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:iconunknowndemon626:Unknowndemon626 posted a status
Okay. So i wanna know everyone's opinion on youtubers like markiplier and jacksepticeye {i ship septiplier so hard BTW but not the point} and pewdiepie. Some people might think they are total retards in front of a camera who have no life and are just doing it for the money {my dad}, because they've never seen a video were they talk about things like how they got here and some of them did draw my life, and how they just open up to their audience. but then there are the people who do respect them and love them and what they do. They understand their back story and how they feel. Now if you tell me your opinions, don't be afraid to say 'i don't like them' or 'i love them with all my hear', its your opinion. And i won't judge that. So please tell me what you think about this topic down in the comments.

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