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Peter Graduation by UnknownOO8 Peter Graduation :iconunknownoo8:UnknownOO8 4 2
Team Tankers M8 Present Part 2
Rescuers Mission 8 Present: Rescue Gunpowder
PMD-Explorers Mission 8 Part 2
To Gunpowder's Rescue
Peter spotted Gunpowder in a corner of the cave. The Gabite was lying unconscious on the ground of bones and several white bands smeared in what seemed to be blood were wrapped around him. "Gunpowder! Wake up! We need to get out of here!"
But the Gabite didn't respond. It seemed he was worn out from the struggle he had to endure during all this time. Chex walked to Gunpowder and bent over his face. "Squeak!" He poked the Gabite several times, before grabbing his right arm and pulling it up.
"Darn, he's unconscious," Ariett said. She hovered over his motionless body and clasped her hands. "Brock went to back Chill up, so we're on our own. I'll try to wake him up."
Peter nodded and turned back to see how were things on Chill's side. Chill and Brock were luring the monster to go in circles. The blizzard Chill summoned seemed to be effective against the
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Team Tankers M8 Present Part 1
Rescuers Mission 8 Present: Rescue Gunpowder
PMD-Explorers Mission 8 Part 1
The boneyard
Peter peered to the ground below when Barty began his descent. He wanted to see where exactly they were heading to, and the sight from below just didn't make things any more reassuring. It was the first time in his life that he had seen so many skeletons and of such variety. Skulls and rib cages of different shapes and sizes were the ones which jumped the most to his eyes.
A smell of dread reached Peter's nose, inciting him to press his nose. It would take a while for his sensitive nose to get used to that odour....
Chill climbed onto the edge of Barty's basket when Barty was close enough to the ground, ready to jump off. "There we are. Thanks for the lift man!" He disappeared behind the basket, followed by Chex who darted behind him as soon as the basket touched the ground.
Peter didn't wait to get left behind. After Brock got out, he set foot on the desert
:iconunknownoo8:UnknownOO8 1 0
Team Tankers M8 Present -Prologue-
Rescuers Mission 8 Present: Rescue Gunpowder
PMD-Explorers Mission 8 Prologue
Chill's back
Peter came out of the Spinda café rubbing his tummy. The Pikachu had a smile on the face and smacked his lips. It was a good day to start off; the sun was up and the warmth welcoming. He would probably be able to train with the master some more today. Things had been quiet lately and he knew that some good practice would do him good. Grabbing the strap of his explorer bag, he pranced to the dojo.
Not too far behind him was Ariett, flapping her wings just enough to remain airborne and humming until her gaze fell onto the nearby commotion, near the village's tree house.
Peter was wondering about new things he could learn today from the master when he felt something was wrong and stopped. He couldn't hear Ariett anymore, which was unusual of her. "Is something wrong?" He turned around to find Ariett pointing to a little crowd near the Rescuer's headquarters.
:iconunknownoo8:UnknownOO8 3 4
Team Tankers Jan Tasks Part 2
Rescuers January Tasks Part 2
The task board
Peter woke up that morning with the determination to go to Sapling Village. When the Pikachu opened the door of his room, he could see the sun slowly rising up from behind the mountains afar; the day had just begun for him.
Peter was waiting for Ariett near the village fountain. "Got everything packed for the trip?" he asked as soon as the Togetic came within hearing range. "We'll have to go through the bare lands of Creepy Forest and cross a bit of its remaining forest to reach Sapling Village. I don't think it would be a good idea to go near Castle Draclugia. With what happened last time, Merlot might have posted guards around her castle. And I've asked Barty about it, but he will be busy today with some other tasks of his own."
