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LoT: vs Rellik



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Note 1: As always, if anyone spots any glitches, faulty buttons, etc, let me know.
Note 2: you can change the quality anytime, now. But if your computer isn't L337, I wouldn't recommend watching it in full-size or high quality.

Law of Talos round three battle entry: :iconexileddelusion:'s Rellik versus Karl.

Among what has been a hardcore November, that's what I've managed to do. Pitiful, I know. Although I saw the lack of time coming, so, ehh... also, what's with my opponents getting partners just so I embarrass myself going completely OOC with them? Haha, I'm sorry for maiming your characters, miss Del, I didn't mean to. By the way, have you read miss *exileddelusion's comic? [link] now THAT's a real entry x3 best of luck to you in your future matches, miss~

I'll come back to the dying-in-shame corner now.

See ya

Rellik, Del © *exileddelusion
Law of Talos and everything related © =Sins-Of-Angels
Sound effects are royalty free. Songs are from Freeplaymusic.
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I love the Jojoke at the end NAISU