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LoT: vs Annie and Prof pt 1

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Note 1: As always, if anyone spots any glitches, faulty buttons, etc, let me know.
Note 2: Graphically intense. You can change the quality anytime, but if you're not in front of a small metallic monster, I wouldn't recommend watching it in full-size or high quality.

First part of Law of Talos final round battle entry: :iconblacklillian:'s Annie and Professor versus Karl.

Ahhhh, I'm sorry, due to the size of the file I had to cut the entry in two pieces Dx and gotta moving forward, proper comments later, thank you everyone for watching, hope you enjoy it, etc.

See ya

Annie and Professor © ~BlackLillian
Law of Talos and everything related © =Sins-Of-Angels
... aw, you don't want me to mention everyone, do you? D:
Anyone but Karl and Climber © their respective owners
Sound effects are royalty free. Music is from Newgrounds Audio, courtesy of Lashmush. A special thank you to my friend and guitarist Rafael for the Misirlou cover. Thanks, Rafa x3
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friggin Scooby doo
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ooh i like the reply button! its really cool!
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GhouliaThaniraStudent Artist
Yuuki was captured by someone that hurt her, long ago.
"LET ME GO!" Yuuki screamed.
Destroyer laughed and said, "No. You are mine. Mine forever!"
Destroyer reached out to touch Yuuki's porcelain cheek, but a familiar hand grabbed his wrist.
"I will not let you harm my student!" An angry voice spoke out.
Yuuki looked at the red haired girl and smiled, "RACHEL!" Yuuki exclaimed.
Destroyer looked at Rachel, first in horror, then he smiled. Destroyer grabbed his sister and threw her to a wall. Rachel let out a gasp of pain as she got up, her violin turned into an axe. Rachel launched at Destroyer, hate in her eyes as she slashed violently to protect her best friend from her monster of a brother. Yuuki felt the binds loosening. She began to look at the fight at as her binds came undone. The fight reminded her of wen Rachel first found out about Destroyer and she fought him, just like now.
Yuuki silently sang, "Angry at him. I regret that I believed in him." Yuuki's eyes filled with tears
"This skill I have, I will use. To get revenge! I will rid me of him!" Yuuki sang louder, the past flashing before her eyes in a blur, her weapon slowly materializing in her hand. 
Yuuki pushed Rachel away from destroyer as she slashed with much strength.
"Stay with me my friend! I WON'T LET HIM HARM ME!" Yuuki sang, her pupils shrinking as she lashed out.
"HE TOOK WHAT IS MINE! HE TOOK MY LIFE! PLEASE HELP ME MY FRIEND!" Yuuki finished singing as she delivered the final blow to Detroyer.
He went flying back. Rachel leaped forward and beheaded her brother... Rachel's axe turned into a violin again.
"I'll finish up here. Go find Karl... he'll need your help!" Rachel shouted.
Yuuki then remembered Karl... Tears filled her eyes as she began to panic...
Where is resin-boy? 
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GrimReaper912Student Writer
One question...

How the fuck did Karl lose his arm?
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creepycandy456Hobbyist Digital Artist
Rachel, Karl's family and Karl got Murdered by Ginger and Annie. Karl's spirit haunted a statue and Rachel became a ghost. And that is why Karl became completely infuriated and had those flash backs with him getting shot at and Rachel crying. Also why he hates humans
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InvaderPucca Digital Artist
tho when he was shot you could see he was pretty much still a statue because his arm came off but there was no blood- :v
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creepycandy456Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah I understand now (I made that comment a while ago)
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NinjagoEeveeHobbyist General Artist
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creepycandy456Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just a theory
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NinjagoEeveeHobbyist General Artist
NinjagoEevee's avatar
NinjagoEeveeHobbyist General Artist
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FNaFgurl2Hobbyist Artist
Omfg Karl.......... "Nevermore..." That scared me cause it was a double voice!
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NinjagoEeveeHobbyist General Artist
Lol, I believe the other voice was Rachel! I think her name was, the red head girl he keeps seeing. I do know tho, the other voice was female
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FNaFgurl2Hobbyist Artist
Can you RP?
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NinjagoEeveeHobbyist General Artist
Why yes! I do all the time. Why must you ask? 
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deathamongstspace56Hobbyist Artist
THe cutest parts, was when Karl said, Can you please give me back my arm? And made a Puppy dog face. The other was when he said, I just wanna hug everybody! Can I has hug? STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!
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KinkifunHobbyist Digital Artist
One of my favorite OCT fights! Thanks for making this!
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Eiennihenk-timtobornHobbyist Traditional Artist
That pistol looks like something out of supernatural. also, the raven quote was awesome.
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Who else can't get enough of The Raven quote? Because I can listen to that for hours! :D
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GusMizerHobbyist Digital Artist
I agree
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I know right? I was so astonished I learned it by heart :D
And then I thought "Why not learn the whole thing?!" It took me two months -.- in the process i happened even to think in the rythm of the poem, so weird. 
But the it is so gorgeous <3
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Karl: I just want to hug everybody

Robot: can I have hug?

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NinjagoEeveeHobbyist General Artist
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i know i've seen fan fic's about karl being the one to kill Rachel but i don't think he's the one who killed her based on the flashbacks
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