"Trip to Sapling Village?"
The two of them turned their heads to Fresnel. The Ampharos came down from the Rescuers club with a bag in his hands. Peter wasn't sure what that meant; it was sur
:iconunknownoo8:UnknownOO8 2 2
Team Tankers Jan Tasks Part 1
Rescuers January Tasks Part 1
Midnight stroll
Marston walked through the night with some makeshift lantern tied to his right arm. Chlora had insisted that he needed it to reach the Mossy Village, as otherwise, she was sure he would get lost. Walking with that  thing though felt weird to the Mudkip, but he was grateful nonetheless that it lit his path a good distance around him. Its design and the lights it casted reminded him of Volbeats. He would always remember the days he would watch the magical show of those Pokémon, though now, it made him feel nostalgic.
Finding the village will be easy. Chlora had told him. You simply need to follow the moon, and you'll eventually reach it. You will immediately recognise it from the huge Ariados statue and the numerous silk hanging from the trees. There are mostly bug type Pokémon there, so, this lantern is the perfect thing for your task. If it was a lantern of fire, you probably wouldn't eve
:iconunknownoo8:UnknownOO8 3 2
Team Tankers E7 -Epilogue-
Rescuers Event 7: A Letter from the Past
PMD-Explorers Event 7 Epilogue
Onto a new day
Peter was smiling, and Ariett didn't need to rely on he natural powers to understand that Peter was happy right now. That letter from Marston did mean a lot to him, and it was such a relief that they had found it, or rather, how it had found them. She lay down on her bunk and stared at the wooden ceiling.
"T-they really travelled back through time with Jasmine and they are all safe, from what I understand," Peter said with a sigh of relief. "But Jasmine still isn't completely healed to bring them all back to our time."
"I see," Ariett muttered. "So we can only wait and hope that she heals quickly, though on the other hand..."
Ariett could feel Peter's glare even if she wasn't looking at the Pikachu. "It's not that I don't believe they won't ever come back—"
"They will all definitely come back, you will see," Peter said with a firm tone. "Jasmine might no
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Team Flare by UnknownOO8 Team Flare :iconunknownoo8:UnknownOO8 3 4 Team ShockBurn by UnknownOO8 Team ShockBurn :iconunknownoo8:UnknownOO8 4 6 Shikka by UnknownOO8 Shikka :iconunknownoo8:UnknownOO8 5 2
Rain rain rain...
It seemed like genturies... Genturies singe I ever felt the gool and gleansing water. I gaptured eagh and every drop I gould, but that was never enough. Of gourse, I gould survive with sugh small amount, but it never gontented me; I always felt a mergiless grave for more.
I gombatted this thirst eagh day without slagk, but in the end, I was gornered. The aghe that logked itself within me gould not be overgome; it gnawed from inside me like gogkroaghes. That was when I started grying for help, galling to whatever being was above, so they gould gease my affligtion by sending me this longed rain. But no, nothing oggurred. Not a spegk of gloud game to my resgue; nor did I get any glue of anyone hearing me. With arms stretghed upwards, I gontinued my plead. For days to gome, I gried and gried for mergy, but no help game. Eventually, my hope faded away and I started gursing them for their ingonsideration.
I woke up by the sgent of humidity. Overhead, glouds goming from nowhere gast their sha
:iconunknownoo8:UnknownOO8 4 2
Team Tankers E7 Part 3
Rescuers Event 7: A Letter from the Past
PMD-Explorers Event 7 Part 3
Marston's letter
A shadow crept over Peter, hiding the setting sun from his sight.
"Hey, I was looking for you all over the village!"
