy is not convincing as a high school student and is an even worse actor than Rooney Mara was in this movie.
Nancy, Glen, Tina and Rod are all at the same house when Tina is killed by Freddy. The way the movie had the character, they felt very disconnected from each other. To change things up, Nancy and Glen actually get into the room to see Tina floating around being slashed to death. Covered in Tina's blood, Rod runs off.
Rod is arrested and killed by Freddy when Nancy and Glen visit him. Nancy and Glen try to uncover who Freddy really is. Take out the red herrings of him being innocent, it doesn't want when he's actually guilty and him being innocent is too un-Freddy. Freddy is also a child kil
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Fixing Movies: Catwoman

Since the movie borrows so many elements from the Batman episode "Feat of Clay", the main villains are Clayface and Roland Daggert.
We're replacing Patience Phillips with Selina Kyle. Selina is already Catwoman and lives with Holly Robinson. She has no superpowers and did not get resurrected by cats. She has begun a relationship with Tom Lane, at first to make Batman jealous but it grows deeper.
Selina's sister, Maggie Kyle, works at Daggert Industries (which replaces Hedare Beauty). She overhears Dr. Ivan Slavicky and Roland Daggert (who replaces George Hedare) about the side effects of Renuyu (which replaces Beau-line). Sondra Fuller, an actress who was disfigured in a car accident who Daggert uses to have commit crimes in exchange for Renuyu (so a composite of Basil Karlo, the 90s animated series version of Matt Hagen and Sondra Fuller), discovers Maggie and is ordered to kill her. Maggie is shot by Fuller but escapes to Selina's a
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Fixing Movies: Halloween (2007)

So the backstory they gave Michael pretty much ruins any mystique the guy had. We're still gonna expand on his backstory but I'm gonna take out the tragic past. The thing that worked before was that Michael has no reason or freudian excuse to be killing people. 
Michael actually comes from a stable home and no reason to be killing. The kid he kills will just be some innocent kid that Michael killed for no apparent reason. Same goes with Judith. She's not gonna be a bitch in this one. Ronnie is not an abusive stepparent in this version. He's gonna be a stand up guy who tried to be a good father to Michael. The character in the actual movie In fact, lets imply that Michael killed his actual dad. Michael even attempts to kill his infant sister Angel Myers before his mum stops him.
Smith's Grove is gonna be a normal asylum. Instead of being Loomis' care straight away, Michael goes through a series of psychologists who either end up
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Chirai x Broly by KukuruyoArt Chirai x Broly :iconkukuruyoart:KukuruyoArt 110 7
Mature content
Help the Captured Woman :iconmaximumload:maximumload 12 2
Dark Angel Girl, Gothic Fantasy Woman Art, DS Iray by shibashake Dark Angel Girl, Gothic Fantasy Woman Art, DS Iray :iconshibashake:shibashake 299 16 Triggerhappy: The Gillette by KukuruyoArt Triggerhappy: The Gillette :iconkukuruyoart:KukuruyoArt 145 97
Gillette gets woke, wants to go broke
The currently most hated advert produced by a company that sells to men, by insulting their own market.
Get woke, go broke
The following updates automatically with the deleted comments from the Gillette ad video
:icononlytheghosts:OnlyTheGhosts 12 34
Swamp orcs leave the elves on display by MercyMagnet
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Swamp orcs leave the elves on display :iconmercymagnet:MercyMagnet 24 2
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Twins getting used to the new dance teacher :iconmercymagnet:MercyMagnet 20 5
Demon Girl by Glee-chan Demon Girl :iconglee-chan:Glee-chan 103 14 Moonlight, White-Haired Elf Fantasy Woman Art by shibashake Moonlight, White-Haired Elf Fantasy Woman Art :iconshibashake:shibashake 1,104 80 Cimmerian Couple by Ardalos
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Cimmerian Couple :iconardalos:Ardalos 10 20
Princess Of Ptarth by Glee-chan Princess Of Ptarth :iconglee-chan:Glee-chan 148 15 Innocence Lost, Woman in Lingerie Pin-Up Art, Iray by shibashake Innocence Lost, Woman in Lingerie Pin-Up Art, Iray :iconshibashake:shibashake 243 26 Succubus Oc by KukuruyoArt Succubus Oc :iconkukuruyoart:KukuruyoArt 108 4 Princess of Helium by Glee-chan Princess of Helium :iconglee-chan:Glee-chan 623 54 Whipped by MitchAfterMidnight
Mature content
Whipped :iconmitchaftermidnight:MitchAfterMidnight 39 9


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Elizabeth Swann by UnknownOperative79
Jack Sparrow and his crew finally reached Isla Cruces where the Dead Man's Chest was buried. There, they were reunited with Will, who had been told the location of Bootstrap. Unfortunately, the chest was guarding by Davy Jones worshipping cannibals led by Maccus, the first person to join Jones' crew and the one placed in charge of protecting his heart. Maccus was more than happy with the arrangement since it meant he had run over the island. The crew were quickly captured. Maccus notices Elizabeth's beauty and decided to keep her as a slave for what was called "raiding", while feeding the rest of the crew to the Kraken. Raiding was basically a polite word for rape. As a governor's daughter, Elizabeth would have been far too embarrassed to say the word rape. Maccus made her strip naked. Elizabeth was secured to the whipping frame, ready for her first lesson in slavery. She was now spreadeagled with her arms tied up and out to a beam above her, just high enough for her to have to stand on tip-toe, which made her back well stretched. One of the natives had kicked her legs apart and secured them. Elizabeth was left this bondage for a while. She could see the rest of the crew being into two wooden ball cages, one of the crew forced into one cage and the others in the rest. Maccus returned and announced Elizabeth's sentence.

"Fifty lashes"

Maccus swung his arm over his head and brought the whip down with a massive hiss and then a deep thud as it into Elizabeth's back.


Elizabeth's convulsed under the attack and she struggled to maintain her footing but the ropes were tied securely so her movement was limited to an involuntary spasm. Maccus swung back for the second lash. With a slight twist of his body as well this time, the whip crashed even harder against Elizabeth's back, landing with that smacking sound which only leather meeting human flesh produces. The trace of the first lash was now clearly visible as a pale coloured line straight across the broadest part of the back. The second lash mark started to emerge from the whiteness of her skin, a loud hiss and splat announced the delivery of a third. Each lash mark appeared parallel to the others, just half an inch apart ...leaving plenty of space for more! Which, indeed, Maccus continued to deliver. Two more thunder some lashes brought the first cry of agony from Elizabeth. After some further adjustment of his position, to perfect the weight transfer from his back foot forwards while swinging the whip, putting his whole body weight behind each lash, Maccud had found a steady rhythm. The second five strokes were delivered by Maccus with equal enthusiasm, leaving Elizabeth hanging in her bindings, quivering and groaning as each lash bit into her back.



The next three strokes were delivered with similar ferocity. Another ten lashes and Elizabeth's spread-eagled back was perfectly decorated with twenty three perfectly parallel stripes. Elizabeth’s body was now constantly quivering, her chest heaving as if panting for breath, and a steady groan escaped from her mouth. Lash number twenty four flayed leather across human skin and elicited a strangulated scream. Elizabeth's body convulsed as if in spasm but the securing ropes prevented much movement. Maccus swung the whip back, ready for another snaking trajectory, hissing its way to impact across the soldiers just time. The next lash impacted a greater force and results in a devastating cut which Elizabeth thought would slice her in two. She let out an almighty roar of pain. So far the lash marks were quite distinctive as twenty six parallel lines coloured against the white skin. The twenty seventh stroke whistled through the air and landed with as much force as the others, quickly followed by a howl of pain from Elizabeth.

"Twenty seven"

The next three lashes flayed Elizabeth's quivering back. She was reduced to a low moaning whimper, reserving all of her remaining strength to deal with the pain which as wracking right through her body. Her back was now criss crossed with lash marks, drawing blood. By forty nine lashes, Elizabeth was deduced to a whimpering wreck. The final lash crashed right across the centre of her well marked back, forcing her one final scream. The fifty lash marks were evenly spread all over her back, from shoulders to waist.

Maccus inspected the striped back. Elizabeth then saw one of the cages, the one that had one man inside, being lowered, followed by the other one. Then, the Kraken burst from the sea. Elizabeth couldn't make much out of what was going on. All she saw was the lower fall into the Kraken while the second climbed up the cliff. She knew most of the crew had made it but it appeared one of them had died. She thought it could be Jack, he was the one the Kraken was after. 

"Go after them" Maccus commanded the natives.

