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:iconunknowndemon626:Unknowndemon626 posted a status
Guys, I'm dying........ Jk, Sorry. Actually I may have broken my foot. Yesterday I was hanging out with sk8man202 (Tyler), And some other friends and I was up in a tree, and I couldn't get down, and so Tyler said 'do you need help?' I accepted his offer after lattempting to get out myself ( I failed). And so, he offered to try and catch me. I jumped down and landed on my left foot, andTyler as well (lol, sorry Tyler). My foot was hurting pretty bad. But I was ok. It started hurting badly the day after so my parents toke me to the E.R and had me X-rated. I had a few small cracks in my bone, so they put me in a boot and it has to stay there for a couple weeks. I honestly don't know why I'm talking to all you about this, but I jut thought it's something to talk about randomly.

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