The Pikachu shifted his gaze from the sky to the one in front of him, a large Sandslash vaguely reminded him of someone with a letter held between claws. "R-Rollie? You were looking for me?"
The grinning Sandslash nodded, before handing him the letter.
On the envelope, the Pikachu clearly read 'Peter'. Could it be Marston's letter? "Is that my letter? But where did you find it? I looked for it everywhere and when I thought I was finally going to get it from a Duskull called Peter as well, I still couldn't get it!"
"R-really?" Rollie asked. Her face reddened a little, but she immediately regained her composure. "I was going to my den earlier when some letter flew into my face. It was addressed to a certain Peter, but I guessed not to you because
:iconunknownoo8:UnknownOO8 3 5
Team Tankers E7 Part 2
Rescuers Event 7: A Letter from the Past
PMD-Explorers Event 7 Part 2
Letters all over the place
Peter darted through the square of the village towards the tenements, closely followed by Ariett who was flying right behind him. As compared to minutes ago, it was much easier to go about; most of the Pokémon were no more around and those that were still there were deeply absorbed in the letters they were reading.
In some way, that made Peter feel sad. It felt like everyone around but him had already found their letters. At the same time though, that same feeling compelled him forward, so that he too, could learn of the news about his partner in this letter, the one Marston put so much effort in.
The tenements were finally within sight and Peter quickly scanned for the last room described by the Clefairy; the one at the end of the building. Contrary to his expectations, the Pikachu found that door wide open, and two small trails of sand snaki
:iconunknownoo8:UnknownOO8 3 1
Team Tankers E7 Part 1
Rescuers Event 7: A Letter from the Past
PMD-Explorers Event 7 Part 1
The box from the past
From what Peter could see, the Pokémon were rushing to take something from the Merchants hut; it was really wild! It was the first time since he arrived here that he saw the Pokémon of Tao acting as if their lives were at stake, more so than when Sorbet attacked the village.
He raised an eyebrow and plodded through the crowd of Pokémon towards the Merchant hut to see what all the fuss was about.
"I think they are taking something from a box..." Ariett said, trying to get a better sight from where she was hovering. "Those are...letters?"
From where Peter was, he could only see Shoormsworth's head and the Breloom didn't seem pleased by the outburst of Pokémon. Before he could understand what the merchant guild leader was saying, a Larvitar swept past him, causing the Pikachu to stumble.
Ariett spun in the direction of the small r
:iconunknownoo8:UnknownOO8 3 5
Team Tankers E7 -Prologue-
Rescuers Event 7: A Letter from the Past
PMD-Explorers Event 7 Prologue
Back home?
Marston felt his body as light as air. It seemed he was travelling along some tube, lined with the seven colours of the rainbow, all changing at the same time. Images also flashed past him, images he could not discern very well, but the more he tried to focus, the clearer they seemed to be. Were those... images of what happened between that time in the past and the future? The Mudkip didn't have the time to look into more of them however; the giant tube somewhat began pulsing and a bright light appeared at its end. He brought his arms in front of him to shield his eyes, but it was becoming so intense that he also had to close his eyes.
When Marston opened his eyes, he was no more in that tube. Around him were some trees and he could hear the chirping of Taillows and Pidoves in the trees. He looked around to get his bearings, and that's when he found, among other P
:iconunknownoo8:UnknownOO8 2 2
Happy Birthday Uruboros by UnknownOO8 Happy Birthday Uruboros :iconunknownoo8:UnknownOO8 7 5