Later, Will arrived leading some of the crew. Will and Maccus fought until Will shoved him off the ledge, though this would not have killed a member of Jones' crew. Will untied Elizabeth. Elizabeth was glad that she no longer wore those dresses and corsets, as it gave her time to redress before they escaped.
Supergirl by UnknownOperative79
After the events of Superman III, Kara Zor-El has been in Argo City with her father Zor-El, trying to find a way to release the city from Brainiac's collection. We learn that Kara's mother, Alura, was apparently killed by Brainiac when she tried to escape the city. Zor-El has found a component of Brainiac called the Omega Drive (Omegahedron just sounds stupid) and plans to use it to trick Brainiac's systems into releasing the city. The Zaltar character is gonna be replaced with Zor-El and Alura, both of whom would be played by better actors than the guy who played Zaltar. 

The Omega Drive becomes self aware and escapes the city to find itself inside Area 51 where Brainiac's ship had been moved to after Superman III. Accessing the ship's files, it identifies Brainiac as its "father". Kara leaves Argo City and escapes from Area 51 to go after the Omega Drive.

The Omega Drive is found by lonely high schooler Selena (who would obviously be played by a different actor), nicknamed "Nasty", and abused by her mother. The Omega Drive enters Selena's body and begins adjusting to her brain patterns. Selena gains the ability to create microscopic nanobots that can infect technologies.

Following the Omega Drive's path to the high school, Kara uses the name Linda Lee and enrols at the school, befriending Lois Lane's sister, Lucy, and Ethan, who is a student instead of the groundskeeper. Groundskeeper is basically someone who works at the school so it sounds too much like a student/teacher romance.

While testing her new powers, Selena takes control of a construction vehicle, causing chaos in the streets. Supergirl is able to stop the vehicle from killing anyone. This attracts the attention of the school's alpha bitch Bianca and her boyfriend Nigel. Bianca believes she can use Selena to take over the world though Nigel thinks such a plan is stupid and is concerned that Selena will sooner kill them than help them. Wanting someone to like her, Selena agrees with Bianca's plan. Selena suggests that they keep a low profile and Bianca's ego leads her to act as though that's her idea.

Learning of the existence of Supergirl, Bianca sends Selena to kill her. Supergirl and Selena fight. During the battle, Selena learns she can use the nano machines to make her fly, increase her physical strength and have the nano machines (which are too small for Supergirl to see even with her microscopic vision) attack her directly. Selena overpowers Supergirl who is forced to flee. Bianca berates Selena for her failure to kill Supergirl. Nigel is concerned Superman might stop them but Selena begins using her nano machines to cause various disasters to keep him busy which Bianca again is convinced is her idea.

Selena quickly learns that Linda Lee is most likely to be Supergirl due to her resemblance and the amount of trouble Ethan has lifting her. Lucy mentions that Selena's real name is Nasthalthia Luthor and she is the niece of Lex Luthor. When Selena goes home, she finds her mother, Lena Luthor, drunk. Lena begins to belt whip Selena. Selena snaps and knocks her mother back. She then kills Lena with the nano machines. Accessing the Omega Drive's systems, Selena learns the location of Brainiac's ship and that it contains a Phantom Zone projector. She lures Supergirl to Area 51 and uses the projector to send her to the Phantom Zone. 

With Supergirl out the way, Selena plots to hack into US' missiles, intending for them to cause destruction. She also uses her nano machines to control both Ethan and Lucy. Nigel, who already had misgivings, learns that one of the missiles is going to destroy Hackensack and is horrified because his aunt and cousin (Eve Teschmacher) both live there. Selena admits she selected the location because of Teschmacher betrayed Lex by helping Superman. Bianca thinks the idea (which her ego has led her to believe in her's) is brilliant.

In the Phantom Zone, Supergirl finds she can't use her powers because she's away from Earth's yellow sun. She is attacked by some Phantom Zone criminals but is rescued by Alura who Brainiac had actually sent to the Phantom Zone. Alura helps Supergirl escape. Supergirl emerges from the Phantom Zone through a mirror and regains her powers. Nigel warns Supergirl about Selena's plan.

Supergirl arrives as Selena and Bianca begin to prepare for the missile attack. Bianca berates Selena for failing to kill Supergirl again.
Selena notes that Supergirl shouldn't have known about their plan and since Nigel is missing, deduces he ratted them out. Bianca takes insult and slaps Selena, trying to assert dominance over her. Selena realises Bianca doesn't actually care about her and kills her.

The missiles launch and Supergirl flies after them but Selena reveals that she has both Ethan and Lucy stood on separate buildings about to jump. Supergirl is able to save both Ethan and Lucy before going to after the missiles. She stops the first missile but when trying to stop the second one, she is attacked by Selena. Supergirl stops the missile and uses her heat vision to carefully disable the Omega Drive without killing Selena. Selena is dismayed at losing her powers and is arrested.

Ethan and Lucy both admit they had already worked out Linda was Supergirl. Supergirl takes the Omega Drive to the Fortress of Solitude for Superman to safeguard. She then makes a deal with the US government to have Brainiac's ship transported to Mars so her people can continue to find a way to release Argo City and release Alura from the Phantom Zone.
Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End by UnknownOperative79
Now that Cutler Beckett has the heart of Davy Jones, he has him hunt pirate ships. Beckett has Governor Swann arrested for aiding Will is freeing Elizabeth in the previous movie. As the heart of Davy Jones is no longer on Isla Cruces, Maccus is forced back onto Davy Jones' ship as there is no reason for him to be on the island. In response, Maccus tells Mercer that whoever stabs the heart will become immortal because the Dutchman must have a captain. Governor Swann overhears this.

We then cut to Jack Sparrow in Davy Jones' locker. Jack is the biggest pull so its crazy he'd not seen not the first thirty minutes of the movie. 

Captain Barbossa, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Tia Dalma, Bootstrap and the crew of the Black Pearl travel to Singapore to meet with Captain Sao Feng, Pirate Lord of the South China Sea, who owns navigational charts to the locker. Barbossa tries to reason that the nine Pirate Lords need to hold the Brethren Court to deal with Beckett but because Jack hadn't named a successor before being dragged to Davy Jones' locker, they can't. It turns out Feng made a deal with Beckett that he would assist him in exchange for the East India Trading Company leaving the South China Sea alone. A major problem with the movie is that its very complex with nearly every character having their own agenda, having Feng working with Beckett and Jones simplicities things. Beckett's soldiers, led by Admiral James Norrington, invade but the crew escape. Norrington was an underused character in the movie.

The crew travel to the locker where they are reunited with Jack. Not heir way back, they get attacked by the Kraken. Having the Kraken die offscreen was stupid and anti-climatic. The crew kill the Kraken. On their way back, the crew encounter many dead souls including Governor Swann who Beckett had executed. Tia Dalma tells them that Calypso charged Davy with the job of guiding the souls of those who has died at sea to the next world. Governor Swann tells them that the Dutchman must always have a captain.

The crew return to the living world where they are attacked by both Feng and Norrington's men. Elizabeth ends up being captured by Feng, who believes she is Calypso in human form. The others escape to Shipwreck Cove. Will goes with the others, there is no plot about Will dealing with Beckett and Jones to get his father back since I had his father rescued in the previous movie. Instead he tries to save Elizabeth and is also captured by Feng. The rest of the crew notice that Bootstrap has disappeared. Bootstrap meets with Davy and it turns out he has been corrupted by his curse.

Feng tells Elizabeth that the gods bound Calypso to human form form after she betrayed Davy Jones, leading him to forsake his duties. The gods also punished Davy by turning him and his crew into fish people. Feng evens shows Elizabeth visions of her previous life with Davy before she lost interest in him and left him standing for another man. He plans to deliver her to Beckett as further leverage over Jones. Jones attacks the ship, mortally wounding Feng. Not wanting Davy to get away with killing him, Feng appoints Elizabeth as his successor before dying. 

Elizabeth and the crew are imprisoned at the Dutchman. Maccus tries to "raid" Elizabeth. Davy interrupts him but when he learns that Elizabeth is Calypso, he forces Will to whip her, like he made Bootstrap do to Will in the previous movie. Bootstrap admits that Davy controls him and tells Will and Elizabeth that whoever stabs Davy's heart will take his place. Norrington frees Will and Elizabeth but is killed by Bootstrap as they escape.

Will and Elizabeth regroup with the Black Pearl crew. They reach Shipwreck Cove where Barbossa tries to get the Brethren Court to release Calypso. We have a joke where Elizabeth tries to skip the politics, stating that the Pirate Code is more like guidelines anyway, only to find that's not the case and she has to explain that this is what Barbossa told her. Barbossa gets a look from Captain Teague, Jack's father and Keeper of the Pirate Code. Its too a joke to pass up.

Tia Dalma confirms that Elizabeth really is Calypso. In the movie nothing much is really done with Calypso. She just gets freed and does nothing but summon a storm before disappearing from the movie. But giving Tia Dalma a bigger role in a movie that already had loads and loads of characters is just gonna have it even more complicated. Making one of our main characters Calypso makes everything much easier to manage.

