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Vocaloid Magnet Headphones - Tutorial

This tutorial might not be the best, but my whole process of creation is covered in here XD

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I am more than happy to answer them X3

I hope this tutorial was useful. Be creative and imaginative =)

Link to wing outline --> [link]
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amandinepec-RyuuDraw's avatar
Wow this is awesome *^* I hope I have color paper, or I'll have to wait to make them ;-;
POOTERSS's avatar
this looks really helpful for Vocaloid cosplayers! I wanted to cosplay Kaito sometime in the future. GJ
Mischievousprank's avatar
You are simply great, really good tutorial =D
yukioizaki's avatar
let me try this at home~
for Len cosplay

thanks for the tutorial XD
AmyCosplayer's avatar
UnknownEmerald's avatar
You're Awesome! XD
AmyCosplayer's avatar
Thanks!! You are really awsome too!!!
Kunoichi-Dawn's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial!
UnknownEmerald's avatar
You're very very welcome ^3^
KoiFishAsylum's avatar
I remember them selling these at cons for like $60! Thanks so much for this tutorial! I will have to give it a try >w>
UnknownEmerald's avatar
Yay! Please do! It's really cheap and definetly worth giving a try X3
CosplayMiki's avatar
I made them~! Thank you for the tutorial~! :3
I made two pairs; one pair for my Len cosplay, and the other set for my friend's Rin cosplay (I'm actually making her cosplay for her, haha~)..~
When I finish it, I'll upload a picture of my magnet Len cosplay, and I'll be sure to reference you and your tutorial~! Thank you so much! ^^
UnknownEmerald's avatar
OMG! Be sure to link me when it's up! I gotta see what my little Crona came up with XD
CosplayMiki's avatar
Heheh, of course I will~! ^//^
CosplayMiki's avatar
My Len Cosplay~: [link] and [link] ^///^
UnknownEmerald's avatar
G..gah! I love it! I don't know how to say it.. umm.. *ULTRA HUG* SO FRIGGEN KAWAIII !!!
CosplayMiki's avatar
Ehehe, thank you..~! >///<
CosplayMiki's avatar
Thank you again for the tutorial..~! ;w;
AlexThot's avatar
I will try this.
UnknownEmerald's avatar
Yay! X3
Pwease do o3o.. it's really worth it ^^
RTeitler's avatar
awesome! thanks for making a tutorial! ^^
UnknownEmerald's avatar
It was my pleasure ^^
Elsewence's avatar
Totally going to do this!!!! :squee:
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