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I'm more of a writer, but I love drawing too. Too bad I don't have a tablet or readily available scanner/camera to take some pictures. Slowly trying to get used to digital art, pixel art, i think, being where I'm most comfortable with for the time being and simple animations. But yeah, I haven't studied art much, if at all, so it has remained a hobby for a long time now. I hope I'll be able to get the strings of visual art!

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Prison Break, Heroes, Dr. House, Les Experts (CSI)
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Um, hello everyone! I haven't been checking here for about 2 months now, wow. Well, I did check in here a few weeks back, but then, got caught up in other things as well ^^; My last journal dates from... yikes, almost half a year ago. :oops: In late October, I was on an assignment for work and got back to the office in the first week of November, only to have a bunch of things to wrap up and some new type of work to do at the office. Those were actually the work I usually do, but what was new with them was that they were new clients (it was the first time me and my colleagues were working with Swedish, Russian, Bulgarian and Norwegians) and
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It's been a while! Just a quickie right now, to mention that I've been really busy with work lately and with exams approaching, what I get little time for PMDe and other stuff I usually do. It's gone down pretty much to work, courses/tuition, sleep. I squeezed in some of my sleep last time to get PMDe M8 in (I was told it didn't go through, but I was notified a few hours ago that it went though, you can see the journal from whmSeik (https://www.deviantart.com/whmseik) in the group). I don't know if I was the one who triggered it, but now, I had to revert some of the edits I ran after submitting the 'final' version, which consisted of grammar and spelling issues I spotted la
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It's been some time since the last one, so... The big news of today for me is that I got the results for my exams back in December. My heart was pounding like two hundred the minute while some of my other colleagues received their own results, while mines somehow hadn't come yet. Some were cries of joy, others, sighs... And when I got the notification from gmail 'You have a new mail!' my hand was shaking to click that mail. When it finally did, there was this standard "Dear ...." and I skimmed to the body. It displayed the status of all the modules I was taking, so, including the ones I already got through, but then, the ones I had taken thi
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Sorry, I've been away for a long time. Just don't know anymore what to do here. I still have my ideas for my PMD-E characters in a folder on dropbox, so I might be completing them sometime. In the meanwhile, I'm being more active on StackOverflow learning some programming languages, and maybe some 3D modelling and game designing.
Happy belated birthday!!! :D
I didn't think you still go to da but I'm glad you are and I'm still trying to read through your stuff
Wow thanks :D Yea, I kind of got busy with other stuff and yea, the habit of checking DA every single day dwindled out gradually. Sometimes seeing a DA link brings me back in and I'm like oops, I forgot to check DA again ^^;
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Hey there, I tagged you in a journal. I hope you don't mind.