Captain Teague informs the council that only an elected Pirate King can decide on going into battle. A vote is taken and to avoid a statement due to everyone voting for themselves, Jack casts his vote for Elizabeth.

We take out the trading Jack for Will. There's too much backstabbing going on this movie.

The Brethren Court and Beckett's fleet emerge for war. We start off with the battle against Beckett's fleet. After the climatically battle with Jones, Beckett is anti-climatic so it makes sense for them to take him down first. The Pirate Lord ships and Becket's fleet fight each other. Davy takes the opportunity to get his heart back by killing Mercer for the key. Without the Kraken, Jones resorts to summoning the maelstrom (which he can't fully control). The maelstrom destroys the Endeavour with Beckett on board. Beckett's fleet decide to retreat.

The Pearl and the Dutchman battle in the maelstrom. Will and Elizabeth are wed by Barbossa. Jack catches Maccus, trying to open the chest (intending to stab the heart himself and become the new captain). The two fight until Jones comes in. Jack tells Jones that Maccus was trying to open he chest himself. Despite Maccus' claim he was only trying to take care of it, Jones just smacks him with his claw.  Jones and Jack engage in a duel for Jones' heart. Will fights a brainwashed Bootstrap.

Jones has Will at his mercy. Elizabeth pleads with Jones to spare Will, apologising for betraying him as Calypso. Out of spite, Jones stabs Will, mortally wounding him. Jack gives up his chance for immortality and helps Will stab the heart, killing Jones, whose body falls into the maelstrom. Jack and Elizabeth escape the Dutchman as it is sucked into the maelstrom.

The Dutchman rises from the sea will Will as its new captain, its crew freed from Davy's curse. Maccus is angered at this, since he had been able to make the curse work for him and attempts to kill Will but is shot by Bootstrap. Now forever bound to deliver souls to the next world, Will goes to bid farewell to Elizabeth. We take out the beach scene, Will just leaves Elizabeth pregnant and with the chest containing his heart right then and there. The ending in the movie was too long and needed scenes cutting out.

For the same reason, we take out Barbossa stealing the Black Pearl and Jack having the navigational charts. Instead, Barbossa has left elsewhere and Jack is captain of the Black Pearl. He tells his crew about the Fountain of Youth.

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Snow White by UnknownOperative79
For the past 100 years, Tabor had been ruled by his tyrant Queen Ravenna. Ravenna had been using magic to live forever and illusions to hide her true form of an ugly old crone, glamouring herself as a beautiful blonde woman. Her daughter, Snow White, had grown up completely obvious to her mother's tyranny despite no effort on Ravenna's part to conceal her malicious intentions.

Ravenna had tried to keep Snow confined to the castle but she frequently snuck out to see the world outside. 


One day, Snow was caught sneaking back in.

"Oh, hi mum" Snow White said nervously.

"What have I told you about leaving the castle. Its fifty lashes for you"

Snow White was taken to the throne room.

"Take off your clothes"

Snow White was actually relived to hear this. She did not want her dress, her perfectly tailored pants or her shoes to be ruined by the whip. She stripped naked and hesitantly stepped to the centre of the floor where the chains were. She got down her knees and Ravenna's guards seduced her to the floor

"Please, mum, forgive me"

Displaying harsh red welts on the bare back to whole the audience, completely naked, eighteen years old helpless cute girl, Snow White was blushingly. Her whole back was burning from the last whipping her mother gave her. A guard handed Ravenna a whip.

"Your back will be reminded to that must never leave the castle again"

The heavy whip was raised and slashed down across Snow White's back. 


The first stroke landed with a sharp snap into Snow White's back, close to the bum. An angry red line appeared.


The whip came down again, slashing her back and whipping round to her breast and the young offender squealed. With some effort she stabilised herself, her back aflame.


Number three, a bit higher up the back but still much too close to the previous strokes. As a result, there was a narrow band of liquid red across the lower parts of her back.


Number four. Snow White forced herself to take the lashes in silence.


Number five and CRACK!

Number six. Each cut laid on with force, gradually creeping north with the tiniest steps. 


Stroke number seven sliced deep into the fleshiest part of the girl's back and the recipient shrieked with pain.

“Ooooww! Please mum”


Number eight revisited the area just above the bum. Snow made a supreme effort and did not scream.


Number nine smacked across the upper thighs showing the girl new dimensions of pain. The girl was now blubbering noisily, still stammering pleas between each sob. Finn watched with approval as Snow’s mother methodically lashed her back ten times with the heavy whip turning it from a pretty white to a livid red. The next three strokes produced a bit of blood as they crossed previous welts. 

Now Ravenna raised the whip up high, aimed carefully at the exposed target and then, with the full strength – which was considerable given her supernatural power – of her right arm, she brought them whistling down exactly into the inviting back. The girl let out an anguished shriek and her whole body convulsed. Ravenna smiled, the sound of the girl’s cry was music to her ears. She raised the whip once more and sent it crashing down into Snow White's back. The girl howled louder and her feet kicked frantically. A sixteenth, seventeenth and eighth lash rained down onto that same vulnerable spot and the girl started to blubber most noisily and roar as stroke after stroke bit into her back.

“Ooo, please, mum – oh, oh, mum it hurts so. Please stop. Please, sir – oh, oh...” and on and on it went.

Her mother then applied another equally hard ten strokes to her back. After a short pause the whipping continued. Snow’s back was now a bright crimson. The next six were extra hard, her mother releasing all her anger and frustration at her disobedient daughter. 

But she wasn’t finished yet. Sixteen more times the whip slashed across her back from top to bottom, down her thighs, then back up to the back. Finally the whipping ceased at fifty lashes.

"Go to the dungeon"

Snow White made her way to her discarded clothes.

"Leave them and go to the dungeon"

Completely naked, Snow White walked down to the dungeon. Inside, she lay on her stomach as the guard locked the door.

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The equally appalled Thora and Christine were escorted by the grinning Allen back to their dormitory. When they eventually entered their destination, the girls were confronted with the fourteen other 16 year-olds with whom they would intimately live for the next nine years and who were all standing and seemingly eagerly awaiting the new arrivals. At the forefront of the group stood a pretty girl, with straight black hair and dark brown eyes, who was significantly taller than the rest.

Allen introduced the newcomers to this 16 year-old by announcing "This is the dormleader, and she's called Morton."

"Morton," Allen then introduced, "this is Brown T and West."

"I'll let Morton make the other introductions," declared the still grinning Allen to Thora and Christine, "and I'll leave whilst you become acquainted with the other members of your dormitory. However, I'll look forward to seeing you both in the schoolhall in an hour's time for our evening meal, and of course later for your initiations!"

Allen then left joyously, as she was really looking forward to seeing the two new girls in the nude later and caning the one who lost the race round the quadrangle. 

"Well," Morton asked rhetorically, after Allen had left and as she came closer to Thora and Christine with an evil look now on her face, "what have we here? Two ugly little brats by the look of it! Now, you two new snots, let's make things clear. I run this dorm as I see fit and what I command must be obeyed! Understand?"

She then prodded both boys on the chest to reinforce her point. Thora recognised a bully when she saw one and also recognised that this was an early defining moment in her life at Sadomhell School. If she and Christine allowed the taller girl to cower them now, they, presumably like the other members of their dormitory, would signal that were accepting her bullying authority.

Thora therefore bravely returned Morton's push, but with more force, and announced "I understand your message but I don't agree that what you command should necessarily be obeyed!"

The suddenly furious dormleader immediately lunged at the smaller impertinent newcomer, who was clearly challenging her authority, and soon both girls were wrestling with each other on the ground, with the bigger soon beginning to gain the ascendancy. Christine then decided that she had to intervene to help her friend but, before she could do so, the door opened.

"What's the commotion?" asked an 24 year-old.

The fight stopped and the two now dishevelled young combatants regained their feet.

Morton answered the arriving Prefect by then replying "Just a misunderstanding between me and one of the new girls, Madam."

"You've been fighting," commented the Prefect, perceptively quickly seeing through Morton's attempt to disguise the recent hectic activity within the dormitory, "and you know that I'll have to report that to the Headgirl. I'm particularly disappointed in you, dormleader, as I expect better behaviour from someone in your position!"

The 24 year-old, responsible for supervising this particular dormitory, then paused, whilst she carefully appraised the delicious forms of the young pair, who were clearly the latest arrivals, before continuing "So, these are the two new girls. I'm Critchlow, the prefect for this dorm. Introduce yourselves!"

Thora and Christine complied.

Critchlow retorted "It looks as if I'm going to have my hands full with you in particular, Brown T, caught fighting and so probably earning yourself a thrashing on your first day. I therefore hope that the beating you now deserve will encourage you to behave in future!"