Breath of the Wild Kass Figure (gif turntable) by brackenhawk Breath of the Wild Kass Figure (gif turntable) :iconbrackenhawk:brackenhawk 66 5 BaeCrew: the bakers by Middroo BaeCrew: the bakers :iconmiddroo:Middroo 81 8 May Tasks Pg. 2/2 :: Solar Wind by RainbowFilled May Tasks Pg. 2/2 :: Solar Wind :iconrainbowfilled:RainbowFilled 49 16 May Tasks Pg. 1/2 :: Solar Wind by RainbowFilled May Tasks Pg. 1/2 :: Solar Wind :iconrainbowfilled:RainbowFilled 50 17 Team Nightshade - M8 Page 4 by Myra-Avalon Team Nightshade - M8 Page 4 :iconmyra-avalon:Myra-Avalon 30 17
A Piece Against Bullying
First hour: Math. Most people complained at having such a difficult core class early in the morning, but I never did. Neither did Jeff. While I was that kid who was never talked to by anyone, Jeff was that kid who was talked to by all the mean people. In math it happened to be a group of guys. Loud, obnoxious, and I don’t mean to be stereotypical, but I’m pretty sure most of them were on a sports team of some sort. Jeff didn’t do any sort of extracurricular activities—he hardly talked in class too. Why he became the target of all of these people, I’ll never know.
Today was no different from all the others. Jeff came into the classroom and sat down, two seats to my right. He took out his homework and laid it out on his desk, and then waited for what he knew was coming. A couple minutes before the bell rang, the guys showed up. They sat around him—trapping him within their circle. I still wonder why the teacher allowed us to chose our seats.
:iconev13il:eV13il 6 13
FO E7 - Hail and Farewell
Dogen, I can’t sense your presence any more. It is this that tells me for certain that I am no longer where I belong - which is wherever you are. I would write you a letter separately, but my heart is weighed down and has little to say. What can I say except that I miss you Dogen. I missed you even when I was still with you. And I needed you, but you couldn’t see that, because you believed that others needed you more. I forgive you, Dogen, because I know now that even if out had tried, you’d have never been able to help me, not as she helps me. You see, Dogen, I’ve found someone here, whose heart speaks to mine more fluently than yours ever did. She’ll never replace you Dogen, no-one ever can, but perhaps it is better this way. Though we may never see each other again, and my heart aches because of this, it is better that I am here, because she helps keep the monster calm, Dogen. And I know that she is capable of saving me from myself. Live long and pro
:iconsinistroscribe:sinistroscribe 3 1
A Small Distraction - part 5
A Small Distraction - part 5
Rameon tied the last of the webbing ropes to the treasure chest, nodding to himself as he looked it over once more. He really did not like being in this tiny hole; it felt so claustophobic. And he was filthy now, dirt and mud staining his once pristine cloak. Whatever payment he got from this chest had best be worth it, or he would be very annoyed. He glanced up at the top of the hole, where Junior, Diego and Tyke were looking down at him impatiently.
"Have ya got it yet, slowpoke?" Junior called down, laughing. Rameon made a face.
"The artifacts inside could be very fragile, you know," he retorted, gathering up the make shift rope and tossing it up to the waiting pokemon. "Okay, you know the drill," he continued, steadying himself on the top of the chest. Coming down had been necessary to properly secure the chest, but climbing back up was impossible. The dirt walls were simply too weak, giving way under his paws and surrendering no footholds. "Tyke and Ju
:iconlynionpoe:LynionPoe 4 3
A Small Distraction - part 4
A Small Distraction - part 4
"Rambo!" Junior shouted as the sandshrew finally emerged into the central hub of the tunnel. The buneary bounced back and forth excitedly, pulling the attention of everyone to Rameon's appearance. "Man, I didn't know you were even comin'!"
"Uncle! Uncle!" Jacqueline squealed, bouncing into his arms eagerly. Rameon hugged the koffing tightly, wrinkling his nose at the smell she was exuding. Oh yes, she was definitely producing gas. He rubbed his cheek on her head regardless, smiling at her pleased giggling.
"It was a last minute decision," Rameon said, trotting to the group with his niece in hand. He nodded to Diego and Tyke, then looked down to a small diglett seated on the ground, red nose twitching as he peered up at Rameon with squinted eyes. "And you must be Nugget?"
He nodded, squeaking. "Yep! I'm the one who dug up this treasure!" He hopped to his feet, scurrying to the wall. Rameon followed, eyes spotting a hole he had not noticed before. Nugget boun
:iconlynionpoe:LynionPoe 4 3
A Small Distraction - part 1
A Small Distraction - part 1
"Are you awake yet, Juggernaut?" Rameon called out as he pulled on his cloak-turned-lab coat. He glanced over to the weedle, who curiously had wrapped himself entirely in blankets the night before, complaining that he felt cold and sick. Rameon pulled on his goggles, fitting them comfortably on his forehead. "If you're feeling better, there are some small tasks the guild leaders need us to do. I thought it might be fun. Buzztric went out already." He grimaced, remembering the excitable joltik leaping out the window an hour previously to see the new board in the center of the village. "He's probably gonna be scuttling all over that board until we get there, so..." He trailed off, glancing over to Juggernaut again. His brow creased, wondering why the weedle was not responding. Rameon hurried closer, his stomach plummeting, wondering if his friend were sick, or worse...
