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LoT: vs Annie and Prof pt 2

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Published: April 16, 2009
© 2009 - 2020 Unknown-person
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Note 1: As always, if anyone spots any glitches, faulty buttons, etc, let me know.
Note 2: Graphically intense. You can change the quality anytime, but if you're not in front of a small metallic monster, I wouldn't recommend watching it in full-size or high quality.

Second part of Law of Talos final round battle entry: :iconblacklillian:'s Annie and Professor versus Karl.

Watch the FIRST ONE uh... firstly. Please? Reading the prologue would be highly recommended too.

Aah, I had a little more planned, but I can't go much further at my state. Actually, I wasn't expecting to animate this second part in time, but thanks to the extension I managed to do something, and most of it was quite fun and I played with a lot of different things, so I'm not feeling as guilty as I should about spending so much time with that. I also know it came out... ehh... a rather heretical as an OCT entry, and I know many will be disappointed. I don't take their rights. But no matter what happens, I like to think I've learned a lot with that, and I hope I'll continue in Taitle for a while (even with my certain loss, indeed xD). I'm not sure yet, not many people want me or my characters here, haha. I guess I'm too tired to think about it, now, tho'...

A warm thank you to miss Lillian, who should win a trophy only for her matchless determination in trying to do her entry despite all the complications...to miss Erin for the proofread and support, to the voice actors for their kindly donation of their voices and to everyone who has watching this and dealing with my ups-and-downs through this tournament... thank you very much.

See ya

Annie and Professor © ~BlackLillian
Law of Talos and everything related © =Sins-Of-Angels
... aw, you don't want me to mention everyone, do you? D:
Anyone but Karl, Climber and Jack © their respective owners
(I'm lacking sleep, so if I forgot someone in the credits, let me know, alright?)
Sound effects are royalty free. Music is from Newgrounds Audio, courtesy of Lashmush.
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This is sad aLeXa pLaY dEsPaCiTo
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anna25307Hobbyist General Artist
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here's something to break your feels; the name Karl means "free man"
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SacreMoonHobbyist Digital Artist
it does
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Fancy meeting you here OwO you like these series too?
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SacreMoonHobbyist Digital Artist
for years
idk how many, but in 4th grade in elementary school i found up
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SacreMoonHobbyist Digital Artist
why did i write found up instead of found it
the heck xD
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sometimes one's typing will just fly out of the window
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SacreMoonHobbyist Digital Artist
Caveman SpongeBob icon MY TYPING
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samuraivalerieHobbyist General Artist
Dude! What happened next?!?!
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GhouliaThaniraStudent Artist
((Afterwards)) Yuuki had lost sight of the statue and was in panic, her thoughts overrun her and she ran. He had to be somewhere! She stopped when she saw a violin, a broken one infact. All the bad things that could happen to resin came to mind all at once as Yuuki walked forward. She heard a sickening crunch as she stepped on shards of resin. She looked down at her worst fear, and screamed. Annie heard the scream and looked down to see a white haired girl dressed in a Lolita school dress. Annie felt that the girl cared for the guy she just smashed.
"Excuse me miss, are you alright?!" Annie spoke out.
Yuuki looked up and saw Annie, she pieced together what happened and felt rage engulf her, but it didn't show on her porcelain face, she just smiled as she mumbled the only word that came to mind
"Arma" Yuuki mumbled, "Get Arma"
Annie looked at Climber and remembered the bird that Karl had with him. She took the pickaxe... or... arma out of Climber and threw it down to Yuuki. The white haired girl caught Arma and whispered
"Im glad you're safe."
Arma took her bird form and looked at Yuuki and saw tears running down her face. Arma cawed for the first time as Yuuki mourned someone whom never met her.
"Yuuki, this is my fault" Yuuki heard a familiar voice speak.
Yuuki looked at Rachel, and got up.
"It's been so long, Rachel." Yuuki replied shakily.
Rachel nodded and hugged Yuuki
"Remember when we were goofing off when you were supposed to be teaching me battle stance?" Yuuki asked.
"Vaguely, I think my memories of teaching you sword fighting have been wiped." Rachel replied.
Yuuki nodded in sympathy.
"I know how to bring Karl back, but that means your sacrifice, I would also live. Some of Karl's memories will be replaced with you, You fighting Annie when he couldn't. He would see you being smashed in place of him." Rachel explained.
Yuuki blurted "Let it happen! Im willing to sacrifice myself for Karl..."
Rachel looked at Yuuki, a glowing light surrounding them both.

Karl woke up on the ground, he remembered Yuuki and started wondering if she was safe, Rachel walked up to Karl and handed him a note. Karl took the note and read it the note said:

Dear Karl,
By the rime you read this, i'll be long gone, it was you who got smashed, I sacrificed myself for you just so that you could live on. Im sorry I never encountered you, maybe, when I get the chance to regenerate i'll be able to meet you. that's a maybe.
From: Yuuki China Doll

Karl knew what this meant, but didn't at the same time. He never met Yuuki? How strange. But then, it made sense. Yuuki would have had to stalk him to know and to fall, but to eventually be broken by truth. Karl got up, as he did, he saw white hair, Yuuki's hair, flowing in the wind, and a broken Cello that Yuuki once played, now... nevermore...

The end.... or is it?!
((Not canon! Or could it?! XD))
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currycannonStudent Traditional Artist
It's been years since I've last seen or read anything from LOT and this is a conclusion i wish i could've seen when it was still up.
Did you hide the last page on purpose? I'm not sure.
All I know is that it has been years and I seek closure.
Please let us see the end.
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anna25307Hobbyist General Artist
Annie, the bride seen in this video, won to my belief and made her wish for everybody to be alive, but that's from info I've gathered.
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pretty sure Unknown-person lost the tournament or something and LoT was continued by the other contestants
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currycannonStudent Traditional Artist
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So good news everyone! In case you haven't read the previous comments or checked Unknownperson's Tumblr, all his original characters stories are NOT CANON with the tournaments he joins. So Karl is alive and well! Cheers to a future with Castle of Nations released!
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Ultima Ae. . . what?
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Man, I'm quite a noob, but I've tried to gather a little more information besides just watching youtube vids, got a little deeper into this whole.. thing.

The only thing I can't point out at all.. is you saying how bad you are. How... how is anything of it anyhow even close to be called bad? I guess it's because I can't draw and could only dream to create flash animations, I can't see it from your height. But still, not only you are capable of creating decent things (I mean backgrounds, details, pretty much everything){damn, those backgrounds for such short animations seemed so awesome to me, i guess i am indeed a total newb}, you bring them life. Wording at some episdoes is so charming.. it takes more than just being good at what you do (drawing, for example). I... I envy your self awarness (or whatever it's called in english). I guess, the best you can do about my comment is ignore it, since I can only drag you down with my flattery.
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creepycandy456Hobbyist Digital Artist
also we want you and your characters here I'm very worried because you havn't been on for so long I'm starting to think you're dead
and that would be one of the saddest things to know
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creepycandy456Hobbyist Digital Artist
Karl... he was the best violin playing statue pirate I've ever known...
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InvaderPucca Digital Artist
You could hear him shatter tho 

either way this ain't canon aYYYY
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creepycandy456Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah also Annie wished everyone in the competition was fully healed and revived
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xxamyxsonicxx10Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How come I never noticed that this Eric character is voiced by good old Kirb? XD
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