Critchlow subsequently began to depart the dormitory but, before she left, she added with a smirk "I look forward to seeing you two new girls later, or should I say two nude girls?"

The door then closed to the sound of laughter from the Prefect. Thora and Christine both blushed in response. Thora turned back towards Morton. She expected the bully now to try to claim supremacy over her in another quieter way rather than return to the obviously dangerous pastime of brawling, possibly with the help of cronies amongst the other members of the dormitory. However, she was now faced by a taller boy whose expression had significantly changed.

"Well, we're both in for it," Morton remarked sadly, "as the Headgirl's bound to punish us for fighting but I hope there's no hard feelings between us. I'm truly sorry to have started out with you on the wrong foot but I feel that I need to gain the respect of the others in order to do my job properly."

She then held out her right hand to both Thora and Christine and requested "Please call me Jane!"

As Thora subsequently shook Jane's hand, the newcomer remarked "There's other ways apart from bullying to gain respect."

"I recognise that now," the dormleader replied, whilst still maintaining the look of esteem in her eyes, "because you've just proved your point by bravely standing up to me, even though you probably knew that I'd win any fight between us!"

"If I were you, I wouldn't be so confident of the outcome of any fight between us," Thora responded.

However, the clearly mischievous nature of the lovely disarming smile now displayed on her very pretty face clearly indicated to Jane that the newcomer was joking. The dormleader therefore stopped shaking the hand of her fellow 16 year-old and gently squeezed it instead, which both recognised as a gesture of respect and liking. Having shaken the hands of Thora and Christine, Jane proceeded to introduce her new friends to the other thirteen 16 year-old members of their dormitory. The dormleader then sat next to the new girls on one of their beds and chatted amicably with them. The sixteen members of the dormitory later set off as a group to consume their evening meal in the schoolhall. However, Thora and Christine, suddenly remembering the initiation rituals to come, had little appetite and gave most of their tasteless stew away to others. The group eventually returned to their dormitory just as the school clock, which was on the roof of the main building, directly above the principal entrance, was chiming 7 o'clock.

Jane then informed, with genuine reluctance, "I'm sorry to have to say this but Allen's instructed me to ready you for your initiation. You're both to toilet and have a bath."

"I know that the initiation rituals aren't a pleasant school tradition for those participating," Jane added, "but we've all been through it. I'm also sorry that you're not to be as lucky as we were. There were over 60 girls in our race and I'm glad to say that none of us came last. A poor lass from Apollo house, who had tripped, did that. Allen didn't spare the cane on her bum afterwards."

"I don't want to worry you," Jane concluded, "but, at the same time, I think that you should be prepared, as one of you will suffer likewise tonight!"

Thora and Christine looked at each other with deep dismay, as they fully realised that the victory of one would entail the caning of her friend. Thora and Christine then reluctantly agreed that they would both go all out to win, so that it was genuine running ability that avoided the cane and the slower of them on the day would have to suffer. They next went with Jane to the dormitory's bathroom, which was empty at this time of day. 

Jane, after inserting a plug and turning a tap to start filling one of the baths, instructed "Place your clothes in the laundry basket, for you won't be needing them again today, then toilet and wash. Do so thoroughly because you'll be beaten if your cleanliness doesn't satisfy the Headgirl. I'm sorry about the cold water. It's horrible to bathe in and I don't think that any of us will ever become accustomed to it but it's one of the many unpleasantnesses we're all going to have to put up with here."

"Try not to spend too much time", Jane requested in conclusion, "because I'm to deliver you to the quad by 8 o'clock or else the punishment I'm now due from the Headgirl could become worse. See you later!"

Jane left the new girls to perform their toilet and ablutions.

Thora and Christine looked at each other with initial abashment until the former suggested "Look, it's obvious that we're going to see each other naked very often, so we'll have to learn not to be shy of undressing in front of each other and we might as well start now!"

She then began to strip in front of her new friend, who quickly started to reciprocate the action. Thora and Christine, swiftly becoming accustomed to their mutual nudity in front of each other, next both used the urinal but did not need the chamberpots, as they had eaten little in days because of their trepidation at coming to their new school in faraway and remote Northumberland. The two girls then stepped into the relevant bath, where the cold water was now about a foot deep. 

Thora turned the tap off and suggested "I think that we should wash each other's backs to ensure thorough cleanliness and avoid giving the Headgirl cause for complaint during her later inspection."

Christine replied, in a noticeably eager tone, "That's a good idea!"

"Let's get this bath over with then," continued Thora, "or we'll die of hypothermia standing here!"

The girl then bravely sat down in the chilly water. Christine briefly hesitated to follow her friend's courageous example for two reasons. Thora and Christine then obeyed Jane's advice and comprehensively cleansed themselves in the cold liquid, although both girls momentarily seemed to forget the chill when the backs of their bodies were being washed by their companion. The bodily cleansing was eventually finished and Thora and Christine stepped out of the bath to towel and warm themselves. Thora and Christine then checked each other's bodies to make sure that their appearance should pass the Headgirl's physical examination. 

The school clock then chimed the three-quarter hour and Jane declared "Time to go!"

The full complement of sixteen girls therefore set off, as their dormitory was one of those that did not overlook the quadrangle. When the very nervous and apprehensive Thora and Christine, escorted by Jane and accompanied by the other members of their dormitory, later emerged into the autumnal twilight, they were amazed at how many girls were peering down at them from the candlelit windows above. A number of women were also taking in the view, including the Headmistress and Housemistress, to whom the two newcomers had been introduced earlier. Many pupils, whose dormitories did not have the benefit of overlooking the quadrangle, were also crowding the edges of the grass surrounding the rectangular path that formed the initiation racetrack. They would later excitedly encircle the central stocks to observe the caning of the naked loser of the imminent run. Thora and Christine now both shivered, but not because of any autumnal nightly chill, as the evening was still quite warm. The girls' bodily quivering was instead caused by the sight of Flashmember, who was standing by the central stocks and holding a long cane in her right hand. Jane led Thora and Christine through the crowds of excited fellow pupils towards Allen. The Headgirl was enthralled by the immaculacy of the young newcomers' now revealed lithe upper bodies and legs.

However, the increasingly excited 24 year-old, somehow managed to compose herself sufficiently to say "Welcome, Brown T and West to the first part of your initiation into life at Sadomhell School!"

"Now let me check that you've prepared yourself properly for the ritual," Allen continued.

The Headgirl then instructed Thora and Christine to turn slowly round individually in front of her so that she could examine the appropriateness of their grooming. Allen next went on to explain the race rules.

"You are," she announced, "to start in the north-west corner of the quad and, at my signal, are to run clockwise around the surrounding path. Anyone who steps onto the grass will automatically lose. The first to return to the starting point will be the winner. If the race is very close, I reserve the right to use my own judgement in declaring the victor. The loser will be placed in the stocks to receive ten hits from this cane across her bottom. If I decide that a tie has occurred, you will both receive five strokes."

Thora and Christine immediately looked at each other and recognised each other's mutual thoughts.

"Any questions?" asked Allen.

"No, Sir," the nervous new girls answered in reply.

"Good!" responded Allen.

Whilst keeping their hands carefully in place, Thora and Christine subsequently walked gingerly across the grass, through the nearby raucous crowd of fellow pupils, to the required starting position, where a white line had been painted across the path just after the corner. Allen followed the naked girls.

"I shall hold the cane in the air," Allen advised Thora and Christine, after the girls had reached their initial destination and above the noisy clamour emitted by other mouths, "and, when I bring it down again, the race can start."

The Headgirl then raised the cruel implement, which had tasted the bottoms of many pupils over the years, and commanded "Ready!"

"Steady!" the Headgirl next instructed and subsequently paused for a moment, whilst her lecherous eyes feasted on the magnificent scene.


The girls were both naturally fast runners and they sprinted round the quadrangle with estimable speed to raucous shouts and cheers.

The 16 year-old nudes were soon on the home straight, with Thora slightly ahead. However, as the winning line approached, she deliberately slowed a little to let her friend catch up and they were inseparable when they finally crossed their objective to resounding uproar from above and around. Allen was then delighted to declare a dead-heat, as she could now cane two young bottoms, albeit with only five strokes each. Allen subsequently commanded the now frightened Thora and Christine to approach the stocks and swung up the tops of the two smallest on their hinges. She then told the girls to place their heads and wrists in the relevant three semicircles on the lower parts of the wooden contraptions. Thora and Christine now found that their heads and hands were securely encased in their stocks, the height of which ensured that the girls were bent over at the waist, with their bare bottoms thereby presented perfectly for their imminent caning. Allen then produced some ropes from her pockets in order to tie the ankles of the young initiates to metal rings embedded in the wooden bases of the sinister structures, so that their legs were splayed about three feet apart.