He whipped the blanket back, and yelled in fright at the pokemon laying on the bed. A singl
:iconlynionpoe:LynionPoe 4 5
A Small Distraction - part 3
A Small Distraction - part 3
"Well, at least the tunnel was easy to find." Rameon stood with a paw on his hip, looking into the deep dark den just on the border of Tao. He could tell just from looking at it that it was stable, so at least whoever had made it knew what they were doing, but he wrinkled his nostrils at the... neatness. It looked filthy down there. He pulled his goggles over his eyes, flipping the dark lenses up to reveal the clear ones beneath them. He needed his eyes to work, and he was not going to have them ruined by someone's filthy hole.
"The boys been here already," Buzztric pointed out, directing a small leg to the foot prints all over the entrance. He sniffed the air, his breaths making loud 'huff huff' sounds. "Buzztric smells sir Rameon's neice, sir Rameon. Strong strong smell."
Rameon sniffed the air curiously, cocking an ear at the pungent odor. "Odd. She wasn't giving off gas the last time I saw her." He shrugged, smiling fondly. "But then, I imagine it's all
:iconlynionpoe:LynionPoe 4 5
A Small Distraction - part 2
A Small Distraction - part 2
'Well, I hope he likes this,' Rollie thought to herself as she walked out of the tailor's shop. Part of her was reluctant to leave; king's pride was inside, Lorrin working for Gnasher, Sirene and Lear with her while she worked on the eevee's bag, 'Borio'. Sirene, who had just come back from the past. Too frightened and exhausted still to speak of what had happened, and shockingly vague when Rollie asked about Piers and Shemp frantically. Either she did not know for sure, or... Rollie let out a breath, clutching her bundled package to her chest. A present for Samuel.
As much as she wanted to put the whole sordid affair behind her, Rollie could not simply forgive herself for what she had done to the old crobat. What she had tried to do. Terrence had tricked her, yes, but she should have sorted her mind out before jumping to conclusions. She should have thought, asked, figured things out. As Piers would have done. She blinked heavily, slowly, rolling he
:iconlynionpoe:LynionPoe 4 4
E7 Part 3 Suledin Extempore
Dil, I don’t know when we are, and Jasmine, they say she’s in a bad way.. I don’t know if I’ll ever see you again, but I want you to know that I love you. Thanks for everything, Dil. Promise me that if I don’t come back that you won’t blame yourself. Because this is something that was out of your control. I don’t want you to mourn for me, Dil, because I’m still alive. Take comfort in knowing that I breathe, somewhere, some time. But let go, Dil, let go of me. Because Evey needs you, and the egg too. Don’t give up Dil, don’t give up on either of them.
I’ll do all I can to get back to you, back to where I belong, but if we fail, then, goodbye, my friend. Even though we were often at odds, and didn’t always get along. But you did your best by me, and though you perhaps didn’t ask for the responsibility, you tried, and you were a good older-brother-father figure. For that I’ll always be thankful.
:iconsinistroscribe:sinistroscribe 2 1
E7 Part 2 Suledin Extempore
“Galileo? Galileo, wake up, Dil says there’s something important happening...” Evanjalin’s gentle voice pulled the seabird softly from his slumber.
“Oh, aye?” He yawned, stretching his wings. “Thanks much, mate, for wakin’ me from me sleep. I’d best be headin’ off to see what alla this business be about. Don’t yeh worry none, Evey. We’ll be back before yeh and the li’l egg c’n even miss us!” And with this, the wingull took off, leaving the pidgey alone with the egg that refused to hatch.
------- - -------
“Ah, Galileo, there you are!” Dil called out from where he was circling just above Galileo. Below them was a thick crowd, talking so loudly that Dil’s voice was all but drowned out. The staravia dropped to Galileo’s height. “It’s letters, Galileo! Letters from the past. From... The ones we lost to time. It seems everyone is desperate to hear from their team-mat
:iconsinistroscribe:sinistroscribe 2 1
E7 Part 1 Suledin Extempore
You don't know how much I wish I could hear your voice. It has always been one of the greatest of comforts to me, aside from snuggling with Sully. But I can never do that again. And I don't know if I'll ever hear your voice. The saddest part is that I never got to see you, and now, who knows if I ever will. See you for who you really are. But I know your heart, and that is enough for me.
------- - -------
"Look, Sinclair! See that cloud?" Teague's voice was warm, and the sound of it had a brightness to it, that made Sinclair think of the sun. The ducklett's bird sounded like sunlight. "It looks like Dil! Or maybe Galileo. A brave bird, flying against the odds into a storm. Don't you think?" He turned towards her, looking across to where she was balanced on a branch. Mentally, he cringed.
"I don't really have an opinion,
do I?" Sinclair's words were colder than she'd intended them to be, and she drew in a slow breath. "Sorry, Teague. I just… Don't understand how you alwa
:iconsinistroscribe:sinistroscribe 3 1
Treble and Hector's Letter :: Team Heal Bell E7 by RainbowFilled Treble and Hector's Letter :: Team Heal Bell E7 :iconrainbowfilled:RainbowFilled 40 63