"Right," Allen next wondered aloud, "who should I start with? I know, I'll alternate but you'll have the honour of the first blow, Brown T, because you're first alphabetically."

The Headgirl subsequently assumed the position necessary to inflict this initial strike and tormented the scared newcomer by rubbing her cane gently up and down the girl's sublime bottom. Allen finally removed the cane from the smooth lustrous and curvaceous flesh of Thora's buttocks to a position above the Headgirl's head. Although the 24 year-old had only recently been at the delivery end of this process, as opposed to the receiving end, she had, with relish, become rapidly proficient at inflicting this particular kind of punishment.

"Ready steady go!" Allen subsequently repeated teasingly, with slow deliberation before landing the first vicious blow across Thora's previously unchastised posterior to renewed cheering from above and around and a loud scream from the young victim. 

"That was the first blow of the first of many beatings that you'll undoubtedly receive in this school over the next nine years, Brown T," Allen cruelly but probably correctly observed before moving to take up position behind the petrified Christine.

The Headgirl subsequently practised the same teasing commencement ritual on the second newcomer as she had on the first before finally delivering the same anguishing result. Allen then inflicted the rest of the harsh punishment on the now sobbing Thora and Christine, being rewarded with an loud agonised shriek every time that cane hit vulnerable young flesh to create a vivid red stripe, which subsequently invariably gradually darkened. The Headgirl proceeded with slow deliberation, as she wanted both of her victims to appreciate fully every blow, as well as to mark both lovely bottoms with a neat pattern comprising five horizontal parallel scarlet stripes. As Allen accomplished both of her aims to continued accompanying cheering. When Allen finally finished, she gave her cane to Morton and ran her fingers over her handiwork, feeling the heat now present along the horizontal scarlet stripes that she had created across two lovely sets of young buttocks.

"Good!" she commented to herself before announcing to the tearful and currently quietly groaning Thora and Christine "I'll now leave you both so that you can calm down after your excitement. I'll be back at 10 o'clock to unlock you from the stocks and guide you to the woods where you're to spend the night in the nude. While I'm gone, you'll probably find that some of the staff might just happen to stroll across the quad and will take the opportunity to introduce themselves to you. However, you needn't worry about your fellow pupils, for the area will now be out of bounds to them until the morning. See you later!"

Allen then departed with Morton. Allen was later proved correct in his assumption that many of the staff would, coincidentally on purpose, find themselves wandering across the quadrangle over the next hour and a quarter, something they only seemed to do when the stocks were in use. However, the Headgirl, as she knew she would be, was wrong about the adults introducing themselves. All of the staff, coming individually, in pairs or in larger groups, spoke only to any companions, as they walked round the still tearful newcomers, closely scrutinising the delectable bodies of Thora and Christine. These delicious young forms were, of course, still vividly displaying the marks of Allen's painful chastisement, which were sometimes now fingered by admirers.Such sights and experiences subsequently caused most of the staff to leave the quadrangle with the intention of gaining quick relief for their own sexual arousal from their own current girl favourites. The intimate manual attention briefly applied to their private parts both shocked and shamed Thora and Christine. Allen returned, as promised, at 10 o'clock. All the windows above were now devoid of onlookers, as the time for candles to be doused for years 1 to 8 had passed, and most of the older in-mates of the school had also taken to their beds, although usually not alone. After walking in the bright moonlight round the naked Thora and Christine, who were still immobilised in the stocks, for one last visual treat, Allen finally released the tear-stained girls from their degrading and discomforting restraints.

After subsequently allowing them to rub their arms and legs to remove the intense stiffness that had developed in their limbs as a result of their previous enforced demeaning posture, he subsequently commanded them to "Follow me!"

Thora and Christine complied, and Allen guided the naked girls from the quadrangle, along some empty dark corridors inside the main school building and eventually out of the principal entrance. The threesome then walked across a wide playing field, exposing them to a chilly autumnal breeze. Their way was illuminated only by the moonlight but this was sufficiently full to allow them to see where they were going. 

The threesome eventually came to the edge of woods, which the smirking Allen announced to the girls as "Your bed for the night!"

The Headgirl added "I suggest that you find somewhere nice to slumber. Don't try to return to the school or sleep anywhere else because, if you're found out, the punishment for not fulfilling the full requirements of the initiation rituals are very severe. Anyway, you're lucky tonight as it's dry and not too cool and the trees will protect you from the breeze."

"When I was initiated," Allen ruefully remembered, "the night was rainy and cold!"

The Headgirl then recommended "Don't try to go too far into the wood because it becomes very dense and also dark, even in this moonlight, and you might have an accident. Morton will come to find you just before 6 o'clock in the morning. Sleep well!"

Allen then began to make her way back to the school and her quarters, where her room was warmed by a coal fire and her bed by her girl. As she walked, the Headgirl took the opportunity to have a quick last glance at the newcomers' nicely patterned bottoms. 

Thora and Christine stared back at the rapidly disappearing Allen. Both girls were shivering but mainly from resumed apprehension rather than cold.

"We'll have to do what she says," Thora eventually suggested.

"You're right," replied Christine before asking "but how's your bum? It was very kind of you to sacrifice it to five strokes of the cane to save me from the full punishment."

"That's what friends are for," declared Thora before adding "and anyway I knew from the look in your eyes before the race that you were prepared to do the same for me. However, in answer to your question, my bum's still stinging!"

"So's mine," advised Christine.

Thora then reached out to take her new friend's left hand in her own right hand and suggested "Come on then, let's find our bed and hopefully sleep will cure the pain!"

The two naked girls, still holding hands, subsequently carefully picked their way through the dark entrance to the wood, whilst simultaneously trying to avoid standing on twigs or nettles or encountering bracken. They had to backtrack a few times before they came across a small hollow, covered by the first leaves shed this autumn by nearby deciduous tress and illuminated by a shaft of moonlight filtering through a gap in the covering branches.

"How about this?" asked Thora.

"We're unlikely to find anything better in this darkness," answered Christine.

Thora then knelt in the hollow and commented "It looks as if it's been used for this purpose before, which isn't surprising. You have to remember that sixty or more girls a year have to go through this ridiculous ritual, with the last lot before us doing so only a fortnight ago. Come on, lie next to me!"

Thora then lay face-up on the cool, slightly damp surface.

She subsequently asked sheepishly, after Christine had joined her, "Would you let me hold you for mutual warmth, as I think that the night'll only become colder."

"I was thinking of making the same request," her friend replied and the two girls soon wrapped their arms and legs around each other, whilst smiles suddenly simultaneously returned to their pretty faces. 

Thora and Christine lay together quietly for a while, eyes wide open and whilst listening to the strange sounds and rustles around them. Jane, dressed in just her underwear and shivering slightly because her lovely body had not yet become accustomed to spending part of the cool early autumnal mornings outside in such sparse attire, found her naked new friends, as Allen had promised she would, shortly before 6 o'clock. The night had fortunately not become too cold because the sky had clouded over. This development had diffused the moonlight but that did not matter to the nude Thora and Christine, as they slept soundly in each other's arms. On discovering the entwined and Thora and Christine, Jane had not thought that the bodily intimacy of her new friends was strange or shaming. Most of the other newcomers to Sadomhell School had been forced into similar embraces in this wood in order to keep warm during their own initiation two weeks previously. Some girls, including herself and her own newly acquired closest chum, Tiffany, had afterwards even furtively maintained their overnight familiarity whenever possible. Jane gently shook Thora and Christine on the shoulders to wake them and, when the two girls subsequently broke their embrace, they smiled.

Their dormleader then welcomed them to their second day at Sadomhell School by advising "It's time for our morning runs!"

Tom and Christopher stood up, whilst now no longer trying to hide their genitals. After all, Jonathan, plus virtually the whole school, had gained a good view of their sexual organs on the previous evening.

Thora and Christine then noticed that Jane was holding two pairs of underwear.

The dormleader explained "They're yours, retrieved from the laundry basket. However, you can't put them on until we reach the door of the main school building. Only then will your initiation be complete. So, let's get going or we'll be late for our runs!"

The two newcomers temporarily used their hands to brush the leaves off their bodies, wincing somewhat when they rubbed the foliage off their still sore and striped bottoms. The trio then walked rapidly across the adjacent dew-covered playing field towards the imposing main entrance of the school. As they neared the double doorway, the threesome observed that the clock above indicated that the time was five minutes before six. They also saw that there were many faces peering out of the multitude of windows along the school's front, of both women and girls. As the pair of newcomers realised that their naked bodies were again to be viewed by most of the school, they were tempted to move their hands back to protection duties.

However, Thora suggested instead to Christine "Let's run the rest of the way to end this ordeal as quickly as possible!"

Her friend agreed, as did Jane. Once the doorway was reached, Jane gave Thora and Christine their underwear, which possessed on the inside, like the rest of their school uniforms and those of other pupils, a tiny white label indicating the wearer's name and form number in indelible ink. The naked girls were very grateful to redress, despite the fact that the garments left little to the imagination in respect of the anatomical parts being covered.

"Sadomhell initiation successfully completed!" Jane then declared with a smile, which was reciprocated by Thora and Christine.

"We now have to go to the playing field at the back of the school," the dormleader next advised, "for that's where all pupils except Prefects assemble at 6 o'clock for the morning run."

The threesome now strolled round the exterior of the main school building to the rear playing field, where they were soon joined by almost 600 other similarly scantily clad girls, aged from 16 to 24 from years 1 to 8. Prefects from Apollo House had already taken up positions around the route of the run to prevent cheating.

Allen also emerged from the back entrance of the main school building and again shouted, this time quickly and through a megaphone, "Ready, steady, go!"

The refrain immediately brought back bad memories to both Thora and Christine and the dull pain, caused by the five dark red stripes on each of their deliciously curvaceous 16 year-old bottoms, seemed to increase. Nevertheless, they started running along with the others. All girls now ran relatively slowly across the field towards the far wood on the opposite side of the school complex from the one where the latest newcomers had spent the night. There was soon the usual stationary bottleneck, whilst almost 600 girls funnelled onto a path only about two yards wide, before Thora and Christine, accompanied by Jane, found themselves jogging along the muddy track, which was a well- trodden route that they would follow many times over at least the next eight years. The threesome was led in front by some 22 year-olds, who quickly outpaced them. They were later overtaken by a number of other older girls, most of them eager to complete the morning preliminaries in order to have breakfast. However, as yet unknown to Thora and Christine, there were some who were much less keen, as they were actually dreading morning assembly, from which even lateness would not excuse them. As during the earlier preliminary gathering on the playing field, many participating young runners took the opportunity to ogle the newcomers. Most of the older girls then regretted that they did not have the time or opportunity to acquaint themselves better with Thora and Christine, in particular with their clearly gorgeous bodies. However, all of them knew that the delicious forms would undoubtedly be, like certain parts of the school, out of bounds for ordinary pupils, and that the repercussions of disobeying this restriction would be very severe if caught. Thora and Christine took forty minutes to complete their run alongside Jane and, guided through the maze of corridors by the dormleader, they then had to rush their exhausted bodies to their bathroom for the delights of cold ablutions. Many of the faster 19 and 22 year-olds from Nemesis House, who shared the amenity with the 16 year-olds, had already finished, although a few did dally in order to see the obviously exceptionally beautiful new girls in the nude more closely than they had previously been able to do. Such girls chose to risk the wrath of the supervising trio of Prefects in order to do so. When not required to guard the route of the morning run, a trio of them were allocated to each of the three House bathrooms to make sure that bathing took place proficiently and without hanky-panky. Most liked the duty because an opportunity was thereby provided for them to check the nude forms of their younger brethren in case any of their otherwise unallocated charges were developing into the types who would find favour in the 24 year-olds' beds. Thora and Christine, exhausted from the run and rushed by the shortage of time, followed Jane's display of uninhibited bravery and quickly stripped, placed their underpants in the appropriate basket and plunged into one of the cold baths. It was crowded with many other 16 year-olds from their dormitory, plus some older girls. Some of the libidinous 22 year-olds accidentally-on-purpose brushed their hands against the bare backs of Thora, Christine and Jane, as the older girls eventually reluctantly left the bath to avoid arousing prefectorial suspicions about their lingering.

Thora, Christine and Jane speedily washed and then dried and returned to their dormitory. The three supervisory prefects and the other older girls still present naturally enjoyed the sight of the younger bare bodies, as the trio of 16 year-olds proceeded. Thora, Christine and Jane subsequently redressed swiftly in the freshly laundered uniforms delivered to their dormitory by fellow inhabitants of their room, who had been rostered and excused the morning run in order to do so, and then speeded to the main schoolhall. They arrived at the hatch to collect their filling but unappetising porridge and cup of water just as the school clock chimed 7 o'clock. All the dishes and cups of all the girls in the hall had been returned to the hatches by twenty past the hour when the headmistress, teachers and physician entered onto the platform, with the exception of the organist who assumed position next to his musical instrument. The Headmistress' short monologue concerned the Godliness of being pure in mind and body. The organ then started the music for the opening hymn, which very appropriate for this harvest time of year. Firstly, Mrs. Birch confirmed the arrival of two new girls. Brown T and West were subsequently commanded to go to stand beside the Headmistress on the platform so that everyone could see the newcomers, even though most present had already happily spied them without the cover of their school uniforms. 

The blushing Thora and Christine were eventually allowed to return to their table and Mrs. Birch continued with some unspectacular news before announcing "Finally, as usual, matters of discipline. The Housemitress' have informed me about the serious misbehaviour of ten pupils since yesterday's assembly."

Both Thora and Jane immediately gulped in fear that they would be two of the miscreants concerned, given that they had been discovered fighting by a prefect on the previous day.

Mrs. Birch then read out a list of six names and ordered them to the platform, whilst also informing them that "As you're the least misbehaved, you can receive your chastisement now!"

Six girls stood up from four benches and walked, with obvious reluctance and apprehension, onto the platform. There were two 22 year-olds, a pair of 21 year-olds, a 19 year-old and an 18 year-old.

"Usual positions!" commanded Mrs. Birch.

The six girls dutifully turned their backs to the watching throng of fellow pupils and bent over, firmly gripping their lower shins.

Mrs. Birch had grouped the pair of 22 year-olds and the two youngest girls together.

"Caught as a foursome in the woods!" the Headmistress announced to loud giggling from the youthful spectators.

Mrs. Birch next produced a cane from behind the lectern and took up position behind the first 22 year-old. The Headmistress lifted the girl's shirt-tail and folded it neatly on top of the pupil's back to expose the pleasant naked buttocks underneath.

Mrs. Birch then announced, using a phrase of which Thora and Christine had not only heard before but also painfully experienced the repercussions, "Each will receive the same number of strokes as the years they have lived."

The Headmistress rather hypocritically added "I hope that this well-merited punishment will help them to absorb the wisdom of my earlier sermon about the Godliness of being pure in mind and body!"

Mrs. Birch firmly believed that her pupils should remain relatively chaste by refraining from sexual practices with their peers, as their bodies should be the exclusive preserve of their elders and should be kept pure for such purposes. However, the call to the beds of the staff and prefects only came to the very prettiest and many of those who were neglected became fed up with solo masturbation as a means of gaining sexual relief, particularly with so much young beauty around them. They therefore regularly risked relationships with other girls. The four girls now being punished considered themselves very unlucky, as what they had been doing in the woods was common practised by other pupils in similar quiet places within the school complex, mainly during the evening or on Sundays. However, the prefects were instructed to perform sporadic spot checks of likely locations for such liaisons and, although most had engaged in such habits themselves, they were expected to find the occasional miscreants or the staff might think that they were failing in their duties. Some of the more sadistic prefects went about this work with enthusiasm, and the unlucky foursome had been discovered by such a 24 year-old. She had reported the younger girls' offence to their Housemistress, despite being tempted by the offer of enjoying any or all of the defaulters' bodies in return for remaining silent. However, she declined, as two even prettier 18 year-olds were already regularly pleasuring her. Mrs. Birch landed the first blow from her cane across the quaking 22 year-old's bare bottom. As was the custom, the victim subsequently had to declare the number of the hit and thank the Headmistress for kindly inflicting it across her reddening buttocks. After Mrs. Birch had eventually delivered the requisite 60 stokes across the four exposed  girls, her arm was a little weary but not too much so, as she had had years of experience of providing such much-needed lessons to miscreant pupils. The Headmistress had also now been forced to land an extra three blows because the crying 19 year-old forgot to provide the number of hit and associated thanks once, whilst the very upset 18 year-old had repeated this offence twice. Each quietly sobbing pupil was now allowed to stand, redress and return to their tables after the completion of their punishments, but only after Mrs. Birch had carefully inspected and felt the results of his efforts to improve the girls' sadly reprobate characters. None of the red-faced tearful quartet, now with bottoms displaying a criss-cross pattern of vicious stripes of various dark hues, subsequently sat down with any comfort on their benches.

Mrs. Birch next approached the two remaining 21 year-olds and informed the wider audience "Caught fighting for the second time in a week. Their Housemistress has already chastised them once but sadly to no effect and she has referred them to me."

"I understand," Mrs. Birch added "that their Housemistress allowed the miscreants to wear their shorts when she paddled them. I shall permit no such protection when I now cane them!"

The Headmistress then undertook the exposure to general view of the naked bottoms of the two trembling girls, which still exhibited the evidence of earlier punitive attentions, before advising "I think 10 stokes each will be appropriate on this occasion, double if there is a further repeat offence!"