Um, hello everyone!

I haven't been checking here for about 2 months now, wow. Well, I did check in here a few weeks back, but then, got caught up in other things as well ^^; My last journal dates from... yikes, almost half a year ago. :oops:

In late October, I was on an assignment for work and got back to the office in the first week of November, only to have a bunch of things to wrap up and some new type of work to do at the office. Those were actually the work I usually do, but what was new with them was that they were new clients (it was the first time me and my colleagues were working with Swedish, Russian, Bulgarian and Norwegians) and it was basically free service we were giving to those people. The strategy there was for them to test how well we worked and based on that, they would then decide whether they will come to us for our service in the future (and this time, the money will come in). So obviously, everyone had to take extra care with everything we did, double, triple check everything and I happened to get the biggest task of the batch (the client was Mc Donalds from Russia and their transaction records was humongous!).

Of course, that one took most of my time, I decided to use SQL to be able to work faster. I spent some time at home as well just to write queries I would execute once I'm back at work. Shortly after that, I was a couple of weeks before my exams and that's when I decided I needed to focus on my exams. I only checked my email and a few reference sites for articles related to my exams. If I were to pass all three sittings, I wouldn't have to sit more exams for the next couple of years. Even now, I'm not sure whether I managed to score at least the pass mark (these things are those questions where you never know whether you're got them right or not), but we'll see when the results will be announced.

There's something else that has been keeping me somewhat busy, and that thing is called StackOverflow. It's a QA site I discovered about a year and some months ago when I was looking for help about SQL and some other coding/programming stuff and have been growing more fond of it around April of this year. I've been able to learn some stuff about programming, I have contributed some answers myself and currently have 21k reputation points (just for reference, people get 10 points when they get one 'upvote', and 15 points when the person who asked marks your answer as 'accepted').

It's a bit like yahoo answers, but the community there makes sure there's a decent level of professionalism. Good answers are upvoted, bad ones are downvoted and sometimes sent to oblivion. Not only that, but StackOverflow really is one branch of a tree; it has several 'sister sites' each for something specific. To mention a few, Arcade for instance is specialised for gaming questions, Writers is quite obvious, Graphics Design is about graphic design softwares. Well, of course nothing is all rose tinted, but I'm satisfied with what those sites have to offer.

More recently when my exams were over, there's been an event called 'Winter Bash', where people can earn all sorts of hats based off certain conditions (e.g. get 5 answers all with at least 3 upvotes) and since I had been gone for a while, I was trying to collect those when I had the time and at the same time, climb the reputation ladder since I've been away for a whole month.

At the same time, work hasn't been too demanding this month, but because of this, there has been less people in my section and the workload for each one was largely sufficient to get a full 8 hours per day.

Enough of the boring stuff now, among other news, I've got Pokemon Y, for any of those who would be interested and my friend code is 3781-0435-4592. I have Delibird, Bergmite and Dewgong in my friend safari. I usually leave the internet connection off from my 3DS since it drains so much battery, but if you want to trade/battle or something else, just let me know and I'll get online (just as a note, I'm in the timezone GMT +04 00 with no daylight savings time). I'm breeding some good IV Pokemon right now instead of filling my Pokedex and currently have plenty of Eevee, Wooper, Rotom to give (at least 3 perfect IVs). If you want to add me on Skype to be able to get in touch more easily, my Skype ID is unknownoo8.