Two bare 21 year-old bottoms then received their appropriate admonition. No-one had bothered to ask why the pupils had been fighting and the girls would have lied if they had been, as they had jealously discovered that they were both sharing the favours of the same 18 year-old. After the sobbing girls had later returned to sit painfully on their benches, Mrs. Birch walked back to the lectern and placed her cane in its former position. The Headmistress then continued her disciplinary pronouncements by commanding a very pretty blushing 17 year-old to stand.

"This miscreant wets her bed regularly," Mrs. Birch informed the chortling audience, "which is a practice that has not been stopped by earlier chastisement by her Housemistress or, on this platform, by myself. The girl consequently obviously requires some private tuition to learn to control her bodily systems correctly. You will therefore report to my study at 7 o'clock tonight. Meanwhile, as we don't want you repeating your mishaps in the expensive uniform that I kindly provide for you to wear, you will return the garments to your wardrobe after assembly and report to your class without them!"

Mrs. Birch naturally did not advise her audience of the doctor's prognosis in respect of the young pupil's problem. The physician suspected that the regular sexual and other attentions, which the highly attractive girl was receiving from her Housemistress, were probably causing the child's embarrassing accidents. Having instructed the now tearful 17 year-old, who was to spend the rest of the day shamefully naked, to sit down again, Mrs. Birch ordered another two girls to stand. Thora and Christine were immediately relieved that the 8th and 9th names announced were not their own because, with only one to come, this meant that their fight of the previous day was being dealt with in-House.

"Theft," the Headmitress thundered to the two petrified 20 year-olds, "will not be tolerated, and you evil miscreants were caught eating morsels of food whilst on kitchen duty. You will therefore be placed at 7 o'clock this evening unclothed in the stocks to receive from the Headgirl a comprehensive strapping across the full rear of your bodies and then be left in the same position in the quad overnight!"

Allen, who was sitting at year 9's table, immediately smiled because the two girls, despite not being any of the staff favourites, were nevertheless quite attractive. The Headgirl rather liked the idea of flogging their exposed backs, buttocks and rear legs, and also fancied the notion of later quietly sodomising them whilst they spent the night still confined in the stocks. A tremulous 19 year-old from Nemesis House was next on her feet.

"This wicked miscreant," Mrs. Birch now yelled with fury, "has been caught running away for the second time!"

"The brat's supposedly sickening for a home she hasn't seen for three years," Mrs. Birch venomously added, "but she should know that attempts to escape from here are useless. No-one goes far in this remote bleak area, and the sparse population know that it is in their and the runaways' best interests to return such confused youngsters to our kind care whenever found!"

The Headmistress did not mention that local people also received rewards for delivering such girls back to the school, which were small but nevertheless valuable to poor peasantry.

"I was assured by your stepmother in a letter, written after I informed her about your first attempt to escape home," Mrs. Birch continued, "that, even if you had miraculously succeeded in achieving your aim, you would have been immediately returned. I informed you of this fact then but neither that nor your subsequent experience in the stocks seems to have dissuaded you from retrying. We'll therefore see whether a week in the cellars will make future similar adventures unattractive. Your House prefects will make sure that you report there after assembly!"

The horrified 19 year-old immediately burst into tears, and Mrs. Birch was vengefully pleased with the girl's reaction. The reason for the pupil's homesickness and runaway attempts mainly centred on the fact that she had been one of the sadistic Headmistress's favourites for the past year. Mrs. Birch had not yet managed to break the girl's will fully, as was evidenced by the failed escapes, despite subjecting her to many indignities and much pain. However, the Headmistress believed that a week spent in the dreaded cellars should finally do the trick. Mrs. Birch's contentment with the 19 year-old's reaction was only shared by the staff and prefects, who were immune from the horrors inflicted within the confines of the school cellars. All of the others present in the hall were terrified of the underground chambers, except for Thora and Christine, who had still to be appraised about the dreadful happenings that took place there. Thora and Christine, who had been appalled at the humiliating and vicious punishments being meted out for what they considered trivial offences, were to remain ignorant about the goings-on in the school cellars for a while longer. They asked Jane about the matter after assembly had been discharged but their dormleader had been reluctant to answer. Jane appreciated that Thora and Christine were still coming to terms with the frightful nature of existence in Sadomhell School. The dormleader therefore considerately and maturely did not want to impose too many scares on her new friends in a short space of time, which might mentally harm them. She thought it best that they learn only gradually about the full terrors of the world in which they now lived. Jane instead fibbed that she did not know what happened in the school cellars, as she escorted Thora and Christine to their classroom and the two front desks, adjacent to each other, which they had been allocated to the two new girls. The whole form also soon gathered and eventually Miss. Lovehart too arrived.

"Good morning, girls!" Lovehart said.

The teacher then received back from all the 16 year-olds in her class a "Good morning, Miss. Lovehart!"

Lovehart then lied "I didn't see you returning my greeting, Joan."

The girl, whom the teacher had targeted for seduction, nervously replied "But I did, Miss. Lovehart!"

"Stop lying, Joan," Lovehart instructed before suggesting "as you know what I do to liars. You have offended again and the lesson isn't even a minute old. I'll have to beat your bottom once more in another attempt to try to teach you manners. This time I'll use a strap and deprive you of any cushioning protection from your underpants!"

The girl, whose backside was still very sore from the previous day's caning, pleaded "Please, Miss. Lovehart, I did greet you, honestly."

Lovehart responded "You're just making matters worse for yourself, Joan, by speaking without permission and continuing to lie. I was going to give you ten strokes of the strap but I'll now make it twenty. However, as this will be too many to apply to such a young tender bottom as yours, particularly after yesterday's deserved admonishment, I'll also target your bare back. However, I haven't time to punish you now. Report to my rooms this evening at 8 o'clock!"

Lovehart set this particular time because she wanted first to watch the Headgirl's earlier strapping of the 17 year-old food thieves to further stimulate her sexual appetites. The poor, terrified, very pretty 16 year-old, Joan, would worry all day about the impending punishment but, when she finally arrived at the appointed time in Lovehart's quarters, she would be offered an alternative method of apologising for her fictional misdemeanour. The proposal would be linked to a tempting promise of greater mercy towards any future lapses in conduct and would involve remaining overnight in the teacher's rooms. Lovehart liked compliance when she deflowered a virginal girl. Lovehart now happily settled into conveying the lesson, with pleasant thoughts about the night of bliss ahead occasionally passing through her mind. The teacher's contentment was increased by viewing the beautiful newcomers to her class, to whom she had deliberately allocated desks at the front to enhance the local scenery. Meanwhile, Thora's mind was partly occupied with concern that he and Jane still had to pay for yesterday's tussle. She occasionally pondered in what form such disturbing payment might be exacted. The rest of the morning, which Lovehart spent introducing her young pupils to the delights of English and Latin grammar, followed by mathematics, finally passed uneventfully, as did the midday meal at 12 o'clock. Caesar's campaigns and the geography of Europe occupied the afternoon until the class was dismissed to return to their dormitories to prepare for the gymnasium. However, Allen was waiting outside and intercepted Thora and Christine.

A smirking Allen advised "Brown T, your dormitory Prefect informs me that you and Morton have been naughtily fighting. As it's the first report on you both, I shan't inform the Housemistress about the incident but shall instead punish you both myself!"

"I'm to strap the food thieves publicly in the quad at 7 o'clock," Allen added, "so you and Morton can report to my rooms an hour later for your own private beatings. I do hope that my right arm will not subsequently be over-stressed with all this sadly necessary work!"

Thora did not appreciate Allen's attempt at humour and her body instead experienced a shiver on hearing of the punishment to come.

The girl had not yet been at Sadomhell School for two days but already her naked bottom had been agonisingly caned in the quadrangle and she had spent the intervening night in the nude in the woods. Now, she could look forward to another beating before the sun set. The next two hours were spent learning about Socrates, Plato and Aristotle before class was dismissed for the day and most of the pupils made their way to the main hall for their evening stew. However, Thora was ominously ordered by Lovehart to remain behind.

"Now, Brown T," announced the teacher, sinisterly holding in her hand a 12-inch ruler, "let's see whether you have really learnt to pay attention. One stroke of this implement for every question you answer incorrectly!"

Lovehart then conducted her examination of Thora's knowledge by asking the scared girl twenty questions relating to the day's lessons. The teacher was rather disappointed to discover that the 16 year-old only responded incorrectly only four times. 

Nevertheless, the four hard stinging strokes of the ruler across Thora's right palm added nicely to the existing redness, and set up the evening pleasantly for Lovehart, who now happily contemplated Joan's later arrival in her room. Thora was finally released from class to consume her evening stew, although the recent beating of her hand and the as yet unknown chastisement to come from Allen again rendered her appetite poor. Afterwards, she returned with Christine and Jane and five other roommates to her dormitory, just as the school clock was chiming 7 o'clock.