Otherwise, I'm trying to use what I've learned to write a small program which will be used as Pokedex. I know there're plenty of them on the internet, I just want to try my hand and see how far I can go! I'll be trying to write it in Tcl, and if that doesn't work as expected, I'll go for Python and I'll probably make it downloadable once it's ready. Currently, I'm thinking of putting mainly competitive stuff in there, such as movepools and try to integrate a damage calculator which will calculate the damage of up to 6 Pokemon of the user's choice at one time.

Uh what else, ah, yes, PMDe closed down and is currently being somewhat replaced by PMDu. I intend to finish up a few stories, and rewrite another piece I lost at the beginning of the year, but I don't plan to join PMDu, I just don't think I'll be able to get into another group and be able to actively participate like I was able to previously. That doesn't mean I'll never join that group, just that I think it's unlikely to happen. Only time can tell.

I've still got a lot of stuff to read too, and I feel kind of guilty for still not having read them yet. A promise is a promise and I will eventually come down to it! For now, there's something else I could do: a tag I didn't get to finish earlier from joekabox.


The rules:

(1) You must post these rules!
(2) Each person has to share 10 things about themselves.
(3) Answer 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will answer. (tagging is not my forte ^^;)
(4) Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal.
(5) Go to their page and inform them they are tagged.
(6) Not something All like "You are tagged if you read this!"
(7) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
(8) No tag-backs
(9) You can't say that you don't do tags


10 Things:

1. I happen to like regular expressions (RegExp) which is often used for customized searches and parsing of information, even though it's discouraged to used them for parsing HTML or the like. There's a site which currently has 16 RegExp challenges here, on which I currently have 3982 total points. =P

2. I've been watching some old Pokemon episodes that I never watched, or missed entirely. I'm kind of a completionist so... :oops: Hopefully, those will help me draw Pokemon better too!

3. I've recently been a volunteer to test a product not yet on the local market. It was a cream that lightens the skin tone faster after getting tanned. Got some money off it, part of which was used to get Pokemon Y and an external hard disk. The rest is going to travel, food and other smaller miscellaneous stuff.

4. Pokemon Y will be the first legit main series Pokemon game I play. All up to now, I've come across (highly likely) pirated copies of GBA cartridges, or downloaded ROMs since those weren't sold in my country and I don't have a credit card to be able to do online transactions (and mom isn't the type to spend her money on games, even if I'd pay her for that). Now that I work though, I was able to ask a colleague to pay for it and I pay him back.

5. I have 7 shiny Pokemon so far in Y and I didn't really look for them: Dragonair, Horsea, Togepi, Rotom, Wingull, Poliwhirl and Combee.

6. I'm a member of Pokemon Universe. It's currently only a forum, but was intended to be a Pokemon MMO back then. Today, it seems that the project will instead turn into a tournament site with the unique feature being that the Pokemon that will battle will have their stats 'balanced'. They will be balanced in such a way that any Pokemon can battle and still have a chance to win. For instance, Butterfree got a boost in its base stats, permanent weather lasts for 5 turns instead unless the corresponding stone is held by the Pokemon using/activating the weather (this was before the metagame in XY was known), some Pokemon got their stats nerfed, some movepool changes, ability changes and even some type changes, for example, Masquerain is Bug/Water instead of Bug/Flying. Well, I'm trying to get better at drawing so that the project does end up in an MMO and not in a tournament thing only. What's really missing right now is art.

7. For those wondering, I work in an accountancy firm (Ernst & Young) in a relatively new department founded in 2011, and I've been working in that department since around July 2012. There's currently 6 staff (including me) and 1 manager.

8. I'm the youngest among my colleagues and the first one to use a programming language to do the tasks assigned to us, and I usually take responsibility of the most complex sort of data we are given especially if the data is of html type, txt type or pdf type. The next youngest is 24.

9. I don't drink alcoholic beverages, and have drank only once in my lifetime so far and even then, it was like a few drops of wine into a full glass of juice... If ever I'm invited to a party, don't be surprised if I refuse any sort of booze ^^;

10. Hmm, I don't know what to say now... oh, I'm feeling really hot and sweaty xP


1. What is your favorite movie and why? If you do not like movies or do not have a favorite, replace movie with either Video Game, Book, or TV Show. If the same applies to them, explain why you don't have a favorite movie.