"Where are the others?" Thora asked Jane, whilst noticing that eight of the girls from her dormitory and whilst also examining her sore hand.

"They've been assigned chores," replied the dormleader, "but I don't know why they've been chosen and not us."

"What would normally happen now if we didn't have an appointment with Allen?" continued the inquisitive Thora, in respect of her first night due to be spent in the dormitory, as opposed to wood, and whilst attempting to disguise her apprehension at what the assignation with the Headgirl would entail.

"I believe that eventually we'll all be given chores of some kind," Jane answered, whilst trying to hide her own fears, "as well as, when we're more settled in, private study to perform before candles out at 10 o'clock. However, until that happens, there's nothing in particular to do other than talk and play."

"We could watch the food thieves being strapped," suggested Christine unthinkingly.

She subsequently quickly realised her mistake by noticing the looks of consternation that immediately appeared on the faces of her two new friends, to whom the scene would obviously be too reminiscent of their own impending punishment at Allen's eager hands.

"Or perhaps not!" she therefore then said belatedly and rather sheepishly.

Thora proceeded with her questioning by asking "Do we have to stay in the dormitory?"

"No," replied Jane, "we are allowed on the playing fields until dark and can exercise in the gymnasium if we want, as long as there's no other evening activities taking place there. However, it's already pretty gloomy, and I've had enough of the gym for one day. I also think that something happens there at this time every week."

"Exactly a week ago," Jane advised, "I went with my other friend, Thea, to see what might take place in the gym of an evening. We popped our heads round the doors and were quickly chased away by some staff, but not before we saw that they and the twenty or so girls who were with them were all naked."

"Wow!" Thora responded to the revelation.

The girls' chatter eventually became less fulsome as the school clock struck the half hour. Conversation ended completely when the quarter hour before their appointment with Allen chimed and Thora and Jane reluctantly left the dormitory to stand early outside the Headgirl's room.

As they departed, Christine, lost for appropriate sympathetic words, instead rather incongruously wished them "Good luck!"

Thora's bottom was still sore from her humiliating experience the previous evening. She now wondered how much more her posterior would hurt after Allen had inflicted her punishment. Thora's buttocks clamped together in trepidation. Allen was pleased to see Brown T and Morton waiting for her when she returned to her room after the delight of strapping the two young food thieves in the quadrangle. She happily opened the door to her quarters and, smirking, invited Thora and Jane to follow her inside. A large square floor mat occupied an otherwise empty space in front of a door on the right, which led to Allen's personal bathroom. Thora and Jane were told to stand in the middle of this small carpet. Allen collected a cane that rested on the mantelpiece above the fire before approaching the rightly worried and now quivering Thora and Jane.

"Right," announced the Headgirl, "for a first offence four strokes across covered backsides are customary. I don't like breaking traditions, so that's what we'll have. However, I feel a little weary after my exertions in the quad. Consequently, as you dislike each other so much that you fight, it seems appropriate for each of you to beat the other, with no holding back. I'll recognise it if you do refrain from inflicting your worst and will hit you myself if that occurs, despite my tiredness. Brown T, you can bend over, hands on shins, and don't forget to count and thank Morton for her efforts!"

Allen then handed her cane to the horrified Jane and went to sit on her bed to enjoy the spectacle. Meanwhile, Thora reluctantly but bravely obeyed the Headgirl's instruction to bend over and ready herself in an appropriate manner for imminent chastisement, and she soon felt the well- used wooden switch rubbing against hers bottom, as her equally unhappy new friend took aim. Thora tensed as the cane was then withdrawn from her tight and skimpy black shorts, as she knew that the horrible implement would soon be returned with venom. However, Jane was unused to wielding such a tool and missed her intended central target, striking her new friend instead at the bottom of her skimpy shorts, across the very sensitive junction of upper legs and buttocks.

Thora yelped in agony and stumbled a pace forward before eventually reclaiming her emotions and returning to her original position.

"One .thank .you .Morton," the tearful girl then remembered to stutter.

Jane, observing the red stripe that she had inadvertently created on bare skin, took more careful aim with the next three strokes to ensure that they received some cushioning from Thora's shorts and underpants. Nevertheless, the blows still smarted and produced muted cries of anguish. Jane's turn to suffer had now arrived. Unlike Thora, who had already felt the cane impact against her bottom on the previous evening, the dormleader was about to be introduced to the pleasures of physical chastisement for the first time. Jane handed the cane to her now standing and tearful new friend and adopted the required humiliating stance. Thora was as naive as her companion in misfortune in the use of such an implement. Despite Allen's warning, she withheld some of her power from this first strike, which nevertheless still caused her young victim to shriek and begin to sob.

"Not good enough," declared the observant Allen, whose extensive experience of such scenes, often as one of the victims herself, helped her to see through Thora's attempt to disguise the reduced power behind the hit.

"Do it again," the Headgirl commanded before ominously informing "and I'll now personally give you one more stroke for trying to fool me!"

The aghast Thora naturally now fully complied with Allen's instructions. She was also forced to add a further additional strike on Jane's bottom when the anguished girl, in shock, forgot to utter the required number and thanks after her virgin posterior had acquired its first fulsome stripe indicating adequate chastisement. However, the subsequent four blows were delivered to the Headgirl's satisfaction.

"Come here, Brown T," the still smirking Allen subsequently ordered, whilst regaining her feet, "give the cane to me and bend over the bed. Morton pull hers shorts and undies down to her ankles."

Both tearful chastised girls reluctantly complied with these instructions from Allen, who was subsequently rewarded with another sight of Thora's bare bottom, after she had folded the 16 year-old's shirt-tail onto her lower back. The delicious curvature of the smooth creamy buttocks was decorated with five dull brown parallel stripes, created on the previous evening, and four more vivid and haphazard fresh red ones. The Headgirl was looking forward to adding a further similar but even more distinct mark. Allen raised the cane and, using all her strength, delivered a vicious blow to Thora's naked rear, securing a loud scream for her efforts. However, the Headgirl was subsequently disappointed that her young victim remembered to thank her for adding to the collection of stripes on her anguished bottom.

"Alright, stand up Brown T and redress," Allen reluctantly next commanded before adding "I hope that'll teach you not to try to fool with me for, if you don't learn that lesson, there'll be many more beatings to come!"

"You may go," Allen later instructed Thora and Jane, after the former had redressed, "to reflect on your misbehaviour and deserved chastisement. Try to make sure that your mischief is not repeated too often or your sufferings will become far worse!"

As the two tearful 16 year-olds departed, Allen also indulged in her own reflections. She knew that both girls would probably suffer many more beatings at the hands of school sadists, even if they acted in line with their angelic forms, as excuses could always be found. The school clock then chimed another half hour and there was a knock on Allen's door.

1 week later, the conspiratorial aunt and solicitor were dining together in the grand home of Thora's legal guardian, which had been bought from the girl's very valuable inheritance. They were meeting mainly to discuss how to invest for their own enrichment the remainder of this substantial legacy, which they intended would be non-existent as far as the rightful beneficiary was concerned after she eventually finished at Sadomhell School.

"I have received a message from my friend, the school doctor," the solicitor advised, whilst chewing his expensive sirloin steak, "and my friend tells me that she has now met and examined your young niece. She says that the brat's obviously settling in because she already bore marks of chastisement on her palm and buttocks!"

The aunt, after sipping some very expensive red wine, happily commented, whilst hers face displayed a deeply satisfied grin, "I'm sure that brat's many sufferings over the next nine years will be well deserved!"
Coming in, I kinda suspected this movie was based on a book. The movie starts with a great sequence introducing us to the post-apocalyptic steampunk world and showing us London shallowing the smaller city. I don't mind the whole city on wheels thing. The steampunk genre is filled with stuff like this.

But ultimately its another one of those visually stunning but the storyline is and type of the movies. The melee fights were weak.

But many elements feel rushed and underdeveloped. In particular is Anna Fang, she know so little about her that I have no idea why they bothered giving her a big fight sequence with Valentine. I haven't read the book but I'm curious if the movie had left some important stuff out.

Tom was a useless character who constantly needed saving. I get that he's less experience than Hester, that Hester is the main character and Tom does ultimately prove useful as an aviator but for most of the movie, I'm wondering why this character even exists. He and Hester fall in love along the way but the movie is so fast paced and shattered that you hardly recognise that they even have chemistry.

Shrike is an intimidating character but his motivations are non-sensical. He wants to kill Hester because she wouldn't become a cyborg like him. But then he is suddenly cool with this right before he dies.

Also as there really a need for Valentine to be Hester's father. It doesn't appear to really add everything to the story and we only find out at the very end.

Its a decent movie but could be a whole lot better.


United Kingdom


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