I don't really have a favourite movie, I like a bunch equally and quite a lot; the StarWars series was one of the first movies I watched as a kid; The Lord of the Rings series, Sherlock Holmes, Transformers and Pirates of the Carribean series are just so cool and fun to watch, and Pokemon 2000, which was my first Pokemon movie and my favourite of all the released movies so far in the series. Favourite game is by far Pokemon, in almost any form and maybe Pokemon Platinum as the favourite of the bunch, then The Legend of Zelda, Golden Sun and Kingdom Hearts. For books, I really haven't read much, but I liked Ender's Game.

2. What do you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/mate/whatever? If you don't want any of those, what do you look for in a friend?

Hmm, that's quite a tough one, I guess that the behaviour is the first thing in a girlfriend, as in does she appear to be honest in her ways, how she reacts to certain situations, how organised she is. Then maybe if she has any common interests with me... But then, I have no experience so... ^^;

3. You can choose to live in one of five worlds, which one would you choose? 1) The Pokémon world, but for whatever reason you aren't allowed to catch Pokémon. 2) The world of Harry Potter, but you are a Squib. 3) The world of Yu-Gi-Oh! (whatever series you want), but you suck at dueling (you can get better, but it takes far longer than anyone else). 4) A perfect world where everything is exactly as you'd want it and everyone is happy with it, but you only live for 50 years (you can choose to go there as you are now or be born again). 5) The world as it is now but you get to live a full life without disease, illness, physical harm, or loss of loved ones (you can still be poor, lose property, and things like that however).

I might be cheating if I choose a perfect world which is inhabited by Pokemon as well... Yup, that'd be perfect!

4. Do you want to have kids someday? Regardless of whether or not you do, why?

Yup, sure do. I love kids and babies and it'd be fun to show them, teach them many stuff and pass down the things that is mine so that I'm sure all the effort I made while alive doesn't go away so easily.

5. What's your favorite food?

Um.. I'd say italian cuisine; be it pasta, risotto or pizza. I could eat that every day if they are available, although I would eat a variety of things if there are other things I like, but they won't be as frequently in my dish!

6. Do you have a Pokésona? Either human, Pokémon, or both. If so, would you mind showing them and/or describing them?

Well, I could say I have a Pokemon Pokesona, but I'm waiting till I can draw better to draw it, sorry! I'm sure might be pretty obvious who that is, but your guess might be a little tiny bit off.

7. What are your thoughts on role playing (not role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, but role playing between two people through text)?

Hmm, well, if it turns out being fun, that can be an enriching experience for all people involved. Otherwise, the time spent could as well have been spent on something more productive. I guess it's all a matter of experience perhaps? And how much the players are creative and/or prepared for it?

8. Animals, do they deserve rights, respect, and fair treatment?

They deserve their rights just as much as they deserved their life in the first place. Now, nothing is all black and white, and there are things that cannot be helped. For instance, mosquitoes here have been pests for a long while and if nothing was done, who knows how many people would have died out of the diseases they have carried... That doesn't mean that they were all mercilessly killed. I sleep with a mosquito net and that keeps them away without having to kill them. Otherwise, other bugs roam freely around, that is, unless they come face to face with a lizard.

9. If you could, would you change your name?

Hmm, no, I believe I'm fine as is. I already got used to it I guess ^^;

10. It is a common debate among people (mostly nerds) as to whether or not a teleportation device like those in Star Trek would technically kill you and then clone another you with all your memories (due to the fact the way it teleports you is by breaking you down to atoms, sending you somewhere else, and then putting you back together). That being said, here is a question. If a loved one, just one, were in danger and only you could save them, but the only way to get to them in time is to use a teleporter, knowing that using it could very well end your life and make a clone of you to live instead, would you do it? Think of this as a very nerdy version of sacrificing yourself to save another.

Probably yes, and even without thinking. That, or maybe I'll throw something else first just to see what happens.


Otherwise, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
(just in case I forget again... ._.)
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  • Watching: Pokemon
  • Playing: Pokemon Y
  • Drinking: Water


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